Many families are faced with such a problem as an unpleasant smell coming from the bin, where food waste is stored in most cases. The problem is that the sewers are often clogged and do not guarantee the absence of stench. A food waste disposer makes it easy to solve this problem, so it is found in homes more and more often.

Such products appeared on the market not very long ago, so most users do not know how to properly approach such a purchase. It is for them that we decided to write a review of the best food waste shredders. Here we will analyze the performance characteristics of these devices, and also tell you what you need to pay attention to when buying this equipment.

How to choose the right food waste disposer in 2022?

The main task of the product is quite simple: the device grinds products that either got into or were specially placed in the drain hole of the sink. As a result, a slurry is formed, which is washed away along with the flow of water into the sewer system. During operation, the device should emit a minimum amount of noise, do not need special maintenance, and so on. Each dispenser (another name for this device) functions approximately according to the same principle, however, the implementation of the task assigned to it can take place in several directions.

Firstly, the grinding block can be made in the form of a circle, along the edge of which there are special protrusions. The element is installed in a cylinder, where there are grooves on the walls. When the moving elements rotate, it launches the contents of the chamber into the grooves. Under the influence of centrifugal force, the debris begins to move towards the edges, where it is crushed until the chamber is completely empty. The second constructive solution is a compact area where the knife system rotates on two shafts. Due to this, the rotation of the knives is carried out towards each other at high speed. In this case, the accumulator chamber is not provided, and the grinding force is made quite large. On the basis of a similar principle, industrial structures that are able to work with larger elements also function. Regardless of the production technology, the design does not require knife sharpening.

When choosing, you should mainly pay attention to the overall dimensions of the device and the requirements that apply to its installation. It should be noted that dispensers are either electric or hydraulic. The first are equipped with an electric motor, carefully grind the waste. They are distinguished by a high level of reliability, but at the same time they require additional security measures, and certain difficulties may arise during installation. Hydraulic devices are absolutely unpretentious, they work on the basis of pressure from the flow of water in the supply pipeline. The dispenser works quite simply – just open the water in the tap, it starts to pass through the dispenser connected to the water supply system in front of the tap, due to which it immediately starts working.

In a hydraulic grinder, you should not process too hard products – animal bones, bones of fruits and berries. If the pressure in the system is low, then the device may simply not start. When choosing models to include in our review, we took into account all the above points, paid attention to the ratio of price and quality of products, as well as user reviews. We tried to include far from the most expensive models in the rating, so that you can choose the most suitable product for yourself in all factors.

Top 10 Food Waste Disposers in 2022

10+. Bort TITAN 5000 (Control)

Bort TITAN 5000 (Control) photo

With the help of this equipment, it will be possible to instantly get rid of the unpleasant odor and the occurrence of bacteria. The model does not need a separate place, as it is placed under the sink, in addition, it takes up a minimum amount of free space. The design is based on an electric motor with a power of 550 W, the recycling chamber has an excellent capacity, so up to 5.2 kg per minute can pass through it per minute – this indicator will be quite enough even for a very large family. During development, an original three-stage grinding system was added to the design, which is able to cope with small bones, fruit peels and vegetable peels. In order to use the product as safely as possible, all movable sharp elements are located as deep as possible in the crushing chamber.

The design has a remote control button, so you no longer need to make a hole for the power button in the immediate vicinity of the sink. The disposer has a reliable soundproofing system, so it works very quietly – almost silently. Strong vibrations were also not noticed, so this model can be installed on any sink, regardless of what material it is made of. The grinder is easy to install, so you can place and connect it yourself without resorting to the help of a specialist. It comes with a filter mesh with a special plug, a mounting assembly and a drain pipe. The warranty period is 5 years.


  • Works very quietly and practically does not vibrate;
  • High level of device security;
  • Remote control button;
  • Easy to enjoy;
  • Does not require special maintenance;
  • High motor power.


  • Can’t work with big bones.

Bort TITAN 5000 (Control)



One of the most powerful designs developed by Japanese engineers. Products are optimally suited for use not only in an apartment, but also in a country house. Often the model is installed in the kitchen in a cafe or dining room. The significant power of the electric motor makes it easy to handle even large food waste – the remains of fruits and vegetables, soups, pasta, small bones, and so on. Excellent workmanship ensures stable and long-term operation of the device. Noise isolation is carefully thought out here, so there will be no discomfort during the operation of the unit. Although the grinder has a very high power, it has a small mass, so it can be installed under any sink. All rotating elements are tightly fitted to each other by means of laser processing.

