If you are looking for a new straightener for yourself or in order, our article will help you figure out what characteristics of irons to pay attention to in order to choose a good model.

Hair straightener: which one to choose?

Let’s talk about the main parameters of classic hair straighteners: heating power and temperature, coating and width of the plates, as well as their price and manufacturers.

Ironing power and temperature conditions

The classic straightener is a curling iron with two flat plates that heat up and straighten the hair between them. The power of the appliance affects its heating rate and the maximum temperature with which it can work. Models with power from 20 to 170 W are widely represented on the market, the value of 40-70 W can be considered the golden mean. Less power is relevant for mini-stylers, baboutLshaya – for professional devices that are used in salons.

How to choose a hair straightener

Depending on the type of hair, different styling temperatures are used, so modern models provide for adjustment of modes – as a rule, from 120 to 230 degrees.

  • For thin, damaged, light and colored hair, it is recommended to use a temperature not higher than 140 degrees.
  • For natural and healthy hair – up to 180 degrees.
  • If you have dark, thick, coarse or curly hair, a high temperature of up to 230 degrees is also suitable for styling.

For example, the Philips StraightCare straightener with ceramic plates is equipped with a thermostat for 10 operating modes – this will allow you to choose the right temperature for styling a particular type of hair and not damage the curls.

What is the best coating for a hair straightener

How carefully the iron will work with your hair depends on the coating of the plates. It also greatly affects the price and durability of the device. The main types of coatings that can be found in modern rectifiers:

  • Metallic.
  • Ceramic.
  • Tourmaline.

metal plates are installed in budget hair straighteners – they are considered the cheapest and most dangerous for hair due to uneven heating. Models with such a coating can be used if you have thick, dense hair, or if you rarely straighten it. Alternatively, buy a model with an anodized coating – it is less harmful to hair.

ceramic coating is the most common and convenient to use. Such plates easily glide through the hair and heat evenly, which allows you to achieve straight curls in just a couple of movements. It is also easy to care for ceramics – just wipe the plates with a clean cloth. You can also find marble plates – they are in many ways similar to ceramic ones, but they cool faster without overheating the hair.

How to choose a hair straightener

Another type of ceramic models is keratin-coated plates. Despite the high-profile advertising that promises a unique shine and smoothness of the hair, this coating is fundamentally no different from conventional ceramics and has nothing to do with the keratin straightening procedure, in which a special chemical composition is applied to the hair.

The highest quality and harmless coating material is considered tourmaline is a safe semi-precious mineral that glides easily through the hair. In fact, tourmaline coating is a kind of ceramic coating, since it is not used in its pure form, but is applied to ceramics.

Tourmaline adds an ionization effect to the device – it emits negative ions and removes static stress from the hair, making it smooth and shiny. Tourmaline-coated irons do not overheat the hair and do not damage its structure, therefore they are especially suitable for straightening dyed, thin and damaged hair.

How to choose a hair straightener

Tourmaline-coated curling irons are produced by all popular styling device manufacturers: BaByliss, Philips, Rowenta, GA.MA and others. However, do not think that tourmaline eliminates the need to use thermal protection products – yes, this is the safest coating, but additional care is required for any effect on the hair.

One of the popular models with tourmaline coating is GA.MA Elegance Led Bloom. The tongs are equipped with plates 25 mm wide, can be heated up to 230 degrees and support 6 temperature modes.

In professional stores, you can also find models with diamond and titanium coating – they are durable, effective, and do not damage the hair even with frequent use. However, due to the high price, they are rarely used at home and are more often bought for beauty salons.

How wide should the plates be?

The width of the plate is usually 20-60 mm. Which straightener size to choose depends on the length and thickness of your hair. Wide plates (from 30 mm) are suitable for proper styling of curls and long hair – a large heating area will help straighten curls faster. For thin hair, it is also better to use wide irons with a large heating area to speed up the styling process and minimize damage to the hair.

How to choose a hair straightener

Models with narrow plates (up to 30 mm) will be a good choice for straightening short hair – it is simply more convenient and safer. With them, you will not be able to grab a large strand and damage your hair with frequent use of the iron.

Price and manufacturer

Let’s not dissemble – in most cases, the choice of any device comes down to its price. There are a lot of options for rectifiers on the market: from budget to professional. Nevertheless, we strongly do not recommend saving on the purchase of this device – a low-quality iron can harm your hair and incur serious costs for their treatment. In addition, such devices often use unsafe metal plates and cheap plastic, which easily cracks and heats up during operation of the rectifier.

As a rule, the cheaper the hair tongs, the lower their power (in other words, they take longer to heat up). If you are looking for a classic full-size iron, and not a road version, pay attention to models with a power of 40 W or more and costing from 1,500 rubles.

How to choose a hair straightener

Among the popular manufacturers that have been producing styling devices for several years are Philips, BaByliss, Rowenta, Beuer, Braun and Dewal. More budget options: Polaris, GA.MA, Scarlett, REDMOND and Xiaomi.

If you have the opportunity to make a purchase offline, choose the device “live”. Many large stores have a demo area where you can plug the rectifier into the network and check its functions and ergonomics. So you will be sure of your choice, and you can pay for the model you like right away or order online (for example, to get a cashback).

So which hair straightener is better to choose?

Let’s sum up everything said in the article. So, if you have thin, colored or weak hair, pay attention to models with wide plates, tourmaline coating and a large number of temperature settings.

For owners of healthy, dark and short hair, irons with thin plates, ceramic or tourmaline coating and a maximum operating temperature of up to 230 degrees are suitable.

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