Today, there are several options for how you can clean the keyboard from dirt and food waste. Having familiarized yourself with them and choosing the right one, you can quickly get rid of pollution of a very different nature.

First way: fast

It is suitable for regular use, able to clean the keyboard of dirt and dust quickly and painlessly, if it is not heavily soiled. For these purposes, you need a soft cloth and a brush with soft bristles, which remove dust from the furniture. The latter is used to remove volatile contaminants between the keys, while the latter removes them from the top surface.

Cleaning the keyboard with the mouse

In this case, special detergents can be used that can split even an old stain from the surface of the keys.

Second way: classic

An elementary method that allows you to clean a computer keyboard is as follows:

  • disconnect the device from the computer;
  • turn it over and shake it a little – as a result, the dirt that has not yet settled between the keys will fly out immediately.

But the one that has already entrenched under them must be eliminated with small taps. The blows applied should not be very strong so as not to damage the device.

After dry cleaning, you should move on to wet cleaning, but this does not mean that you need to bathe the keyboard in the shower or hold it under running water. This cannot be done!

Wet cleaning of a computer keyboard consists of the following algorithm of actions:

  1. In the hardware store you need to purchase a special cleaning liquid. A cotton pad is impregnated with it and all surfaces of each key are wiped.
  2. The product can also be applied to lint-free wipes, but they need to be wetted only slightly so that the material is not wet.
  3. After such a wipe, the entire keyboard must be wiped dry. Wait a few hours and then reconnect the device to the computer.

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The third way: with the help of a slime

If the question is how to clean the keyboard, then on sale there are now various means for these purposes, using them you can achieve a clean surface without disassembling the device. The so-called “lizun”.

Cleaning the keyboard with a slime

They are a jelly rag of different colors. Despite the unusual appearance, they are environmentally friendly and biodegradable items that do a good job of contaminating any push-button devices. In addition to the fact that the slime eliminates blockages, it also kills up to 80% of the bacteria that have settled on the surfaces used.

Now we give an algorithm of how you can clean the keyboard using such a miracle rag:

  1. “Lizun” is taken out of its packaging and superimposed on the surface of the keyboard.
  2. It is produced in a small size and will not immediately cover the entire surface of the device, so you should start cleaning the keyboard from the extreme corner.
  3. The cleaning cloth lying on the surface begins to spread, so you should wait a while until it spreads over the surface.
  4. In the process, “Lizun” captures all the dust and pollution. Then you need to remove it with confident, but unsharp movements. This is a prerequisite, otherwise the jelly rag may tear.

A jelly rag is used until it stops absorbing dust. Such a “lizun” will help to quickly clean the keyboard, no matter how dirty it is.

Cleaning the keys with a slime (video)

In the video below, you can see how you can clean the keyboard with a soft cloth without interfering with its operation. How much time will it take for its successful operation and how to properly remove the slime from the keys.

Fourth way: modern

Cleaning the computer keyboard can be done with special USB-powered mini-vacuum cleaners. Each of them has special nozzles that make it easier to remove dirt and suck it out from under the keys.

Cleaning the Keyboard with a Mini Vacuum Cleaner

The model of such a vacuum cleaner is chosen, guided by its power rating. Or you can use a regular household vacuum cleaner. Only first you need to remove the floor nozzle from it and install an analogue for furniture.

In the absence of such a nozzle, only the spout of the pipe is used. He goes to the keyboard and follows it.

Fifth way: for professionals

Those who are determined to approach work thoroughly will be interested to know how to clean the keyboard at home and how to disassemble it yourself.

Keyboard disassembly for cleaning

The principle of action is as follows:

  1. Prepare a small flat screwdriver. Use it to remove all keys.
  2. To do this, slip a screwdriver under one of the corners of the key and lift it slightly, releasing it from the socket.
  3. If you need to clean the keyboard on the membrane-based keys, then you should clearly remember the location of each of them (you can take a picture in advance).
  4. Then, with a swab dipped in the cleaning liquid, wipe all surfaces of the device, trying not to moisten them too much. The swab can be replaced with a cosmetic disc, cotton swabs or tweezers with cotton wool, it all depends on what is more convenient to clean.
  5. Keys and membranes are placed in a sieve and rubbed with detergent. Leave in a bowl for five minutes, and then rinse under hot water.
  6. All washed parts are placed on a clean woven cut and dried.
  7. After that, their inner surfaces are treated with silicone grease applied to a cotton swab.
  8. Then all the keys are installed in their places.

From the article you can learn how to clean the keyboard at home without help. The above methods of removing contaminants are absolutely safe for this device. With the help of them, you can return the keys to quick response, and restore their original aesthetic appearance.