The popularity of electronic cigarettes in Russia began to grow just a few years ago. Wanting to join the world of vaping (creating smoke with a vaporizer), many people ask which electronic cigarettes are better. We will try to understand the issue, evaluating the variety of such gadgets.

Types of electronic cigarettes

Active interest from buyers is constantly pushing manufacturers of electronic cigarettes to release something new on the market. Currently, all models are conditionally divided into 5 categories: supermini, mini, penstyle, cigar and mod. Devices are classified by size, where a supermini is considered a classic replacement for a regular cigarette, and mods are considered a gadget for vaping.

PenStyle (Penstyle)

PenStyle are considered one of the most popular options today. A cylinder with a diameter of no more than 1 cm has a length of up to 15 cm and most of all looks like an ordinary pen. The battery capacity of such a device is up to 280 mAh, and the volume of the cartridge does not exceed 1.1 ml, which is similar to one standard pack. In devices of this type, the atomizer (the part of the cigarette in which the process of creating steam) is located in the body itself, which protects the cigarette from breakage even after being dropped. The main advantage of this type of gadget is the ability to purchase spare parts from another manufacturer, the company will not play any role, all PenStyle parts are well replaced.


Mini versions of e-cigarettes are no more than 11 centimeters long, but their battery capacity is only about 150 mAh, and the volume of the cartridge is half that of a penstyle. When thinking about which electronic cigarette is better to buy, it is important to know that spare parts for mini-variants are different for each manufacturer, so it is better to look for devices from a popular, affordable company.


Due to the fact that the atomizer in micro versions is located on the body, such a cigarette can be broken very quickly with one careless movement. Many vapers, telling how to choose the right electronic cigarette, are advised to evaluate the practicality of a particular model. The maximum refill volume is 0.36 mg, and the battery of reduced capacity says that the gadget will need to be charged very often. A lover of e-cigarettes will definitely say that it is constantly inconvenient to do this, so it is better to choose options for cigarettes with a sufficiently powerful battery, which are many on the market.


The cigar is a large device equipped with a powerful battery with an average value of 900 mAh. The cartridge holds up to 4 mg of liquid, which means that you do not need to constantly refill the cigarette even if a person likes to smoke several times an hour. Some devices show the percentage of charge, which helps you remember to charge it.

E-pipe (Tube)

To really enjoy the process of creating smoke gives E-pipe – a cigarette that imitates a real pipe. Its capacity is also about 900 mAh, and the volume is 2.5 ml.


Other devices, which are usually sold in specialized departments, are more like tin boxes with a mouthpiece. They are bought by advanced smokers to upgrade and make the “car” of their dreams.

What the mod looks like, how to use it and how much steam it produces can be seen in this video:

Differences between cigarettes

When studying materials on how to choose a good electronic cigarette, it is first of all important to understand its purpose. If a person wants to overcome a bad habit and quit smoking, it is better for him to take a supermini cigarette similar in size. If the goal is to create a large amount of steam, you can look towards mods and pick up an “advanced” device.

When choosing a device, it is also important to take into account the fact that a small cigarette turns out to be less productive, because the manufacturer needs to fit everything you need into it – a replaceable cartridge, a battery, a device for creating steam. Miniature cigarettes are less durable, so connoisseurs consider long thin gadgets to be the best option for penstyle class devices.

Getting acquainted with the topic and studying what electronic cigarettes are, you also need to say a few words about disposable devices and options that allow you to fill them with new liquid. The first can be purchased in non-specialized stores. In Europe, they are most often bought before a flight or trip, so as not to part with cigarettes even in a public place.

The quality of such cigarettes is not too high, they can stop working after a few puffs, because a disposable cigarette is designed for 6-8 hours of work. Hence the attractive low cost.

In addition, all devices are divided into groups according to the method of control. The simplest are options with a button. As soon as a person presses it, the device starts to produce steam. This allows you to clearly control the supply of steam, but at first glance it may seem inconvenient. The second group – devices that produce steam when puffed. They most accurately imitate a real cigarette and are sure to please a beginner. Practice shows that it may take years to find your ideal cigarette. An objective assessment of which electronic cigarette is the most convenient can only be given by trying various device options.