The body of the crushing chamber is produced using the original B-PROTECT technology, which prevents the formation and reproduction of bacteria that can become a source of unpleasant odor, respectively, the sanitary condition of the kitchen is greatly improved. The motor is equipped with a special permanent magnet, so from the first turn it is possible to achieve maximum power. The rotation speed reaches 2800 rpm. The working element is made of stainless steel, so there will be no corrosion processes.


  • Easily rids the kitchen of an unpleasant smell;
  • Made from stainless steel;
  • High engine power;
  • Safety of use.


  • If there is not enough free space under the sink, then some connection difficulties may arise.


9. Bone Crusher BC 1000

Bone Crusher BC 1000 photo

By and large, these are professional products that are best suited for catering establishments – cafes, restaurants, canteens, bars, and so on. However, some people install such models at home. Regardless of the area of ​​​​use, the equipment will cope with the tasks perfectly. Despite the fact that the unit appeared on the market not too long ago, it has already gained some popularity. The power of the electric motor is high, the number of revolutions is also large – about 2700 per minute. This allows you to quickly and effortlessly get rid of even fairly large food waste, however, it is not recommended to load plastic and metal products into the grinder.

Thanks to the use of this device, you can significantly save on the separate collection and disposal of food waste. The device is completely safe to use. All moving parts are located deep in the body, so you can’t get to them with your fingers. The device is very easy to install, so you can place it under the sink yourself. The noise isolation system is well thought out, so the device works almost silently.


  • High engine power – as much as 585 W;
  • It can also be used in catering establishments;
  • The design has a cover-pusher;
  • The polycarbonate body is incredibly durable, so the model perfectly resists any physical stress;
  • Virtually no noise or vibration.


  • It is very expensive.

Bone Crusher BC 1000

8. Midea MD1-C75

Midea MD1-C75 photo

The design is equipped with a very powerful electric motor for its class – 750 W, which allows you to achieve a rotation speed of the elements in the range from 2900 to 4200 rpm. The grinding system is three-stage, the knives have an anti-corrosion coating. The design involves technology that prevents jamming of parts. The device is able to work under load for a long time. Overall dimensions 215x215x437 mm. The mass of the device is 6 kg, the warranty period is 2 years. The kit comes with everything you need for connection and convenient use. There is a block for turning on the remote control button. The connection fittings are designed for a standard sink diameter of 60 mm, there is also a piston plug.

The grinder, if necessary, can be connected to the dishwasher, which is also very convenient. It turns out that it will work with the sink, and with another piece of kitchen appliances. The grinder copes well with fairly solid food waste. Noise isolation is reliable, there are no problems in this regard. The products are very reliable – stainless steel is used for its production, reinforced plastic of increased strength, which is able to withstand decent physical exertion during operation.


  • Relatively inexpensive model;
  • Very powerful electric motor provides a large number of revolutions of the knives;
  • Stable and durable work;
  • Connects to sink and dishwasher at the same time.


  • With the connection you have to tinker a bit.

Midea MD1-C75


UNIPUMP BH110 photo

The device is able to process even relatively solid food waste. The engine power is even higher compared to the models already reviewed – it is 930 W, so the declared speed of rotation of the knives is 4000 rpm. All waste turns into slurry or powder within seconds, so it will be easily washed off into the sewer without clogging it. The chopper body is made of stainless steel, and the useful volume of the working chamber is 1000 ml. In addition, many elements of the crushing mechanism – ring, disc, cams – are made of medical stainless steel with an antibacterial coating. This not only prevents the occurrence of corrosion processes, but also provides reliable protection against the formation of columns of bacteria and microorganisms.

The design has a special ring that does not allow splashes, along with the device, a plug-pusher is supplied, which will ensure the most convenient and safe use of products. It closes the inlet of the chamber when it is full. A reliable motor protection system is provided – if too solid particles get into the chamber, or if an overload simply occurs, the device will automatically turn off, which will reduce the likelihood of damage to zero. The grinder can be installed in one- and two-section sinks, regardless of what material they are made of. The diameter matches the size of a standard sink outlet, so there is no need to purchase additional adapters. The maximum size of crushed particles does not exceed 3 mm.


