Every user has problems with a laptop. This may be due to a wide variety of reasons that are difficult for a simple user to identify. If you are sure that the fan is the problem with your laptop, you do not need to contact the service center, you can clean it yourself.

What is required for cleaning?

Dust fills all surfaces in the house, entering the laptop through numerous holes that are used to release hot air. Most of the dust is in the fan or cooler, which blows hot air during the heaviest load of your device. To get to this dust and clean it, you will need the following tools:

  • Compressed air in a can with a small nozzle in the form of a tube;
  • A dry and clean surface on which to clean and disassemble the laptop. You can use the table;
  • Several screwdrivers with different calibers, all Phillips;
  • Anti-static gloves (preferred but not required).


Carefully review all the documents for your device – whether the warranty is still valid. If the warranty is still valid, just take the computer to a service center and explain the problem.

Disassembling a laptop for cleaning

Before you start disassembling your device, make sure it is not in sleep or hibernation mode. Disconnect the charging cable, remove the battery from the socket, if this is possible in your laptop model. After that, close the laptop and turn it over so that the bottom surface where the laptop usually rests is on top.

Now take a screwdriver and gradually begin to unscrew the screws, of which there are a lot in the lid. If you know the exact laptop model, you can find videos on the Internet and see how to properly disassemble your particular device. If this is not possible, unscrew the screws gradually, in no case in a hurry.

If something doesn’t work out for you at the stage of disassembling the laptop, do not use too much force, it should be easy to understand. In case of problems, it is better to contact the service center, as you can accidentally break the device and pay much more for repairs.

After you have unscrewed all the screws, remove the cover – it should be removed either by lifting up or shifting to one side. Be very careful: collect all the screws and parts separately, you can even sign at which stage which part you removed. This will help when you are assembling the laptop. Having done everything right, you definitely will not be dumbfounded by the presence of unnecessary details.

Laptop Fan Cleaning Instructions

Most laptops that are used by users today have a cooling system similar to the one shown in the photo:

Cleaning a laptop fan

The system consists of a cooler, copper pipes and wires that are connected to the processor, heatsink and video card chip. Since these elements of the computer process the largest amount of data, that is, they heat up the most.

If there is a lot of dust, you can first blow off its top layer, for this use a can of compressed air. In most cases, at this stage of disassembling the laptop, there is not much dust, as it accumulates a little deeper.

Don’t forget to clean your laptop keyboard too. We wrote about how to do this in a previous article, although you can also use the article “How to clean a computer keyboard.”

Very important: in no case do not wipe any surfaces of a disassembled laptop with a wet rag – this can lead to a short circuit and combustion of your device.

Remember that when further working with a laptop, you need to be very careful. Any careless movement can damage or bend any parts, so apply just as much force as you need: if the part does not give in, you are doing something wrong or you forgot about some kind of fastening.

As you can see in the photo, using a can of air will give a low effect, as you will not be able to properly clean the dust. Therefore, if possible, it is necessary to free the cooler from all upper parts as much as possible (in the photo we see a metal surface with several screws).

Metal surface with several bolts

After removing this surface, in most laptops you will come across another one, a plastic one, which can also be removed. Only then start cleaning with compressed air. Clean slowly and efficiently, and most importantly, achieve the most effective result.

A cooler and a fan for a laptop are practically the same part of the device. The only difference is that the cooler is a part that includes wires, mounts, and the fan itself.

Keep in mind that some laptops may have multiple fans, in which case you need to clean each one. Some of the existing fans can only be partially dismantled. In this case, you should clean them as much as you can.

laptop fan

In order for the cooler cleaning to be as effective as possible, you should also clean the adjacent surfaces. Boards, wires and other elements of the device must be cleaned with compressed air. If there is a lot of dust, the upper layers can be removed with a dry cloth. You can buy it at computer hardware and parts stores. Do not use ordinary cloth rags, as the threads may get into any part, after which it may stop working or degrade its performance to a critical level.

After you have carried out all the procedures for cleaning the cooler from dust, you must carefully assemble all the parts back. Assembly must be carried out in exactly the reverse order. Be very careful, use the notes that you left as you disassembled.

Video cleaning a laptop from dust

In the following video, you will clearly see how to clean the laptop fan from dust:

After a good cleaning of the fans from dust, your computer device should start working efficiently, get warmer and buzz less. If it doesn’t, it might not be due to dust or you made a mistake while cleaning. In this case, you should contact a professional who will provide qualified assistance and quickly sort out the problem.