A gyro scooter is a portable vehicle that is convenient to move around the city. Today, manufacturers offer devices for any age and budget. We will learn how to choose a hoverboard for an adult and for a child, which companies are considered the best, and which models you should pay attention to.

What is it and why is it needed?

A gyro scooter is a device for moving along flat city streets, which is an electric structure of two wheels and transverse platforms for the feet. This street transport is powered by a battery and does not pollute the atmosphere.

The choice of a hoverboard

Gyroscooters, in comparison with their technical ancestors, segways, are 6-7 times lighter and much cheaper.

This device, in comparison with electric scooters and electric bicycles, not only weighs less, but also takes up much less space. Two-wheeled devices were created for those who do not want to pedal mechanical bicycles, and at the same time need an inexpensive vehicle.

General characteristics and equipment

The latest models of hoverboards, regardless of the diameter of the wheels and the level of professionalism, have almost the same functionality and equipment.

The gyroscooters are provided with:

  • Bluetooth speakers;
  • autobalance;
  • led headlights and lighting;
  • two speed modes;
  • charge indicator;
  • sound;
  • parking lights;
  • fast charging support;
  • moisture protection system.

The hoverboard can be controlled from a smartphone. By installing a special mobile application, it is possible to significantly expand the functionality of the device.

Many models of hoverboards are equipped with a bag. A helmet, knee pads, etc. are put into it. If the protective equipment is not provided by the package, they will have to be purchased in addition.


The main characteristics of hoverboards:

  • Body material. Its quality determines how reliable and durable the device is. Metal cases are rare, and such models are extremely expensive. Most often, hoverboards are made of a steel frame and plastic.
  • Wheel diameter. It is different for devices for adults and children. Small wheels have a diameter of 4 inches, medium and large – 6, 8 and 10 inches. The larger the wheels, the higher the patency and speed of the hoverboard.
    Vehicles with large wheels are capable of driving not only on asphalt, but also on roads with dirt, gravel, sand, and snow. The diameter of the wheels affects the ability of the scooter to go uphill or downhill, to drive through bumps.
  • Wheel type. On light vehicles, they put tubeless wheels of 6-8 inches. They have hard tires, so when driving, all the bumps in the road are felt.
    The 10-inch wheels on larger hoverboards have to be inflated, but they provide a smoother and more comfortable ride.
  • Maximum speed. Compared to Segways, it is small – 20 km / h. This restriction is provided artificially, its purpose is to prevent falls and injury.
  • Maximum load. The weight that the device is able to withstand for an adult is from 120 to 150 kg. The greatest load falls on the hinge located in the center of the cross member. It is he who turns out to be the most vulnerable link, because of which the device requires an even distribution of weight.
  • Mileage. The distance that the device is able to travel without recharging depends on the capacity of the battery. The mileage range in the proposed models is 20-40 km. This capacity is usually enough to ride in the park for several hours.
    Batteries have an average capacity of 4400 mAh, which is enough for a 20 km drive. The exact distance depends on how much the rider weighs and on which road the vehicle is traveling.
  • Charging time. Most models charge their batteries in 2-3 hours. If the device has a high-speed charging mode, then the battery is charged up to 100% in about 1 hour.
  • Engine power. There are two of them in the hoverboard, and they are located near the wheels. Manufacturers can indicate power in two ways – either total or separately for each wheel.
    The minimum power of one motor is 350 watts. This is enough to develop good speed and safely overcome small obstacles.
  • Number of boards. The best option is a three-board system. It provides a separate controller for electric motors and two stabilization sensor boards – they are installed near the wheels.
  • The weight. Models for adults weigh 8-16 kg. The exact weight depends on the “stuffing” – the battery and electronics, as well as the material of the case.
  • Moisture protection. The ingress of water into the hoverboards negatively affects their technical condition. Not all devices have effective protection – some are able to travel through puddles, others can withstand light splashes, no more.


Pros and cons

Gyroscooters are noticeably different from the usual modes of transport, therefore, they cause an ambiguous reaction among consumers. To better understand these devices, it is useful to evaluate their positive and negative sides.


