Recently, we talked about how to choose a hair straightener based on your hair style and the desired styling result. In this article, we have collected the top hair straighteners – from inexpensive mini-models to professional ones.

GA.MA Elegance Led Bloom

  • 2500 rubles
  • nozzles: for straightening
  • maximum heating temperature 230 °C

The elegant iron from the Italian brand GA.MA is equipped with plates with a ceramic-tourmaline coating that gently glides through the hair and removes an electrostatic charge from them. The plates adhere well to each other, which allows you to grab even a small strand of hair and straighten it the first time.

Users note that the curling iron heats up quickly – this is especially true if you often straighten your hair. The model is equipped with six temperature modes, while the maximum temperature is 230 degrees: it is suitable for styling thick or curly hair. The width of the plates is 25 mm – this is a good option for working with short haircuts and small strands.

The tongs come in four different colors including pink, yellow, blue and purple. Scratches may appear on the painted parts of the case, but this does not affect the build quality and operation of the device. A long cord and hanging loop add convenience.

BaBylissPRO BAB3000EPE

  • 6700 rubles
  • nozzles: for straightening
  • maximum heating temperature 230 °C

Another hair iron in the ranking of the best 2019-2020 is the model of the BaBylissPRO line. This is a professional hair styling tool with titanium and ceramic plates. With this device, you can straighten or curl your hair as gently as possible without damaging it.

The tongs have a power of 55 W and heat up to 230 degrees. There are five temperature settings, so you can choose the most suitable for your hair type. You can monitor the temperature on a special display, which is located on the handle of the styler.

Along with the iron, you’ll get a glove to protect against accidental burns and maintain curls, as well as a rubber mat that you can place the tongs on during breaks during styling. Very long power cord (2.7 m) with a swivel attachment does not get in the way when working with hair. The price of the model (about 7,000 rubles) may seem high compared to affordable analogues, but the professional quality and gentle treatment of hair fully justify it.

Polaris PHS 2070MK Mini

  • 900 rubles
  • attachments: curling iron, straightener
  • maximum heating temperature 200 °C

The compact and inexpensive Polaris mini tongs are perfect for those who often travel on business and travel and can’t deny themselves a good styling outside the home. Due to their small size, they are convenient to take with you, even placing them in a handbag. Such a rectifier costs about 900 rubles – given that this is a mini-model, you don’t have to worry that the manufacturer saved on its quality (only on the size).

The tongs have double nozzles: floating for straightening with a width of 20 mm, as well as external ones that will help you make a drink. The maximum temperature of the plates is 200 degrees, so if you are used to hot styling, we advise you to pay attention to models larger and more powerful, otherwise it will take too long to straighten your hair.

Philips BHS377 StraightCare Essential

  • 2400 rubles
  • nozzles: for straightening
  • maximum heating temperature 230 °C

This is one of the most popular models among Philips rectifiers. It is equipped with ceramic plates with a keratin coating, which protects the hair from overheating and makes it shiny. Users note that it is convenient to fix the plates in the closed position, that they fit snugly against each other and glide well over curls without catching hair. Due to the large selection of modes – there are as many as 10 of them! – you can choose the right temperature for straightening and curling different types and lengths of hair.

The tongs heat up in just 30 seconds, largely due to the high power. The maximum operating temperature is 230 degrees. You can adjust the modes using the rotary switch. The device is equipped with overheating protection, a long swivel cord (1.8 m) and a loop for hanging.

DEWAL 03-66 Titanium

  • 2500 rubles
  • nozzles: for straightening
  • forceps power 105 W
  • maximum heating temperature 230 °C

The most powerful device in our ranking is the DEWAL 03-66 Titanium model at 105 watts. The tongs heat up very quickly and gently straighten hair due to the titanium-tourmaline coating of the nozzles. Despite the affordable price (about 2500 rubles), this straightener belongs to professional devices and is suitable for use in salons.

Model with sliding plates 25 mm wide is suitable for styling bangs and short hair, as well as creating basal volume. High temperature will help you quickly style stubborn hair: the thermostat allows you to select the mode in the range from 140 to 230 degrees.

The straightener is available in three colors – grey, pink and gold. The case is covered with soft-touch plastic, which does not slip in the hands.

GA.MA Innova Multi Brush (GI0501)

  • 2200 rubles
  • attachments: brush, curling iron, straightener
  • maximum heating temperature 230 °C

The rating of hair straighteners would not be complete without a multifunctional comb device. The GA.MA Innova Multi Brush is exactly that – it combines a straightener, brush and curling iron. Considering that the device costs like a classic straightener, but is equipped with three nozzles, its purchase will be very beneficial for those who not only straighten their hair, but also make different hairstyles with curly and wavy curls.

Ceramic straightening plates are the best option for all hair types. The maximum heating temperature, like many models, is 230 degrees. Among the features of the model is a small weight (270 g), thanks to which the styler is comfortable to hold in your hand for a long time. Users note that during styling it is convenient to immediately twist the ends of the hair with a brush.

Beurer HS 80

  • 3000 rubles
  • nozzles: for straightening
  • ionization
  • maximum heating temperature 220 °C

The classic hair straightener from the German manufacturer Beuer is a good choice for daily styling. Thanks to the ionization, the intensity of which can be adjusted, the straightener will make even the most unruly hair smooth. Another useful feature of the model is the memorization of the temperature, which is most often used for styling.

Due to the power of 45 W, the device heats up quickly (but up to a maximum of 220 degrees). The temperature mode is displayed on a compact display, and the model also has an indication of inclusion and readiness for work. Included with the iron is a simple case, which is useful for storing the device.

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