During operation, the interior of the vehicle is inevitably polluted, after which it loses its novelty and attractive appearance. In order to quickly return the interior of the car to its former cleanliness, there are functional car vacuum cleaners, the choice of which will be discussed in more detail later.

What to look for when buying?

If you decide to buy a car vacuum cleaner, then initially you need to take into account a number of important criteria. This list primarily includes:

  • product power;
  • type of dust collector;
  • connection method;
  • the degree of flexibility of the hose;
  • number of nozzles in the set.

The more powerful the vacuum cleaner is, the more efficient and faster it cleans. As a dust collector in such devices, either bags or containers are used. The last container is considered the most convenient, because it can be separated by simply pressing a button. In addition, most containers are made of transparent plastic, which allows you to see the amount of garbage and remove it in time.

Philips vacuum cleaner

The best car vacuum cleaner comes with at least 2-3 attachments, including a brush for collecting hair, a device for wet debris, a brush for cleaning the upholstery of the seats. Nozzles with retractable hard bristles will be useful, which allow you to clean the mats from sand or stubborn dirt. In the case when the vacuum cleaner has a hose, it should be as flexible as possible, otherwise it will be almost impossible to get to hard-to-reach places.

Main types of products

Before choosing a vacuum cleaner for a car, you need to familiarize yourself with the product classification. Most experts divide all offered products into two large groups, such as:

  • analogues with a built-in cord for an outlet (cigarette lighter);
  • analogues with a built-in battery.

The first of these products is connected using a connector and a power cord either to the car’s electrical system or to a standard outlet. The length of the cord is usually no more than 7 m, however, there are models that allow you to carry the vacuum cleaner up to 15 m. Of course, the longer the cord, the more convenient it is to clean the interior of the car.

When purchasing analogues powered by a cigarette lighter, you should remember that they quickly discharge the battery, so after 30-40 minutes of using the product, it is likely that the vehicle will not start.

Vacuum cleaner for cars

Vacuum cleaners for cars with a built-in battery are portable in size, while some devices can easily fit even in the glove compartment. The main disadvantage of this product was the limited cleaning time (no more than 20-30 minutes) and the need to regularly recharge the battery from the mains. In addition, the suction intensity is significantly reduced after the first 8-10 minutes of operation, as many models automatically switch to battery saver mode.

Based on the criterion of power, all vacuum cleaners for cars are divided into two large groups, including:

  • analogues up to 75 W;
  • analogues over 75W.

The main difference between these types of products lies in the dimensions, as well as the degree of absorption. Low-power devices are portable and do an excellent job of light cleaning, as they remove dust, grains of sand, and small debris without any problems. Products with a power of over 75 W are suitable for frequent use, and they can quickly clean a large vehicle interior from large debris, sand, and stubborn dirt.

According to the method of cleaning, all the described products are divided into such relevant types as:

  • analogues with dry cleaning;
  • analogues with wet cleaning.

A vacuum cleaner with a wet cleaning option is considered a more functional product, because thanks to such models, you can not only remove dust and debris from the passenger compartment, but also wash the floor, plastic elements, and seat upholstery. This product is especially useful for owners of vehicles that transport children or often eat in the car. As practice shows, most traces of a spilled drink, sauce or fat can be easily removed with a wet cleaning.

Up-to-date tips for choosing a product

Before choosing a car vacuum cleaner, you need to understand the simple truth that not every expensive model will be useful and effective in interior cleaning. So, for example, if you clean the interior of a passenger vehicle no more than once every 2-3 weeks, then an analogue with a power of up to 75 watts is ideal for these purposes. Its cost is much lower than that of products with an indicator of more than 75 W, while this device will consume much less electricity.

However, it is important to consider the location where do you plan to clean the interior of your car. Many motorists perform such work in the garage, where there is a power supply (socket), so it is strongly not recommended to purchase an expensive model with a built-in battery. The fact is that it is quickly discharged, and the suction intensity of the device may not be enough to clean a large interior.

Many vehicle owners are asking a very relevant question which car vacuum cleaner is better – with the option of dry or wet cleaning. The first of these devices do an excellent job of collecting dust and are considered more unpretentious to use. Expensive analogues with the function of wet cleaning have a technically complex design with special filters that need regular cleaning. With improper use, such products often fail, and the repair of the model will cost the owner a round sum.

With frequent transportation of pets in the car, you cannot do without special brushes fixed on the nozzles of the vacuum cleaner. Such nozzles perfectly remove animal hair, grains of sand and small debris from the upholstery. An indispensable device for high-quality cleaning of a car will be a crevice nozzle, thanks to which you can easily get rid of accumulations of dirt at the joints of the seats and in hard-to-reach places.

Rating of the best models

At the moment, there are several types of car vacuum cleaners that provide users with the maximum set of benefits and have proven themselves well in domestic conditions of use. Among the popular models, I would like to highlight the following product names:

Heyner Premium Turbo3 Power

Initially, it should be noted that the Heyner Premium Turbo3Power brand is the best car vacuum cleaner of 2014 according to many authoritative experts. The described device has sufficient power (105 W) for dry cleaning of any salons, small size and durable plastic case. As a dust collector, a 500 ml bag is used here, which, if necessary, can be easily dismantled or installed back.

The only drawback of the product was the ability to connect it only to the car’s cigarette lighter, but for most drivers this is not a serious problem.

Heyner Premium Turbo3 Power


A unique product is the ZEUS ZVC206 car vacuum cleaner, which provides the user with options for dry and wet cleaning of the interior. The indisputable advantage of the product was its light weight (only 1.43 kg), a capacious dust container (500 ml), the presence of dust and crevice nozzles in the kit, as well as a good power indicator (110 W). The power cord length of 5 m is enough to reach any point in the cabin and perform high-quality cleaning of the surface from dirt.

Unfortunately, the model in question only works from the cigarette lighter.


Vitek VT-1840

The Vitek VT-1840 car vacuum cleaner model has earned a huge amount of positive feedback, since it provides users with a lot of opportunities at a relatively low cost. The device comes with several nozzles at once, including a functional turbo brush that can remove dust from any type of upholstery. The dust collector of the product is a durable plastic container with a volume of 1.5 liters, which can be easily removed and cleaned of debris. The power of the vacuum cleaner (90 W) is enough to clean all types of dirt, and the length of the cord (3.6 m) is enough to easily reach any part of the cabin.

The only significant disadvantage of the model is the noise level, which is 85 dB.

Vitek VT-1840

Video tips for choosing

Vacuum cleaners of low and middle price class are very popular among domestic motorists. This video review of inexpensive models will help you choose a reliable product at a relatively inexpensive price:

Thus, before choosing a car vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to take into account the various purchase criteria and the main technical characteristics of the product. You should not focus only on the price, because not all cleaning options will be useful to you during the further operation of the device. If you approach the process of buying a product responsibly and scrupulously, you will definitely become the owner of a good vacuum cleaner that will serve you for many years.

Happy shopping!