  • No driving license required.
  • Moderate cost.
  • No physical effort is required to move.
  • Takes up little space – can be stored in the hallway or on the balcony.
  • No fuel required – the electric motor is powered by a battery charged from the mains via a charger. The charge is enough for a long walk.
  • It has excellent balance and maneuverability.
  • Simple control. No special training required.
  • Compact and light weight. If necessary, the device can be picked up and moved from place to place, put in the trunk or car interior.
  • You can recharge at the place of work / study.
  • Economy and environmental friendliness.
  • The ability to drive without recharging about 20 km.
  • The ability to reach speeds up to 20 km / h.
  • Large selection of models with different technical parameters – for adults, teenagers, children.

The hoverboard makes a person strain his legs and back, keeping a large number of muscle groups in good shape. This device can replace sports and morning jogging. If you often ride a hoverboard, your calves and buttocks will pump up well.


  • Limited speed.
  • You have to move through obstacles.
  • Cannot drive on bad roads. Gyroscooters with small diameter wheels cannot pass through some areas at all.
  • Lots of fakes on the market.

Ride on a hoverboard

What to look for when buying?

Hoverboards sold on the market have many differences. They differ not only in price and appearance, but also in characteristics and purpose. To buy a model that is best suited for your case, you need to delve into the technical features of the devices.

What to look for when choosing a gyro scooter:

  • Frame. There should be no gaps, play, damage. It is desirable that it has rubber pads and a bumper that protects the device from damage.
  • Moisture protection. The higher the level of protection against moisture, the more opportunities the device has. Currently the maximum is IP66. This level of aqua protection allows the device to be completely submerged under water – to a depth of 1 m for a short time.
  • Service guarantee. Typically, stores provide their own guarantee by concluding contracts with private specialists. This is not suitable for you, look for a seller and supplier who sell devices under the service of Electrosmart.
    Only this company is authorized by manufacturers of spare parts for hoverboards of various brands sold on the Russian market.
  • Power. Do not take low-power hoverboards. It is uncomfortable to ride them because of the low traction, it is permissible only on children’s devices.
  • Battery manufacturer. Manufacturers do not provide this information. It is desirable that the battery is from Sony or Samsung. If the device has low-grade Chinese batteries, it will quickly lose charge.
  • The weight. If during the trip you have to repeatedly carry the device in your hands, choose lighter models made of plastic, aircraft-grade aluminum, etc.

Low-quality Chinese batteries supplied on hoverboards are discharged twice as fast after 1-2 years. Moreover, there were cases of ignition of low-quality batteries.

How to choose the right gyro scooter?

Gyroscooters, like bicycles, are selected individually. It is necessary to take into account the parameters of a person and the purpose for which the device is bought. The main thing that the buyer should focus on when choosing a hoverboard is convenience.

Child with a hoverboard

For an adult

When choosing a hoverboard for an adult, it is important to decide on the purpose of its acquisition, another important aspect is the budget possibilities. You also have to take into account personal preferences and individual physical characteristics of a person.

Features of choosing a hoverboard for adults:

  • The recommended wheel diameter is 8 inches. Such models have better cross-country ability, their battery is designed for at least 1 hour, and the speed reaches 20 km/h even off-road. The minimum wheel size for an adult device is 6.5 inches.
  • For fans of fast and dashing driving, models with 10.5-inch inflatable wheels are suitable. These are expensive models, but they are powerful and develop good speed – a great option for men.
  • If you agree to carry a heavy apparatus to the place of skiing, you can take a powerful hoverboard. If you don’t want to carry heavy weights, buy a lighter model.

For a child

The scooter is a great gift for a child or teenager. When choosing a model, pay attention to the options in which you can turn on music – children love to turn it on while riding along park paths and sidewalks.

Features of choosing a hoverboard for children:

  • Children’s devices include models weighing 4-5 kg ​​and with wheels of 4.5-6 inches – they are suitable for children 5-8 years old. Average speed – 8 km / h.
  • Teenagers take more powerful devices, with wheels of 6.5-8 inches. They weigh about 10 kg and reach speeds of up to 12-20 km / h.
  • For children, models with a motor power of 500 W are suitable, for teenagers – 700 W.

Gyroscooters for children can travel about 12-20 km without recharging. When choosing a device, consider the weight of the child. If it is less than the minimum limit, the device will not go.

How to distinguish an original hoverboard from a fake?

If you buy a fake device instead of the original product, it will work for some time. But the full service life provided by the real manufacturer, the fake will not work.