It is important to focus on the recommendations of professionals and your own feelings in order to understand which electronic cigarette is the most convenient to use.

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Selection Options

As mentioned earlier, a person who wants to try an e-cigarette can buy one of two options – a disposable and a refillable device. Consider the pros and cons of the cheapest disposable devices.

  1. Such a cigarette can replace 15 regular ones, it is enough for about 150 puffs.
  2. After use, it will have to be thrown away.
  3. It is suitable for those who want to know what vaping is and for those who smoke occasionally, solely for the sake of entertainment.
  4. You will have to immediately select the taste of steam, which cannot be changed.
  5. It is worth carefully assessing the content of nicotine. If it is close to zero, the smoker will not get any pleasure from the electronic cigarette.

Deciding to give up conventional cigarettes and learning how to choose an e-cigarette, it is important to consider its size. The types of e-cigarettes have been discussed in detail above. The larger the device, the more powerful the battery and the more smoke you can make. A number of manufacturers know that some people are ready to buy not only ready-made cigarettes, but also spare parts for them in order to create their own unique devices, so you should ask in advance if it will be possible to attach other atomizers, mouthpieces, batteries, etc. to the gadget.

It is important to pay attention to the type of cartridge, the brightness of the taste of inhaled smoke depends on it.

  1. Ordinary cartridges – a synthetic winterizer impregnated with liquid, which needs to be changed after 4-5 additional refills, quite clearly conveys the taste of the liquid. The best alternative for those who are only going to smoke a couple of times.
  2. Cartomizer is a symbiosis of cartridge and evaporator. The liquid enters the incandescent spiral along the silicon filament. Such cartridges allow you to convey the taste quite well, and you will need to change them after 15 refills.
  3. The clearomizer is an improved version of the cartomizer and differs only in that it allows you to constantly monitor the amount of remaining liquid through a special window.
  4. A tank is a cartridge resembling a mouthpiece in which liquid is supplied automatically. The bottom line is that the tank with the liquid is closed with a special rubber band, and the liquid from the tank during puffs comes out through a small hole. It is necessary to replace the gum on average after 1-2 months.

Selection Tips

Before buying a cigarette, it is important to check some parameters:

  • Equipment. The set of the device, completely ready for use, should include: a container for liquid, a rechargeable battery, a clearomizer, a charger, a case;
  • Find out in advance whether the device will work while charging;
  • To check the status of the device, you need to put it on charge right in the store and see how the readings on the indicator change;
  • When choosing an atomizer (a device that turns liquid into vapor), give preference to clearomizers (they combine a heating element and a container for liquid).

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Choosing a clearomizer

When choosing a clearomizer, it is important to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Location of the evaporator (upper or lower). The evaporator located on top gives warmer vapor.
  • Type of coil (single coil or double coil). The double spiral contributes to the rapid evaporation of the liquid, however, it requires a large battery capacity. Such a spiral increases the saturation of the steam.
  • Liquid tank capacity. It will depend on the style of smoking. If a person often uses a cigarette, it makes sense to take a tank with a large capacity.
  • Heating element resistance. The lower the resistance, the better the evaporator works at high voltage. High voltage will allow you to get thick steam, but this reduces its durability.

The most popular electronic cigarettes

Sigelei Legend 2

1. Mod Sigelei Legend 2 — device for professional

Vapeonly vPipe

2. Vapeonly vPipe — the pipe, made of natural wood, is equipped with a tank system. Thanks to a powerful battery, it allows you to create impressive puffs of steam.

Joyetech eGo-C 1000 mAh

3. Cigarette Joyetech eGo-C 1000 mAh – the best choice for the office, allowing you to change vaporizers and atomizers as needed. Looks realistic thanks to the color indicator.

Video review

On the video you can find a complete overview of the various types of electronic cigarettes – from options for beginners to advanced devices, their differences, poles and cons.