We have repeatedly written about the choice of men’s electric shavers and made ratings of the best models – here is the most recent one. But at the same time, girls and women were completely ignored – we consider it our duty to improve! Read in our article about women’s devices for removing unwanted hair – epilators.

What are epilators?

Modern women’s devices for removing unwanted hair, unlike men’s, are divided into several types.

  • Epilator – This is a device that removes hair along with the follicle. Tweezers are built into its working head, which capture the hairs and pull them out. The disadvantage of this procedure, of course, is pain. But the advantage is the price of the device, the speed of the procedure and the long absence of hair on the treated area (up to 10 days), so many girls choose to sacrifice comfort for the sake of beauty.

  • Photoepilator – This is a more modern type, moreover, painless, and average in price. During photoepilation, flashes of light affect the hairs, destroying the color pigment. After several such procedures, the hair follicle ceases to receive nutrients and dies, and the hairs fall out. This procedure is painstaking and time-consuming (and a little special knowledge), but it is effective.

  • Laser epilator – another modern achievement of cosmetology, but quite expensive. During laser hair removal, the pigment absorbs a laser wave that heats it up, and then collapses along with the hair follicle (follicle). After a certain number of procedures, all the hairs fall out. As in the case of a photoepilator, hair removal takes time, but then they do not grow back for a long time.

How to choose an epilator?

Even a conventional epilator with tweezers has a lot of technical characteristics. When choosing a classic epilator, you need to consider:

  • Application area – it can be the body, face, armpits, bikini area. Usually the same epilator can be used on several different areas.

  • Tweezer material – ceramics or metal. Metal ones are cheaper, but they often “break off” the hairs without pulling them out entirely. Ceramic epilators remove hairs more effectively, plus less irritate sensitive skin, but such epilators are more expensive.
  • Number of speeds – the selected operating speed determines how quickly the epilator “runs” over the area of ​​u200bu200bthe skin, pulling out the hairs. It can vary from one to three.
  • Nozzles – epilator kit may include: shaving head, trimmer attachment (allows you to cut and trim hair without removing it), nozzle for spot hair removal (allows you to pull out individual hairs), nozzle for delicate areas (for use on sensitive areas of the skin – differs in fewer tweezers), peeling nozzle (may exfoliate dead skin cells, such as on the feet) and nozzle-limiter (reduces the working area for tweezers).
  • Pain relief – can be done in two ways: cooling glove or cooling head. In both cases, a reservoir or bag with a special gel is used, which must be cooled in the freezer before epilation. It is either placed in a bag in a special glove and applied to the body before the procedure, or it is located directly in the head of the epilator and acts on the skin during the procedure itself. Cold softens the discomfort of pulling hairs.

epilator Braun 5580 Silk-epil 5 has metal tweezers, two speeds and can be used on any area of ​​the body. It does not have attachments, but the kit includes a cooling glove for pain relief before the procedure. To clean the head, there is a brush included in the kit, and it can also be washed with water. The device is powered by the network.

epilator Philips BRE640 Satinelle Advanced has ceramic tweezers, as well as five nozzles: for shaving, a trimmer with two types of stylers, a limiter nozzle, a nozzle for delicate areas and a massage nozzle. The device can be used with foam, cleaned with a brush. The epilator has two speeds and is powered by a battery (battery time 40 minutes, charging time – 1 hour 50 minutes).

How to choose a photoepilator?

Epilators: what are there, what to choose?The photoepilator works at the expense of high-pulse light which is made by a special replaceable cartridge. Related to this are its special characteristics that must be considered when choosing:

  • Cartridge resource – the number of light pulses that the epilator can generate. It varies from 15,000 to 1,000,000. After the resource has run out, the cartridge needs to be changed, so the longer its resource, the better.
  • Impact zone – the area that high-pulse light can process. Varies from 2 to 7 square centimeters. The more, the better, the faster the procedure.
  • Number of operating modes – flashes can be fired in different modes, with different power and power consumption. Typically, a photoepilator has up to 8 modes.
  • Skin color sensor – a very useful option that allows you to automatically adjust the intensity of the flash to avoid burns. The lighter the skin, the quieter the flash will be.
  • Food – from the network or from the battery. A photoepilator requires a little more energy than a mechanical one, so it is often powered by the mains.

Photoepilator CosBeauty Perfect Smooth – one of the most inexpensive devices in the segment of photoepilation. It can be used on any part of the body. The impact area of ​​the epilator is quite large – 4.5 cm2. The device has 8 operating modes, which are automatically switched by a skin color sensor. The resource of the cartridge is 30,000 flashes.

How to choose a laser epilator?

Most of the characteristics of a photoepilator are also relevant for a laser epilator, except for cartridges – the laser beam is generated by the permanent elements of the device.

  • Number of operating modes laser epilator varies from 3 to 5. The laser beam can “hit” the hairs weaker or stronger.
  • Impact zone laser is much smaller than that of a photopulse. It is from 1 to 1.3 cm.
  • Food The laser epilator can be operated from the mains or from the battery. Standalone models are quite common.
  • The laser epilator also has work speed, which determine how fast the laser beam “runs” over the area to be cleaned. They can be from 1 to 3.
  • Like the photoepilator, the laser epilator is supplied with skin color sensor.

So, such a laser epilator is powered by a battery Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision. It can be used on any part of the body and has three laser beam intensity modes, switched by a skin color sensor. The area of ​​influence of the epilator is 1 cm². The device is relatively inexpensive for its class and is very popular among users.