Walk on a hoverboard

In order not to spend money on a poor quality hoverboard, pay attention to a number of points that will help you recognize a fake:

  • Frame. The optimal solution for a hoverboard is hard corners. They help to withstand the impact of bumping into obstacles. Manufacturers do not save on the case, and if you see that it is flimsy, there are no corners in it, but there are backlashes, this indicates a handicraft production.
  • Battery. The safety battery is UL certified. You can guess about a cheap battery by the capacity of the battery. Manufacturers supply batteries for 2-4.5 μAh.
  • Charger. A quality item has a long cord, and no fan, since original devices do not need cooling. They are compact but heavy. Have CE, RoHS, UL, FCC certification.
    Fake batteries are lightweight, have a fan and have a special smell. There is a lot of noise during operation. Counterfeit chargers bear the European FCC mark.
  • Wheels. Quality products have wide rims and treads. They do not emit an unpleasant odor characteristic of fakes. If you bring a fake hoverboard into the room, the smell of its wheels will quickly fill the space.
    Cheap wheels are made from low quality rubber. Their smell causes headaches and even asthma.
  • System boards. The best version of the hoverboard is a device that provides three upgraded boards from the manufacturer TaoTao. Such devices have a smooth ride and are very reliable. Transport is designed for a minimum weight of 20 kg – with less, it will not budge.
  • Wheel magnets. Originals and fakes are the same size (3 cm) and cannot be distinguished by appearance. If the device does not move smoothly and evenly, but twitches and moves diagonally, then you have a fake in front of you.
    Often on fake magnets there are chips, cracks and other defects that cannot be on the original parts.
  • Engine. In the original motors, the winding is done neatly, there is no damage outside and inside. Power – 350 W. In fakes on the body of the unit, you can see chips and other defects, as well as overheating fuses – the fake heats up quickly and lets out smoke.
  • Package. Original devices are sold in thick cardboard boxes with a handle. All free space is filled with foam. Fakes usually do not have a transport handle, and there is little foam, and it has a looser structure.

Riding a scooter with poor quality batteries is dangerous. The apparatus may suddenly stop, causing the rider to fall.

The best manufacturing companies

Most of the hoverboards sold on the Russian market are made by Chinese and American companies. Devices made in China are cheaper. Many U.S.-made hoverboards are made in China, as that is where most of the factories for the production of such equipment are located.

air wheel

This world famous brand sells Chinese products. The company is engaged in the development of software and hardware, organization of production and sales. It produces electric vehicles – unicycles, segways, etc.

air wheel

In the model range there are gyroscopes that drive off-road.

The power of the devices reaches 2,000 W. Thanks to the large wheels, Airwheel hoverboards easily overcome obstacles in the form of mud, snowdrifts and other irregularities. The disadvantages of these models include a large mass and size, low maneuverability and high cost.


A well-known Chinese brand specializing in the production of electric vehicles. It produces, along with hoverboards, segways, electric scooters, etc.


The advantage of this brand is the presence of service centers in Russia. Hoverbot owners are provided with warranty and post-warranty service.

novelty electronics

This brand is registered in Russia, but all products sold under it are made in China. Components and assembly – all Chinese. The assortment includes all types of street electric transport and spare parts for them.

novelty electronics

Consumers have the opportunity to purchase a handle for the hoverboard – it provides a more comfortable ride. Such a device is useful for children and the elderly.


A world-famous Chinese brand that offers high-quality street electric vehicles at relatively low prices. In the model line there are hoverboards that cost like a bicycle, and at the same time are capable of reaching speeds of up to 15 km / h.


The brand offers a wide range of hoverboards for different weights and ages. Models with 10-inch wheels are especially interesting. The manufacturer offers options with different colors and characteristics.


This Chinese company manufactures products in the middle price segment. Almost every hoverboard, in addition to the standard functionality, is equipped with additional “chips”.


Wmotion was the first to install wireless speakers inside the device.

The brand was the first manufacturer to equip hoverboards with three boards to ensure perfect balance. Previously, there were models with only two boards on the market.

TOP 5 models

Gyroscooters that have earned the approval of both users and experts in 2020.

Smart Balance Wheel Premium 10.5

Apparatus for urban travel. Its reinforced design is designed for an adult. The installed 800 W motor allows you to travel on poor quality roads covered with bumps. The model is suitable for beginners and amateurs.

