Color printer

The printer - and even better, the MFP - is exactly ...
A printer – or even better, an MFP – will definitely come in handy during your studies. In order not to sit at the computer all day, it is worth printing out study materials – and homework is often asked to be done on paper, and not in digital form. If teachers assign a lot of reports and other multi-page work, then with a home printer you can seriously save on printing services.

One of the good options for the home is the HP DeskJet 2720 MFP, which comes with black and color cartridges right away. The device will help you quickly and efficiently print, copy and scan documents. And with the HP Smart smartphone app, even a preschooler can connect and operate it. The MFP itself is small and will easily fit on a child’s desktop or a small nightstand.


Many children are already actively using smartphones. But if the phone screen is too small for homework and reading, then the tablet is just right. On it you can draw, make presentations, read, watch training videos and much more.

However, buying an inexpensive and “childish” tablet in a bright case for a child is not a good idea. Such a device is suitable for kids, but definitely not for schoolchildren and students. Therefore, we advise you to consider buying “adult” gadgets – with the possibility of unlimited access to the Internet and applications. As a last resort, install a parental control program on the tablet.

Samsung recently released a new line of tablets, the Galaxy Tab S7. These are flagship devices with good AMOLED screens, support for a stylus and a wireless keyboard. In general, if you buy such a tablet with a set of accessories, you can do without a laptop. In addition, the manufacturer also has more affordable models from the Tab A series – for example, the Galaxy Tab A10.1 LTE with a 10-inch screen and SIM card support. It can be bought for an average of 17,000 rubles.


Recent events have shown that a student can still be at the computer for half a day – during distance learning. And so that the student does not plant vision at a young age, one must take care of buying a good monitor or laptop with a high-quality display. When choosing, pay attention to the high brightness (from 300 cd m /2), high-quality color reproduction and support for eye protection technologies.

We recently tested a monitor from Acer from the Predator XB273 GP gaming line. And if your child likes to play at the computer, then this solution will be optimal – so that the monitor is suitable for both gaming and studying.

  • Predator XB273 GP gaming monitor review


    Predator XB273 GP gaming monitor review

The model has a large 27-inch screen, a high-quality matrix with a wide color gamut and a huge set of settings that can be used both for games and for other use cases. But most importantly, the device has four vision protection systems: to reduce blue radiation, flicker, glare, and to adjust the brightness adaptively.


If you do not want to give your child a separate computer, buy him a laptop – especially since there are now a large selection of models available. For example, the budget Prestigio Smartbook 141 C4 costs about 20,000 rubles, but at the same time it has all the functions necessary for studying. For example, it has a high-quality IPS screen with Full HD resolution, a comfortable keyboard and Windows 10 Pro preinstalled.

Performance is not the device’s strong point. However, its power is more than enough to search for information on the Internet, do homework and participate in online lessons. The model is perfect for elementary and middle school students, but for students and high school students it is worth choosing a more powerful device – we have collected the best laptops for study in a separate article.

Headphones with microphone

And for studying from home, and usually ...
Both for studying from home and in the normal school regime, a child needs a good headset. And not only to listen to music during the lessons, but also for online conferences, watching educational videos and podcasts. If the child does not have his own room, the presence of noise-canceling headphones is especially important. So the sounds of “study” will not interfere with parents, and the parents themselves will not distract from the educational process.

The wireless headset can be connected to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC with Bluetooth support. Recently, OPPO introduced the new Enco W11 and Enco W31 TWS models, fully wireless headsets with noise cancellation and long battery life (up to 3.5 or 5 hours on a single charge). They have decent sound quality, so they are great for listening to music.

Headphones W11 and W31 can be bought for 4 and 7 thousand rubles, respectively – a student will definitely appreciate such a gift by the beginning of the school year.

Fitness bracelet

An optional, but very useful gadget for any student is a fitness bracelet. And not only for the child to count his steps and calories burned, but for the function of notification of incoming calls and messages from a smartphone. Thus, even if the child’s phone is hidden in a backpack or lying on a charger in a back room, he will not miss a call from his parents, because he will see a notification about it on his wrist.

The choice of fitness bracelets is very large, some of the most popular are Xiaomi models. You can safely buy a student one of the “mibands” – not even necessarily the latest. Of course, the Mi Band 5 has a lot of cool features that we talked about in a recent review, but the previous Mi Band 4 model (which we also tested) has support for notifications. Also, the fourth version is equipped with a bright color screen and can last up to 20 days without recharging – which is especially important for a child.

smart watch

This watch is a great toy for...
Such a watch is a great “toy” for a child and at the same time a great tool to control him. One of the most popular models is ELARI KidPhone 4G. She has a powerful processor and a modern 4G radio module, there is a voice assistant Alice from Yandex. The gadget allows you to listen to music and run educational games. They are not afraid of rain, dust and dirt – the device is protected according to the IP67 standard.

The main advantage of KidPhone 4G is the ability not only to track the location of the child on the map, but also to keep in touch with him (including through a messenger with voice and text messages, as well as video chats), to carry out audio monitoring (listen to what is happening nearby at the moment). Such functions are available through the ELARI SafeFamily mobile application. The owner of the watch himself can at any time press the SOS button for emergency communication with one of the pre-set numbers.

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