One of the startups, though even before the advent of the Internet and Kickstarter, at one time was a paper cup, from which everyone drinks coffee today. It has been claimed to be simple and cheap to manufacture, environmentally friendly, and very user-friendly. Today’s world is hard to imagine without this useful thing, and all companies that produce such cups deduct the author’s share to the inventor.

The coolest inventions on the Kickstarter platform by the end of 2021

We tried to collect the most interesting and attractive ideas offered by inventors from different countries. This, of course, is far from a complete list – you can familiarize yourself with all the offers directly on the platform, subject to knowledge of English or with a built-in translator.

one super cap

Foldable magnetic cover for microwave Duo Cover (“Double Cover”) from the Two Pillars team. This is a great kitchen gadget that keeps food from drying out and microwaves from getting dirty. If necessary, it is mounted like a magnet on the ceiling of the chamber and telescopically lowered onto plates and cups of any capacity. In addition, the heated container can be taken with this lid, like an oven mitt, and transferred to the table.

At the top of the lid there is a special valve that allows you to release excess steam or vice versa – to keep moisture inside the product. Moreover, if you need to warm up something dry, you can add a measured amount of water to a special cell, which will refresh even yesterday’s withered hamburger. And that’s not all – with the help of Duo Cover you can steam, speed up the cooking time and greatly simplify your life.

By the way, according to the authors, the gadget is perfectly washed in the dishwasher – their slogan says: “impossible to break!” This cover looks like silicone, which is consistent with the manufacturer’s statement that it does not contain plastic.

2 Solar system model

Developer Clemens offers to get a realistic scaled solar system for personal use. The sun and planets are made using laser technology and enclosed in a glass sphere.

The model is equipped with a stand and LED lighting, enhancing the realism of impressions. In addition, among the products of this developer there are separate models of planets with satellites, constellations, galaxies and the whole Universe, as well as cells, viruses and bacteria enclosed in cubes and spheres.

The product line is called MicroCosm, which is similar to the ancient Greek theory of the correspondence of the outer and inner worlds to a single cosmic structure. In any case, new knowledge and impressions are guaranteed for the owners of these products.

3 Exoskeleton with artificial intelligence

The absolute novelty in the field of assistive technology SPORTSMATE 5 from Enhanced Robotics is a multifunctional exoskeleton that will suit both lazy and exercise lovers. The thing is that by putting it on, you can control the biomechanization settings: shift the entire load to the drive that will move your legs, or force the mechanism to resist, increasing your own efforts for each step.

Simply put, if you miss your train, the compact exoskeleton will carry you to your destination just as efficiently as walking boots. And if you want to work out, then the effect of climbing the hill can be activated even in the office or a nearby park. It will also help to carry weights: a real bingo, especially when moving and in the country.

Unlike industrial and military exoskeletons, the presented prototype is quite compact. Hiding it under clothes is unlikely to succeed, but that’s not the goal, is it?

four Holographic display

The Looking Glass Factory project is called by the authors “Through the Looking Glass” and started to collect last year. As the developers promise, in order to create a 3D hologram from an ordinary photo, video or drawing, programming knowledge and special experience will no longer be needed. Simply download the file to the device and get a framed 3D hologram on your own desk.

This gadget interested not only ordinary users and Star Wars fans, but also professionals: artists, photographers, game content creators.

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5 ferromagnetic column

Have you ever imagined that the column not only sings along with you, but also dances to the music? Thanks to Sergey Kuznetsov from Moscow and the Kickstarter platform, you have a chance to see it live. His project, the Van der Wals ferromagnetic column, named by the author in honor of the Dutch physicist, is based on the use of a special magnetic fluid capable of changing its shape and location within a given area.

Originally used by NASA to control propellant masses in zero gravity, this liquid now dances on the outer surface of the column in the form of a funny blot and creates a mood for its owner. In general, once again the advanced achievements of science and technology are used for entertainment, parties and jokes, which in itself is very good.

6 smart spirits

Electronics and smart technologies

Electronics and smart technologies have even reached such an intimate sphere of human life as perfumery and personal fragrances. Perfume NINU SMART, presented by the developer of the same name, is a bottle with three compartments with aromatic bases, from which an individual fragrance is generated using an application on a smartphone.

According to the inventor, it is no longer necessary to keep on the dressing table and carry several bottles with you for all occasions. You can pick up a fragrance for a date, a perfume for an interview, or a refreshing scent for the road in a matter of minutes. And then it’s a matter of technique – a personal pocket perfumer will mix the right proportions and create a personal perfume just for you. Tempting? Quite!

To begin with, it is proposed to choose the basic bases from the company’s catalog, from which the compositions will be mixed afterwards. The application, as the author promises, is designed for all mobile platforms. If this device really becomes a full-fledged replacement for a whole shelf of perfumes and toilet water, then such a thing is worth buying, if only for the sake of free space in your bag and bathroom!

7 Heated blanket

Winter has come, so we all understand the desire, having come from the frost, to wrap ourselves in a thick blanket closer to the heater. So the developer Warmee turned out to be in solidarity with those who want to warm up. His project is a high-tech heated blanket controlled by a smartphone. The blanket itself is quite thin and light, it is easy to pack it in a bag and take it with you on the road.

All you need to do is plug it in and set the temperature in the app. This is especially convenient if you are not sure whether it is warm in the hotel room and whether the heater in the country house has burnt out – here an electric blanket will come in handy.

The manufacturer promises that it can be safely machine washed without fear of damaging the heating fibers or spoiling them due to moisture – their thickness and flexibility are comparable to cobwebs, and the composition is not subject to oxidation. To be honest, this idea on Kickstarter seems to be one of the most attractive in light of the upcoming cold weather.

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