Smart Balance Wheel Premium 10.5


  • bright and stylish design;
  • withstands loads up to 120 kg;
  • good maneuverability;
  • high permeability;
  • self-adjusting settings using the TaoTao app on your smartphone.

Cons: The battery life is slightly lower than stated.

Average cost: 9,000 rubles.


Reliable hoverboard with IP66 moisture protection. The device provides a convenient identification system through the TaoTao application. It is suitable for a rider of any age, reacting to a weight of 10 kg.


The manufacturer gives a 3-year warranty – these are the largest warranty obligations on the hoverboard market.


  • durable plastic case;
  • reliable wheels;
  • Bluetooth speakers;
  • fast charging;
  • quality assembly.

Users and experts did not find any cons for this model.

Average cost: 13,500 rubles.

SmartOne Premium 10.5

This high-speed model has a strong body and large wheels – 10.5 inches. It rides well not only on paved roads, but also off-road. Motor power – 1200 watts.

SmartOne Premium 10.5


  • large diameter wheels;
  • high driving speed – up to 20 km / h;
  • good off-road capability;
  • There is reliable dust and moisture protection.

There are practically no cons for this model. There is only a natural wish – to increase the run time, but it is true for most hoverboards.

Average cost: 12,500 rubles.

iconBIT Smart Scooter Kit

This hoverboard is suitable for those who are looking for a device with a battery that can hold a charge well. It can be driven without recharging for about 4 hours. The device has a strong frame that can withstand weight up to 110 kg. This scooter comes with a bag.

iconBIT Smart Scooter Kit


  • powerful battery;
  • reliable wheels;
  • excellent balance;
  • Able to drive uphill at an angle of up to 15 degrees.

Minus – a small speed of movement, no more than 12 km / h.

Average cost: 8,500 rubles.

Smart Balance Wheel U8

Advanced hoverboard with “musical accompaniment”. Load management is provided. You can customize the system through the TaoTao app. The device has several operating modes that allow it to be used by both adults and children.

Smart Balance Wheel U8


  • big wheels;
  • listening to music via Bluetooth;
  • withstands weight up to 140 kg;
  • moisture protection provided.

Minus – relatively heavy weight (13.5 kg).

Average cost: 8,800 rubles.

What should I do after buying a hoverboard?

When buying a hoverboard, you should immediately check its quality. Examine – is it not a fake, try – how it moves. If you purchased the device via the Internet, you will have to check the device after receiving it.

Today, many sellers make money on the resale of goods, without even delving into the essence of what they are selling. In any store – real or virtual, you can buy a device of low quality, defective or fake.

Testing the hoverboard after purchase:

  1. Turn on the device – let the engines work.
  2. Look at the wheels at a 90-degree angle – it is not acceptable for them to “hang out” at high speeds. If the wheels turn unevenly and deviate when scrolling, they have poor balance.
  3. Look at the quality of the plastic. Quality material does not bend under load, and does not make sounds when a rider stands on it.

If, after inspecting and checking the hoverboard, you find defects, marriage, or evidence that you were sold a fake, try to immediately get rid of such a product – further actions depend on the method of payment and the conditions of purchase.

Answers to popular questions

The desire of a person to move quickly, and at the same time pay as little as possible, today embodies electric transport. It is not yet as popular as conventional bicycles or cars, so many interested consumers often ask the same questions.

Children on a hoverboard

Popular questions and answers to them:

  • Where to buy a hoverboard? You should not buy electric devices in ordinary stores selling electric vehicles. There is a minimum range and high prices. Check out the online store for more details on each model.
  • Does the original hoverboard have any disadvantages? Even if you bought a quality device from the manufacturer, there is still a high risk of falling and injury at the stage of learning to ride. The device is not designed for driving in pits, it can only be driven on a smooth or slightly rough paved road.
  • How not to get injured when you get on a hoverboard for the first time? To avoid the consequences of falls, equipment is needed – a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads.
  • Is it possible to increase the operating time of the hoverboard? This requires proper care of the device. Store it at a temperature not lower than 0 °C. It is important to recharge the battery in time to 50%, and not to allow the charge to decrease to 0%.

Low temperatures adversely affect the condition of the battery, wheels, platform, motherboard.

Gyroscooters are a promising type of urban transport, which can be used with equal success by both adults and children. So that the purchased device does not disappoint you, choose its parameters correctly and buy only certified products in specialized stores.