  • Very powerful product for domestic use;
  • Grinds very thoroughly;
  • High work efficiency;
  • The motor housing does not get hot.


  • A bit noisy compared to other models.


6. In Sink Erator SUPREME 200

In Sink Erator SUPREME 200 photo

Stationary electrical equipment, which is placed directly under the kitchen sink, replacing the traditional drain fittings, the outlet is discharged into the sewer system. Even with a fully loaded chamber, the chopper copes with its work very quickly – it takes about 15 seconds. The design is original, as it does not provide knives and blades. Instead, food remains will fall on a special metal disk that rotates at a speed of about one and a half thousand revolutions per minute. The centrifugal force literally grinds the waste along the walls of the chamber, where the self-sharpening graters are located. When working with the device, manufacturers recommend using cold water. The fact is that when hot water is turned on, fat can stick to the inner surfaces of the chamber and not be washed off into the sewer, which sooner or later will lead to the need to clean the unit.

This is another model that can work simultaneously with a sink and dishwasher, but the condition must be met – the working chamber of the machine must be made of stainless steel, and the diameter of the drain hole must be 5 cm. The products are of excellent quality and reasonable cost. It has small overall dimensions and weight, so it can be connected to absolutely any sinks, including double sinks.


  • A three-stage technology of grinding products is used;
  • The crushing chamber is made of stainless steel;
  • Works almost silently;
  • Engine power is quite consistent with domestic needs;
  • Can be used in conjunction with a dishwasher.


  • Due to the lack of knives, the grinding process is somewhat longer.

In Sink Erator SUPREME 200

5. Bort TITAN MAX Power

Bort TITAN MAX Power photo

Absolutely safe products, since there are no cutting parts in the design, and all crushing elements are located at a considerable distance from the entrance, so when using the unit, you can not be afraid of hurting your hands. The electric motor is equipped with permanent magnets, providing a quick set of revolutions immediately when the device is turned on. There is a well-thought-out protection against overheating and overload, the product easily withstands even significant voltage drops. Installation is elementary – all operations can be performed on their own. Due to the three-level grinding system, the sewage system begins to function stably, since large waste simply does not penetrate into it.

The engine power is 780 W, the maximum number of revolutions can reach 3500 rpm – this parameter will be quite enough for domestic use. The volume of the chamber is increased compared to other devices from this review – 1.4 liters. The device has an additional soundproofing system, so the house will always be quiet. The structure is made of materials that are very resistant to wear, most of the moving parts are made of stainless steel. The chopper comes with a pneumatic switch, a filter mesh and a drain pipe.


  • Absolutely safe products for users;
  • Can be installed without any skills and abilities;
  • Durable motor;
  • Reliable protection system against overloads, power surges, overheating and jamming;
  • Doesn’t make very loud noise.


  • The case is made of ordinary plastic.

Bort TITAN MAX Power

4. STATUS Premium 100

STATUS Premium 100 photos

Production of the Italian company with a warranty period of 5 years. This design can easily cope not only with peeling vegetables and fruits, but also with fairly solid waste – fruit bones, coffee beans, watermelon peels, walnut shells, even small chicken and fish bones. However, when loading, make sure that hair, wool, thread, cellophane, plastic and metal do not get into the chopper. The device is equipped with an induction motor, the power of which is 390 W – enough for use in an apartment. The chamber where grinding is performed is made of food-grade plastic with a special coating that does not allow bacteria and other microorganisms to develop there. The weight of the device is 6.5 kg.

The diameter of the product is 20 cm, the height is 30 cm. A two-stage waste processing system is used here, so the output is particles whose size does not exceed 2-3 mm. The volume of the grinding chamber is a little more than 1 liter. Compact dimensions and low weight make the device optimally suited for sinks made of thin metal. The kit comes with everything you need to fully connect the device – you do not have to purchase additional elements.


  • Small size and low weight;
  • Quite affordable cost of equipment;
  • Long service life;
  • High quality workmanship and assembly;
  • The ability to quickly grind almost any food.


