Choosing a gaming mouse

Oddly enough, but gaming peripherals are often much more expensive than office counterparts. And even the cheapest gaming mouse will cost more than the average home “rodent”. Below we have listed the parameters that you should consider when choosing and buying a gaming mouse, so as not to overpay for features and design frills that you do not need.

Weight and construction

We advise you to first of all pay attention to the shape of the case and the design of the computer mouse. If you are going to buy a gadget in an offline store, be sure to check if it fits in terms of weight and shape. It is much easier for right-handed people to choose – most models are made specifically for the right hand. Left-handers are more difficult, but you can find a mouse with a symmetrical design or order a left-handed version online.

As for weight, a gaming mouse should be heavy, but in moderation. If, when moving on a table or rug, she strives to run away and seems too light, this is a bad option. In shooters, for example, to set the scope, you have to smoothly move the cursor and make sure that the mouse does not make unnecessary movements. Therefore, it is better if it glides gently over the surface and lies confidently in the hand. The optimal mouse weight for gaming is at least 100-120 grams. By the way, some models even use additional weights that can be removed or added to change the weight of the manipulator.

How to choose a gaming mouse: tips and rating of the best models

DPI Resolution

DPI resolution affects how quickly the cursor reacts to mouse movement. The higher the DPI, the faster it will move across the screen. Today you can find a PC mouse with a huge 16,400 DPI, but in practice it is not the maximum resolution that matters, but the range and step of its change. For a comfortable game of shooters, you will need a manipulator with the ability to set DPI below 1000 – this is necessary for an accurate aim.

For normal work at a computer, 800-1200 DPI is enough, and for dynamic games like RPGs or MOBAs – about 4000. Thus, resolutions above 4000 are not used so often: if you are not used to, a cursor at 7000 and above DPI will seem too fast. If you are not an esports player, but just love games, feel free to take a model with 3000-4000 DPI – this will be quite enough for a comfortable game. High resolution – a sign of a good and often expensive model – is not always applicable in practice.

How to choose a gaming mouse: tips and rating of the best models

Sensor type

We recently talked about how laser mice differ from optical mice. A distinctive feature of optical models is a red LED, which is located on the belly of the mouse. The main feature of laser manipulators is that they can work on glass. Laser mice cover a wider DPI range – up to 16,000 – but most eSports players use models with an optical sensor due to their reliability and durability.

Number of keys

In addition to the left, right button and wheel, a gaming mouse should have keys for switching DPI and – optionally – additional buttons for game macros. Whether you need them or not depends on what you like to play. For most games, be it World of Tanks or GTA V, a standard set of keys will suffice. For shooters, a couple of buttons for macros are useful – for example, for reloading weapons and grenades. For RPGs and online battles, you may need more function keys to write all the spells of your hero on them. The most “multi-key” mouse we’ve found is the Redragon Firestorm, which has a whopping 19 programmable buttons.

Customization options

A good gaming mouse should have its own software in which you can set key commands, adjust the backlight and game profiles. A profile is a set of specific parameters collected for a specific game or player. If the manipulator has several of them, switching between them, it is convenient to quickly change the key values ​​for a specific gaming genre: for example, in one profile you can set a specific DPI value and macros for RPGs, and in another – for shooters or racing.


The item is not required at all. It may come in handy if you have a set of peripherals from the same manufacturer and all gadgets support the same software – set up color music in it and enjoy synchronous lighting overflows. But even in this case, it is needed only for beauty, in order to effectively lie on the gaming table.

How to choose a gaming mouse: tips and rating of the best models

Wired or wireless?

A wireless mouse is more convenient as it doesn’t have a wire that can get in the way while you play. But at the same time, such a mouse can be discharged at the wrong moment and leave you “hands-free” in the game. Wired is the classic and most reliable option for gaming. Therefore, we advise you to buy a wired mouse. If you promise yourself to honestly monitor the level of charge or the batteries of the manipulator, take the wireless one, but at your own peril and risk.

How much does a good gaming mouse cost?

Gamer manipulators can be very expensive, but at the same time, there are quite a few budget models on the market that are not inferior to analogues from popular brands. Inexpensive mice are produced by Russian manufacturers OKLICK and Sven, as well as Taiwanese A4Tech under the Bloody brand. Also popular, but already more expensive, are models from COUGAR, Razer, Logitech, HiperX and SteelSeries.

A good gaming mouse can cost both 2,000 and 10,000 rubles. Much depends on additional options: the presence of customizable RGB backlighting, a super accurate sensor, additional keys, improved ergonomics… 1000-2000 rubles. The rest is up to your taste and budget.

Top 7 Best Gaming Mice 2019

To find out which are the best PC gaming mice in 2019, take a look at our ranking. Manipulators are arranged in ascending order of price.

A4Tech Bloody Q81 Black

If you don’t play very often and are looking for a mouse that is suitable for both gaming and work, an inexpensive model from A4Tech will suit you. Despite the low price, it has excellent characteristics: DPI can be changed in the range of 500-3200, there is a backlight, metal feet for smooth glide and two buttons for macros. A decent weight (290 g) will allow her to stand firmly on the table and not run away during hot battles.

COUGAR Surpassion Black

The golden mean is a Cougar mouse for 2000 rubles with a 7200 DPI sensor. Outwardly, the model does not betray its belonging to gaming in any way – except that the manufacturer’s logo is highlighted during the game. Comfortable rubberized sides and a couple of additional buttons make it an excellent office and gaming mouse.

Logitech G Gaming Mouse G300s

This is a fully symmetrical gaming mouse that will be a lifesaver for all left-handed gamers. Here you can adjust the DPI in the range of 250-2500, which is especially convenient for shooters and military simulators. The mouse has nine keys, four of which can be used for macros. However, the model weighs only 80 g and may seem too light to some.

Razer Abyssus Essential

Razer’s right and left-handed wired mouse is a good option for gamers who don’t like flashy gaming peripherals. The model is relatively inexpensive (3000 rubles), but fast – a sensor with a resolution of 7200 DPI is installed here, which can be calibrated under the surface. There is also a bottom backlight with 8 million colors and lighting effects that create a spectacular halo around the mouse.

HyperX Pulsefire Surge Black USB

Another symmetrical mouse, this time from HyperX, already costs about 4,000 rubles and can be considered semi-professional. It has an accurate 16,000 DPI sensor, six keys, and modest customizable backlighting that won’t catch your eye while you’re gaming.

Logitech G G502 HERO

The manipulator from Logitech has an aggressive gaming design. The model comes with a set of weights, so you can change its weight in the range of 121-168 g. The resolution here is the same high – 16,000 DPI, there are 11 programmable keys. However, the mouse is suitable only for the right hand.

Razer Naga Trinity

This is a universal model for all game genres. The Naga Trinity comes with three interchangeable panels with two, seven and twelve programmable keys: for shooters, MOBAs and RPGs. A 16,000 DPI sensor is installed here, the accuracy of which can be adjusted in Razer’s proprietary software and save specific values ​​​​for different gaming profiles. The backlight is also configurable and supports the RGB spectrum.

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