The market offers the buyer many modifications of trimmers, so choosing can be difficult. We will deal with the types and classification of models, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Clipping devices are according to the principle of operation, type of power supply, purpose and set of functions.

According to the principle of action:

Rotary. The start of the engine of the device is performed directly by the motor. Among the advantages of such machines are high endurance and power (20-45 W), the availability of replaceable knives and ease of maintenance and repair. As a rule, such trimmers are classified as professional. The main disadvantage is the severity and strong vibration transmitted to the hands of the master.

How to choose a hair clipper: top best modelsVibrating. In these models, the engine is started from the coil, which is indicated by a specific click at start-up. Such machines consume less electricity, are easy to use and are low cost. They are well suited for home use. The disadvantages include non-removable knives, short battery life, noise and low power. Most often, such modifications are not subject to repair – instead, they carry out an exchange under a 2-year warranty.

Also, hair clippers differ in the type of food:

Rechargeable. Their main advantage is their compactness and lack of attachment to the outlet. You can make a haircut even in the complete absence of electricity. The downside is the limited charge time.

Network. A classic power supply option that ensures long-term performance of the device. It is this type of power that is typical for professional models. The disadvantage may be that the cord is too short, which limits maneuverability.

Combined. Such models are a good option for areas with power outages. Working both from the mains and from the battery, they will allow you to finish the haircut, as well as take the device with you on the road.

By purpose and functions, the following categories of devices can be distinguished:

Hair trimmer. The machine is designed for cutting hair of the head, it is equipped with various attachments for adjusting the length. This category includes both the simplest devices for home use and professional ones.
Mustache and beard trimmer. Specialized compact devices for cutting and removing facial hair. Can be supplemented with the function of removing hair in the ears and nose.

Universal multifunctional machines. Basically, these are medium power trimmers for home use. They combine the functions of cutting hair on the head, face and body – they allow you to cut your mustache and beard, remove vegetation from the cheeks, ears and nose, as well as from some parts of the body.

In addition, there are non-standard unique models. Creative individuals or travelers, for example, may opt for comb-style clippers that allow you to cut your own hair.

How to choose a hair clipper: top best modelsChoosing a clipper – what to look for

It is impossible to unequivocally determine which hair clipper is better. It depends on many conditions, including the load, the number of operations and the scope of use. After all, machines for a social hairdressing salon with a flow of customers up to more than 100 people a day, for a salon with a small load, but high requirements, and for a home haircut once a month cannot be the same.

Parameters that you should pay attention to before buying a trimmer:

Power. The endurance of the machine and the time of its operation before shutting down depend on this indicator.

Length adjustment. Can be done with a single adjustable nozzle or with interchangeable nozzles. Adjustment can be manual (comb movement) or mechanical (switching on the body).

Number of nozzles. In addition to the choice of lengths, the kit can include angled temple attachments, as well as narrow mustache, beard and sideburn care products.

Additional functions. Some modifications may have a head for removing hair from the nose and ears, a narrow trimmer for curly haircuts and a shaving head.

Indication. Battery modifications can notify the user about the remaining charge.

knife material. They can be made of stainless steel, coated with titanium or composites such as carbon.

Knife sharpening. The machine can have non-removable knives (they cannot be sharpened or replaced), replaceable and sharpened, as well as self-sharpening.

Hair trimmer rating – top 5 best models

According to Internet users, the rating of hair trimmers includes both new and time-tested models.

Wahl 8081-916

  • Engine type – rotary
  • Power – network cable
  • Blade material – stainless steel. steel
  • Blade type – removable, sharpened

A typical representative of classic professional models. Mains power is provided by a sufficiently long cable (2.9 m) that allows maneuvering around the client chair. The trimmer cuts 4 types of lengths – three nozzles and zero without a nozzle. Differs in high working capacity (5000 revolutions per minute) and the convenient ergonomic form calculated on long use.

How to choose a hair clipper: top best models

Andis D-8

  • Engine type – rotary
  • Power – Battery
  • Blade material – carbon steel
  • Blade type – removable, sharpened

This model became the choice of buyers in 2019 due to its power (6000 rpm), and mobility due to wireless power. The device is able to work up to 2 hours without interruption for recharging. Charging time slightly exceeds the operating time and is 2.5 hours. The kit includes 4 attachments, providing 5 hair length options.

How to choose a hair clipper: top best models

Moser 1565-0078 Genio

  • Engine type – rotary
  • Nutrition – universal
  • Blade material – alloy steel
  • Blade type – replaceable, sharpened

Powerful (6000 rpm) and light (140 g) cordless clipper provides continuous cutting for 1 hour and 40 minutes without recharging. Full charge time is 2 hours. The set includes 2 nozzles and 3 basic hair lengths.

How to choose a hair clipper: top best models

Philips MG5730 Series 5000

  • Engine type – vibration
  • Power – Battery
  • Blade material – stainless steel
  • Blade type – self-sharpening

Philips multifunctional haircut set includes 11 attachments – 3 for hair, 2 for stubble, beard shaping comb with regulator, body hair comb, razor, and trimmers for contouring, nose and ear hair removal . The rechargeable battery allows the machine to work up to 1 hour 20 minutes. Minus – a long time of recharging (16 hours).

How to choose a hair clipper: top best models

Bradex Charisma (KZ 0403)

  • Engine type – vibration
  • Power supply – batteries
  • Blade material – stainless steel
  • Blade type – non-removable, side

An interesting model designed for complete self-service. The machine is made in the form of a comb, equipped with cutting blades, which allows you to cut and refresh not only the hairstyle, for which 2 nozzles are provided, but also the beard (2 nozzles) with light movements. In addition, it can be used to remove excess hair from the nose and ears. The design is so simple and convenient that even inexperienced users can experiment.

How to choose a hair clipper: top best models

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