  • The plastic chamber will initially exude an extraneous odor, but over time it disappears.

STATUS Premium 100

3. Bone Crusher BC 610

Bone Crusher BC 610 photo

Designed specifically for families consisting of two or three people. At the same time, this product has the functionality of quite powerful and more advanced models. Overall dimensions are small: due to its small diameter, such a dispenser can easily fit under almost any kitchen sink, and access to the rest of the space will also be open, because under the sink, the hostess often store various kinds of kitchen utensils, household chemicals, and so on. The device is very powerful, it will be an excellent option to solve the problem of food waste disposal. No unpleasant odor occurs when using such equipment. It is necessary to turn on only cold water when working with such a device – we have already described the reason for this earlier. The product is quite simple not only to install, but also to use, does not require special maintenance. All movable elements are recessed deep into the case, so it will not be possible to access them from the outside.

The power of the unit is 475 W, the motor is equipped with a permanent magnet. It has automatic overload protection, besides, it is capable of developing 2600 rpm. The crushing chamber is made of polycarbonate materials, its volume is 940 ml. Key moving parts are made of medical grade stainless steel. The mass of the grinder is 4.42 kg, the warranty period is as much as 5 years.


  • The device is designed using modern technologies;
  • Compact overall dimensions – under the sink takes up a minimum amount of free space;
  • It performs the functions assigned to it excellently.


  • Due to the low power of the electric motor, it will take some time to wait until it copes with a fully loaded camera.

Bone Crusher BC610


FRANKE TE-75 photo

We are in a hurry to introduce you to one of the leaders of our today’s review of the best food waste disposers. According to users in their reviews, this model has an optimal price-quality ratio, although it is quite expensive. The products will be suitable for a fairly large family – from 4-6 people. It can be used both at home and in the country, which is very useful during preparations for the winter. Disposer in the shortest time is able to cope with any food waste. It is completely safe to use, guarantees the absence of an unpleasant smell in the kitchen, will not allow bacteria to develop, midges appear. The motor is quite powerful and has a permanent magnet. The motor can easily handle even the most solid household waste. All movable elements are arranged in such a way that they cannot be reached with fingers.

The original Torque Master grinding system is involved here, the principle of operation of which is based on a very precise adjustment of all rotating elements to each other. This reduces noise and vibration during operation of the device. Bio-Shield technology is also used here, which will not allow the development of bacteria – this moment will positively affect the sanitary condition in the kitchen. The synchronous motor gains maximum speed almost from the moment it is turned on, so all the waste passes through it without getting stuck. The maximum rotation is 2700 rpm. The mounting system is based on three bolts. The device is launched with a special pneumatic button, which will need to be brought either to the sink itself, or installed in close proximity.


  • Very convenient and practical products that can cope with any kind of food waste;
  • The kit contains everything you need for comfortable operation of the device;
  • Occupies a minimum of free space;
  • It is produced on the basis of high-quality materials with the involvement of modern technologies.


  • The cost of the unit is a bit high.



STOEWER D-750 photo

In the first place of our review of the best food waste disposers is the flagship model designed for domestic use. The device has a power of 750 W, thanks to this asynchronous type motor, it can grind any food waste (including small bones). Such a device works very quickly, efficiently and almost silently. Despite the rather compact overall dimensions, the capacity of the grinding chamber is almost one and a half liters. Such a volume allows you to quickly get rid of organic waste even after a stormy feast. In terms of installation, no difficulties should arise – for an unprepared person, such work will take no more than half an hour. This is made possible by the use of the modern and simplified Easy-Lock fastening system.

The control of the device is quite simple – in the factory format, the model is equipped with a pneumatic button, but you can give preference to the extended version when the device is equipped with a wireless button RC-01. Waste disposal is carried out approximately 30% faster compared to devices in which classical electric motors are installed. Overall dimensions are insignificant: the chopper is only 34 cm high, at its widest point its diameter does not exceed 17 cm. food waste into a slurry that will not clog sewer pipes, reducing the chance of clogging.


  • High work efficiency;
  • The device is capable of grinding small bones;
  • The impressive volume of the working chamber;
  • This is the most powerful device on the Russian market;
  • Long service life.


  • A device with a key for wireless use will cost a little more than the classic version.


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