And again, a bunch of ideas for New Year’s gifts to relatives, friends and colleagues. We have already shared ideas for athletes, gadget lovers and parents, and now we will pay attention to those who are always driving. Gifts for motorists – modern and useful!

DVR with GPS

Gifts for the New Year: gadgets for motorists

here in this our material Transcend DrivePro 230

laser radar detector

Gifts for the New Year: gadgets for motorists

Get rid of problems with traffic police and cameras in the bushes in the coming year. We recommend this model Digma SafeDrive T-1000 Signature with fastening on a windshield or the forward panel. It recognizes the most popular types of radars – such as “Arrows”, “Robot”, “Avtodoriya”, “Kordon” – calculating them by signatures in frequency bands, as well as by GPS using a constantly growing database of stationary radars. The radar detector is distinguished by the ability to distinguish false signals (for example, interference from various radio modules) from the emissions of a real speedgun.

DVR with radar detector

Gifts for the New Year: gadgets for motorists

Why waste time on trifles when you can make a person doubly happy? Give your friend a motorist two devices in one at once. DVR with radar detector Neoline X-COP 9000C combines the functions of two gadgets: a FullHD recording device with a viewing angle of 135 ° device and a radar signal detector, from stationary to low-power mobile. It is convenient to operate the device using a bright 2-inch touch screen.

car wash

Gifts for the New Year: gadgets for motorists

Most motorists are not averse to washing their car in the country. But buckets and garden hoses are yesterday. Today, the trend is low-cost high-pressure cleaners for washing. For example, Karcher K3 with a pressure up to 120 bar and the possibility of using detergent. By the way, garden paths, fences, and facades can be the same device. An indispensable thing for the owner of not only a car, but also a summer cottage. And, most importantly, reliable and inexpensive.

Hand vacuum cleaner

Gifts for the New Year: gadgets for motorists

Included with the sink – so that in the new year the “swallow” really shone with cleanliness. A cordless handheld vacuum cleaner will allow you to clean the car from the inside – clean the seats, covers, floors under the rugs. Here is such a silent manual Bosch BHN12CAR specially designed for the car: it is lightweight, the kit includes narrow crevice brushes for cleaning between the seats, and its compact dimensions allow you to carry the device with you at all times in the trunk.

Professional breathalyzer

Gifts for the New Year: gadgets for motorists

Perhaps the most relevant thing for those who go to work and get behind the wheel on New Year’s holidays! 🙂 We all drink in moderation, and the Russian measure is 26.23 liters, so … To find out if you are ready enough to drive after New Year’s libations, a good breathalyzer will help, for example, AlcoHunter Professional+. With a sensitivity of 0.01 to 5 ppm, it “sniffs out” even drunk kefir, and only two AA batteries are enough for its operation.


Gifts for the New Year: gadgets for motorists

An original gift for the New Year is a kind of Bluetooth headset for a car. Only it is not put on the ear, but is attached to the sun visor, and allows you to speak on the speakerphone without the traffic police noticing. With headset echo and noise canceling function Jabra Drive you will hear the interlocutor better, and he will hear you better, while your ears will be open to the noise of the road. Also, using a speakerphone, you can play music from your smartphone via Bluetooth, which makes it similar to portable speakers.

Car charger for iPhone

Gifts for the New Year: gadgets for motorists

Many people have car chargers, but how many of them support the Lightning connector? If the recipient of your gift is not only a car enthusiast, but also an “apple lover”, give him a good car accessory from an accredited manufacturer – for example, such an auto charger Belkin. With an output current of 4.8 A, it supports the function of fast charging any “apple” gadgets from a car cigarette lighter, and you can charge two devices at the same time.

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