Choosing a copier is a rather complicated process if you don’t know where to start. It is necessary to take into account the multiple nuances and features of each device, understand the principle of their operation, be aware of what functions the device should have. To this end, we will consider these points in more detail.

Varieties of copiers

Before purchasing a copier, you should understand some of the nuances that directly affect the pricing of copiers and the possibility of acquiring them:

  • the amount of money allocated by the buyer for the purchase of the device;
  • possession of the device with the necessary functions;
  • refusal of additional functions if necessary.


It is always necessary to remember that its price directly depends on the number of functions of the device. If a photocopier has the ability to create color copies, then the cost will increase significantly compared to a machine that produces only black and white. The same rule works exactly the opposite – if a copier can make 100 copies a day, it will have a much lower price than a device that creates 1,000 copies.

There are 3 main types of copiers:

  1. Analog.

Copiers of this type are ideal for those who have a very modest budget and who do not set themselves the goal of their life to equip the workplace with high-tech devices. These copiers perfectly cope with their main function, with careful handling they will “live” for a long time, and their price can hardly be called high.

Of the minuses, one can single out not entirely accurate copies (although it is hardly possible to distinguish flaws with the naked eye), the lack of high resolution on the final results, etc.

For 2018, the cost of such a “handsome man” fluctuates around 7-8 thousand rubles.

  1. Digital.

Just the case when in one small device there are simultaneously:

  • scanner;
  • Printer;
  • fax, etc.

In addition to the obvious possibilities in terms of sending files via fax, creating scanned copies, etc., the quality of the final result is very high. This is especially felt when comparing the received copies from an analog copier and a digital one.

Also, digital copiers have much less “extra” details, which is why it is much quieter during operation, and its settings are very variable. Again, compared to analog. This type of machine can make copies not only of A4 size, but also of business cards and large-format documents. The price of such a device is 22 thousand rubles. This is the minimum for black and white copiers.

Color Xerox

In the vast majority of cases, digital copiers cost several times more than their analog counterparts. Comparing two similar models of copiers, you should be prepared that the price of a digital model can be 4 times higher.

  1. “Colored”.

This device is unparalleled. Color copiers have an impressive range of positive aspects, and their disadvantages are completely insignificant:

  • high functionality of the highest quality (scanner, fax, etc.);
  • possession of not only standard printing, but also laser;
  • amazing speed of work;
  • scanning, printing – the results obtained have no analogues;
  • the ability to change everything down to the last bolt (the size of the future copy, its quality, matrix resolution, removal of defects “on the go” and much more).

It is impossible to list everything that this machine can do, because it is not for nothing that this type of copier is “elite”. The cost for an inkjet color copier starts at 50 thousand rubles and is unlikely to have an upper price threshold for a laser one. 120 thousand rubles will be a reasonable price for an excellent laser copier that has all sorts of functions in a wide variety of areas.

Also, if you have the desire and a round sum in your pocket, there are compact and efficient models of copiers that fully cope with their tasks. There are only two minuses in them, but very serious ones:

  • they fall into disrepair extremely quickly;
  • their cost is very high.

The acquisition of such devices is not practical. And often, the cost of such luxury devices is unlikely to be able to afford an ordinary person.

Key characteristics of copiers

When choosing a copier, you should decide on its main purpose. If a copier is selected for the office, then a model of medium dimensions, which are offered in abundance by manufacturers, is ideal. If a copier is needed for home use, then a multifunction device (MFP) is suitable, which is much smaller in weight and size, but perfectly fulfills its functions.


When choosing a copier, you need to pay attention to the following indicators:

  1. Paper size.

This is a key characteristic and it should be paid attention to right away. There are various formats of paper sheets: A5 (notebook sheet), A4 (album sheet), A3, A2, A1, etc. When choosing a copier model, you need to compare the requirements for the device and its capabilities:

  • any copier that supports A4 format is suitable for working with ordinary office documents;
  • but for printing large (or small) paper samples, such as small postcards or impressive graphics and drawings, you should select a device that supports the required paper size.
  1. drum capacity.

The longer the drum resource, the higher the quality of the copier. The value of 60 thousand pages is an indicator of an excellent device that will serve its owner for a long time and with high quality.

  1. Permission (dpi).

Another important characteristic of copiers is resolution. The higher this indicator, the better and clearer the result will look:

Xerox permission

Resolution does not change the color of the image, but directly affects the transition between colors and makes the image softer, smoothing out bumps and removing grain:

Grainy on the copier

600 dpi is ideal for printing office documents, and 1,200 dpi is ideal for more demanding owners who want excellent copies.

In order to get photographic quality results, you should focus on 1440 dpi and above, but the cost of such devices will be high.

  1. Work speed.

The vast majority of copiers work within 20 pages per minute. This is completely enough even for the highest requirements. More budget models can print at 5-10 ppm, which is well suited for people who use the copier rather rarely than often.

  1. Color and black and white.

This indicator does not affect the print quality, but why overpay for color copies if you only need monochrome? Moreover, in b / w photocopiers, a simpler design, which means that they will also break less often.

Color copiers are much more expensive. When comparing two identical models that differ only in the presence / absence of the color printing function, the difference in price will always be within 20-25%.

Popular copier models

To facilitate the choice, without delving too deeply into technical specifications, we will give examples of the most popular photocopiers among users. They have a large number of positive reviews and perform well in many tasks:

  1. Image RUNNER ADVANCE C2220i from Canon.

This MFP has the ability to print high quality color copies, does it quickly and does not consume much electricity. Ideal for office needs.


Its parameters are also impressive:

  • speed – 20 pages per minute;
  • support for any type of storage media;
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi print resolution (ideal for in-office documents);
  • maximum power consumption does not exceed 1.5 kW even during intensive work (in energy-saving mode – no more than 60 W);
  • touch LCD;
  • access control of individual users and the ability to accurately control their actions;
  • price – 45 thousand rubles.

The only negative is the need to use only A3 sheets.

  1. i-SENSYS MF3010 (5252B004) from Canon.

Another MFP from the manufacturer Canon, enthusiastically received by users. The reviews about the product note the high speed of work, the quality of the copies and the reasonable price.

i-SENSYS MF3010 (5252B004)

As for the official specs:

  • paper format – A4;
  • print quality – 1200 x 600 dpi;
  • copying speed – 18 sheets per minute (maximum 8 thousand per month);
  • low toner consumption during operation (does not affect the result);
  • price – 16,000 rubles.

Of the shortcomings, the possibility of exclusively black and white printing stands out.

  1. LaserJet Pro MFP M26A (T0L49A) from Hewlett-Packard (HP Inc.With 2015 of the year).

This MFP model is focused on use in offices, and the correct arrangement of elements in the structure of the device makes it easy to configure each of them. It has the following features:

  • paper format – A4;
  • resolution – 600 x 600 dpi;
  • copying speed – 18 pcs. per minute, maximum 5 thousand per month (only b/w);
  • the ability to quickly and easily configure print modes.

LaserJet Pro MFP M26A (T0L49A)

Although this device does not have impressive functionality, it perfectly copes with the tasks assigned to it. A wonderful practical copier will cost a symbolic 9 thousand rubles.

Given the above information, it will not be difficult to highlight the functions that are important for the work, confidently avoiding unnecessary and expensive “bonuses”. And thanks to the great variety of all kinds of models, you can choose the most suitable and practical copier in no time.