Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

A good gift for older children would be an instant camera – any teenager will appreciate it. With the help of such a camera, you can create small color photographs, and then decorate them with notebooks, a workplace, attach them to magnets or use them in collages.

This year we tested the new model Instax Mini 11 – it prints on rectangular cards and runs on batteries that come with the kit. The camera has a stylish modern design and is very easy to operate. It comes in five colors: black, white, pink, purple and blue. With it, you can also take selfies and shoot in the dark – in low light, the built-in flash will work.

Smart watch Aimoto Ocean 4G

Any child will be happy to receive...
Any child will be happy to receive a smart watch as a gift – it is almost an adult gadget that will help him master modern technology and stand out from his peers. In addition, the watch will be useful not only for children, but also for their parents, because they will be able to monitor their location and always be in touch.

One of the interesting models is Aimoto Ocean with 4G support and a large 1.44-inch screen. The strap and case of the watch can be blue, light blue or pink, so it will suit both boys and girls. The gadget is equipped with a GPS tracker for transferring the location to an adult smartphone, as well as a built-in camera for video calls and remote shooting of your child’s surroundings. An SOS button is provided, with which the child can call for help from parents if necessary. Also note that the watch has water protection according to the IP67 standard – so you can even swim with it.

Boat Technodrive 2002F045-R

RC ship

A radio-controlled ship will be a gift not only for children, but also for their parents, because even an adult will not refuse to play with such a thing. You can find a huge number of battery powered boats on sale, but we chose the Technodrive 2002F045-R model. It is quite inexpensive for an electronic toy – it costs about 1600 rubles.

The yellow boat will be noticeable on any water, so it is difficult to lose it, even if the ship “goes to the bottom.” The control range through the remote control reaches 7 m – enough to release the boat into a local pond or pool. At the same time, the boat is capable of speeds up to 5 km / h. If you buy two of these toys, you can arrange real water battles.

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Constructor Connoisseur 180 schemes

A constructor for little physicists – or for the children of those parents who want to raise an engineer. The Connoisseur set includes parts for electrical circuits, collecting which the child will learn the basics of electronics in a playful way. The kit comes with a clear color instruction, so it will not be difficult to figure out the assembly.

Among the elements of the designer there is a light bulb that can be made to burn, a propeller that will rotate, and a speaker that reproduces sounds if the circuit is assembled correctly. The kit is battery operated and completely safe for the child — all the details are made in the form of a constructor, so you don’t need to solder anything.

Designer Xiaomi Mitu LKU4037GL Mi Robot Builder Rover

But this constructor is suitable for children who are not yet interested in playing with electric circuits, but already want to join robotics. With the kit from Xiaomi, you can assemble a transforming robot on caterpillars and set it in motion. There are 1086 parts in total, including an engine and a microcomputer for controlling the toy via a smartphone.

The robot app works on Android and iOS. In it, you can control the movement of the transformer manually or create your own programs. The model also supports voice commands: right, left, forward, backward. In general, the toy is interesting and cool, and due to the mobile interface, it will also instill in the child a love for robotics.

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