There are no differences, really. When choosing a headset for your phone, you are actually buying headphones with a microphone. We have written more than once about the intricacies of choosing headphones, and also made ratings of the best models. Everything you need to know when searching – read below, and at the end – get acquainted with the models tested by a Russian buyer.

What are phone headsets?

How to choose a headset for your phone: the best models of 2018Like headphones, headsets are divided into wired and wireless with all their inherent advantages and disadvantages. Wireless headsets, in turn, exist in two forms:

  • Mono Headset – wireless earphone in one ear. Mono headsets were wildly popular in the early days of Bluetooth accessories – walking around with an earpiece “like a secret agent” was considered a sign of a respectable person. Now “one-eared” headsets are bought with pleasure by motorists who do not need to listen to music on the road, but talking on the phone without holding it in their hands is even there.
  • Stereo Headset – in fact, a pair of headphones with a microphone, with which you can talk and immerse yourself in music. All wired headsets, by the way, are stereo headsets – here, unlike wireless ones, there is no separation.

Stereo headsets are divided by shape into liners, intracanal (they are also “gags”) and invoices. We wrote about the intricacies of each of the types, for example, in this article.

What headsets are bought and worn in Russia?

We went over the reviews of Russian buyers in online stores and found out a lot of interesting things.

  • As practice shows, buyers choose wireless headsets over wired ones, and stereo headsets over “one-ear” mono models. So that wireless stereo headset – the best choice for 2018.
  • The most frequently purchased form is by far the earplugs: cheap, cheerful and soundproof. However, in-ear headsets are also quite popular.
  • The undisputed leader of the consumer rating in Russia – headphones Apple AirPods. Despite the price of over 10,000 rubles, they are actively bought and highly appreciated. We tested these headphones with a headset in the CHIP lab, and we completely disagree with the choice of the majority! The test results can be read here.

And here are the top five wireless headsets of this year, which are to the liking of both buyers and us, see below.

Sennheiser CX 6.00BT

How to choose a headset for your phone: the best models of 2018

Excellent earbuds with a microphone that will please many. Support for aptX codecs provides very good sound that has both bass and very clear highs. The earbuds are compact and ergonomically designed. On the right is the control panel, on the left is the battery, and they are almost the same in weight, which is why the headphones do not “slide” in one direction.

As for using it as a headset, the headphones support Bluetooth 4.2 and iPhone, so they can be paired with a phone of any company. The only thing you can criticize these “senhi” for is the design: the use of shiny plastic and angular shapes does not allow you to get rid of the feeling of a cheap thing.


How to choose a headset for your phone: the best models of 2018If you can’t live without Apple EarPods and you can’t afford AirPods, there is a solution. Many buyers compare this headset to an Apple branded product, and with good reason: these in-ear headphones are similar in shape and feel in the ears, and the sound quality is even better: the sound is more spacious, with low, medium and high frequencies.

The Bluetooth version in them is not the most advanced – 4.0 and specific support for the iPhone is also not announced. But in practice, they work great with an iPhone, but, attention, they cost almost 10 times cheaper than an Apple wireless headset. And, according to the reviews of experienced “Yabloko”, they break much less often.

Sony WF-SP700N

How to choose a headset for your phone: the best models of 2018

This gift in a box from Sony is most reminiscent of what we mean by the word “headset”. And indeed: it can work both in stereo mode – for listening to music, and in mono mode – for talking. Adjusts the mode of operation of the headphones, as well as the sound, in a convenient mobile application Sony | Headphone Connect.

In general, this headset leaves the impression of a good staffing. The sound of the headphones is of high quality, as always with Sony. There is support for AAC codecs, NFC connectivity, water protection, and active noise cancellation. And the clip-on pouch that comes with the headphones is also a rechargeable battery that lets you charge them on the go.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT 300

How to choose a headset for your phone: the best models of 2018

The Plantronics sports headset with a fabric-braided wire is not included in our selection of sports headphones for the reason that it really is not suitable for sports. The wire gets wet with sweat, despite all the waterproofing, and during intensive training, the ear pads slip out of the ears. But for a calm user, these headphones with a headset will fit perfectly – they have good sound, three sets of interchangeable ear pads of different sizes and a convenient carrying case.

The headset features a curious Deep Sleep mode. When not in use, the headphones automatically go into deep sleep mode and stop wasting their charge. But if you receive a call, the headset immediately “wakes up” and allows you to talk, after which it can be “sleeped” again to save battery.

Xiaomi Mi Collar Bluetooth Headset

How to choose a headset for your phone: the best models of 2018

The “collar” headset from the Chinese brand Mi, beloved by Russians, is suitable for sports, for the street, for the office, and for cars. The design of the device is a solid five with a plus, but the sound plays a cruel joke on the user. Headphones, taking into account the support for the aptX codec, are very demanding on the quality of the original signal: the sound is fully revealed only if you are an audiophile and prefer to listen to lossless formats.

As a headset, the headphones are more than acceptable, but only when used with a smartphone, and not with a PC as a gaming headset. And when buying these headphones, it is very important that they are “white”, otherwise you will have to listen to voice notifications in Chinese. How to distinguish the “gray” non-adapted technique – find out in our article.

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