We have already written a rich educational program on how to choose the best virtual reality glasses. For a detailed list of features to look out for when buying a virtual world travel gadget, welcome to this article. There you will learn how the immersive effect is created and where VR content comes from.

Well, if you are not interested in understanding the furious device of VR glasses, and you are just wondering which ones are better, read our selection.

How to choose virtual reality glasses and not miscalculate: top models

We have collected six models that are on the crest of a high-tech wave. Each of them successfully occupied its own segment of the VR market and became the best in it. Therefore, these glasses will be in the top 10 for several more years, constantly developing and improving.

HTC Vive

Deep dive into gaming reality from HTC and Valve

How to choose virtual reality glasses: nuances, tips, examplesThe leaders of the ranking of the best virtual reality helmets 2018-2019 are also the most expensive in our selection. The HTC Vive glasses are designed to connect to powerful gaming PCs and are currently being used by VR game developers. According to user reviews, the depth of immersion in them is so stunning that it causes a shock – 110 ° view (it is in this field of view that our eye sees objects in three dimensions), instantaneous movement of virtual objects depending on the movement of your pupils, the ability to touch and control virtual objects, freely fly, walk and even crawl in the virtual world.

Even fairly economical PC gamers can afford such a luxury. Computer specifications start with an Intel Core i5-series processor and a graphics card no worse than the GeForce GTX 970. And the official partnership with Steam VR gives hope that the production of quality content for these glasses is only gaining momentum.

Oculus Rift CV1

The most sensational VR headset in the world – now in Russia

How to choose virtual reality glasses: nuances, tips, examplesOf course, it is impossible to talk about virtual reality glasses for PC and never mention Oculus Rift. In terms of depth of immersion (and technical requirements), their consumer version CV1 is in no way inferior to the leader of the selection, and even surpasses it in picture quality and compatibility. By the way, we tested it for a whole month – the results are here. In addition, a device from a nimble startup with Kickstarter costs significantly less. The catch is that for this price you do not get hand controllers – Oculus Touch accessories in Russia need to be purchased separately, while Vive has everything already included in the kit.

In addition, Oculus Rift glasses are more likely to provoke “seasickness” in virtual reality than other gadgets, which also does not speak in their favor. However, their capabilities are highly valued by information technology professionals, and the model has great potential for development.

Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Augmented reality glasses: not only to watch, but also to create

How to choose virtual reality glasses: nuances, tips, examples

A separate question for those who are looking for virtual reality glasses for their PC is which ones to choose for Windows Mixed Reality. The technology for creating virtual objects introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10 allows you to create virtual worlds on your own – draw three-dimensional objects in Paint 3D and move them into the surrounding reality with the help of glasses. This is an invaluable opportunity, for example, for the education sector.

Lenovo Explorer glasses are “sharpened” specifically for interaction with Windows 10 – they can even be controlled by the Cortana voice assistant. The two companies have collaborated well, and Microsoft itself is using Lenovo laptops (such as the Yoga series) and Explorer VR glasses to showcase the power of Windows Mixed Reality. As for consumer properties, in terms of capabilities, Lenovo glasses are similar to Oculus Rift, but are not directly gaming.

Sony PlayStation VR

The Best Glasses for Consoles: Virtual Reality with PlayStation

How to choose virtual reality glasses: nuances, tips, examplesThe branded VR headset for Sony PlayStation is the most inexpensive virtual reality gaming glasses at the moment, and at the same time the top representative of the VR glasses segment for consoles. They provide a slightly smaller viewing angle and image resolution compared to their “brothers” for PC (100 °), but from the point of view of visualizing 3D objects, this is not at all critical – the immersion effect will still be complete.

The advantage of these glasses is the streamlined release of content for the Sony PlayStation VR platform. New games appear regularly, so you don’t have to sit and wait until your points support appears in a more or less interesting project. Biggest trouble: Like Oculus, the PlayStation glasses also suffer from seasickness.

Samsung Gear VR

Smartphone virtual reality glasses: cheap and cool

How to choose virtual reality glasses: nuances, tips, examples

Can virtual reality glasses be used for smartphones as well? Which ones are better? Android device owners will definitely call Samsung Gear VR. And although you need a device no worse than the Galaxy S6 in order to experience the immersive effect, you can try virtual reality with these glasses very, very inexpensively.

Of course, mobile virtual reality glasses will not give you such opportunities as gaming (or even augmented reality glasses). Their main purpose is to watch movies and videos in 360° mode. That is, you will not be able to move and interact with virtual objects in them. However, Gear VR performs its main function with a bang, providing a decent viewing angle of 101 ° when viewing.

DJI Goggles

Quadcopter glasses: how to look at the world through the eyes of a bird?

How to choose virtual reality glasses: nuances, tips, examplesAnother rare but very cool form of virtual reality glasses is the so-called FPV (First Person View) glasses. In the ranking of virtual reality glasses, they stand apart, as they do not create colorful illusions, but allow you to see the real world from an unattainable height. To do this, they integrate with the quadcopter on which the camera is installed, and it transmits real-time video to the glasses display. Remember the warg werewolf from Game of Thrones who could see through the eyes of an eagle? Feelings are probably about the same.

One of the best models in this series is perhaps the DJI Goggles: with a viewing angle of 85 °, they provide a picture with a total display resolution of 3840 × 1080 (1920 × 1080 for each eye). This is much more than any glasses designed to render fictional images, but it is understandable: real video is much easier to process than a non-existent world.

Virtual reality glasses for the phone: budget models

But what to do if neither a quadrocopter nor a gaming PC can afford, and Windows 10 does not seem better than the good old “seven”? As you may have noticed, the cheapest virtual reality glasses are made for mobile devices. But your phone doesn’t have to be Samsung’s flagship to be able to visit the virtual world.

How to choose virtual reality glasses: nuances, tips, examplesPay attention to the universal mobile virtual reality glasses that claim to support:

  • phones with your screen size (for example, from 4″ to 6″)
  • Android/iOS operating systems.

They are produced, among other things, by fairly well-known companies and for relatively little money. For example, Xiaomi offers such a budget device:

How to choose virtual reality glasses: nuances, tips, examples

Of course, mobile VR devices are only suitable for a limited range of tasks, such as watching VR movies. And users are very fond of purchasing inexpensive models for watching ordinary high-quality video in order to create the effect of a mobile 3D cinema. To do this, you can use very inexpensive virtual reality glasses.

The VR Box model is very popular in this regard. At a price of less than a thousand rubles, it really immerses you in the virtual world – at least at the level of an outside observer:

How to choose virtual reality glasses: nuances, tips, examples

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