Houses from glued laminated timberGlued laminated timber is ideal for low-rise construction. Huge cottages, luxurious villas, hotel complexes, baths and other high-tech facilities are being built from it.

In terms of its technical characteristics, glued timber is practically not inferior to brick, and in a number of parameters it even surpasses the most popular building material. Reliable and durable houses made of glued laminated timber do not require additional finishing and guarantee a healthy microclimate for residents. Even in the case of slight movement of the foundation, the building material in question is not subject to cracks.

Houses made of timber are increasingly appearing in different CIS countries. Usually timber is used for the construction of 1 and 2-storey residential buildings. There are also unique projects, for example, a bathhouse in Antarctica. The beam was also used to build a hotel complex on the territory of a golf club in the northwestern region. The building area is 1500 square meters.

Glued timber of a domestic manufacturer

One of the leaders in the segment is Greenside. The company specializes in the production of high-quality timber with the highest level of environmental friendliness. Production facilities are located in St. Petersburg. In order to achieve the set goals, Finnish specialists were involved in the work at the first stages. Thanks to this, Russian-made glued laminated timber is manufactured according to innovative technology, meets all European standards, and Greenside is engaged in construction in Greece, Italy and other European countries.

The construction of houses from glued beams is carried out according to standard, as well as individual projects. Interested parties can order turnkey construction, which provides for a full range of services. We are talking about the implementation of the house with engineering, landscape work, as well as the removal of construction debris. Construction materials and work performed are warranted for up to three years. The maximum warranty period is provided if the customer used the services of a service company.

Ready-made projects can be found directly on the official website of GreenSide. The resource also provides detailed information about the production, products and services sold. The construction company has its own production and carries out a full cycle of servicing each constructed object. Details can be found on the official website.