Some of the men prefer rotary razors, some prefer mesh razors, and some even grow a beard, but the fact remains: a razor is as much an attribute of a modern man as a smartphone. At the same time, many use the same razor for years, if not decades, and if it becomes necessary to choose a new “life partner”, they face considerable problems. In addition, it is a razor that is an excellent gift for February 14 or 23 to a loved one. The question remains: what is the best razor to buy for a man, and how to choose it?

An electric razor is chosen according to a number of parameters. First, in order to decide what should be the best razor for a man who cares about you (even if it’s you yourself), you need to understand which one should be preferred: a rotary unit or its mesh rival. Let’s see what they are and what the difference is.

Electric shavers for men: rating 2019

Rotary shavers

Electric shavers for men: rating 2019The principle of operation of rotary shavers is rotation. Three rotating heads are equipped with a flat disk with a cutting edge and are driven by an electric motor. A comfortable shave with such a device is made by several points. Firstly, it is a wet shaving system and heads that move independently from each other, thoroughly repeating the shape of the face. In addition, a modern rotary machine is almost always equipped with a trimmer, which greatly expands its capabilities, for example, it makes it possible to shape a beard and mustache. The serious disadvantages of this type of razors include the high cost of replacement blades, which can cost up to 80% of the cost of the machine itself.

Foil razors

Electric shavers for men: rating 2019The mesh razor is a worthy opponent of rotary units. It is arranged a little differently: instead of round rotating nozzles, the shaving process is carried out using steel nets (sometimes their number reaches 4) under which the blade reciprocates. Like a rotary razor, a mesh razor can be equipped with a battery (such devices are more preferable), as well as a docking station that will not only recharge the device, but also disinfect it, which is especially important when it comes to wet shaving, which bacteria loves so much.

As far as durability is concerned, foil razors with rotary blades are no match. The mesh is quite easy to wrinkle – so you should not press hard on the skin when shaving. If the grid is damaged, the knife block can be safely changed, there is nothing to do. And spare parts for such razors, although cheaper than for rotary ones, but not by much.

However, in recent years, manufacturers have learned to equip such machines with recessed nets, which, firstly, protects the device from damage, and secondly, makes shaving more comfortable.

Electric shavers for men: rating and reviews

So, if an electric razor has to deal with coarse and thick bristles, the choice is obvious: this is a rotary razor that shaves cleaner than a foil razor, but due to the greater contact of the knives with the skin, it often causes irritation. If a man has sparse, soft bristles and sensitive skin, you should buy a mesh machine, because it shaves more slowly, but more delicately, and almost does not irritate.

However, in order to simplify the choice as much as possible and make it the most enjoyable, we decided that such a unit as the “men’s electric razor” deserves a separate rating in 2019 with an emphasis on price / quality ratio.

one Philips S5550 Series 5000: great price and quality

Electric shavers for men: rating 2019

With a quite loyal price of 7,500 rubles, this rotary razor can offer both dry and wet shaving, is equipped with three floating heads, and the shaving unit itself repeats the shape of the face. In addition, if necessary, it can be quickly charged (to be enough for one shave ), there is also a trimmer. Indicators will help you know when it’s time to clean your razor and when it’s time to change your blades.

For travelers, the automatic voltage change function is useful, as well as road blocking. The battery life is very pleasant – 50 minutes, the charging process takes about the same.

By cons Let’s take the plastic case, which, out of habit, can inspire distrust, and the lack of a docking station.

Feedback from user: I used to use mesh Panasonic. Decided to try rotary. The cleanliness and speed of shaving turned out to be much higher than that of mesh ones. There is practically no noise. There was also no skin irritation when switching to a new type of shave. So far, pure pleasure. A very smart model.

2 Braun 5147s Series 5: close to perfect

Electric shavers for men: rating 2019

For 10,000 rubles, you can get an almost perfect rotary razor: there are floating heads, a movable shaving unit, and additional adjustment to the shape of the face – in general, Braun has done everything so that men do not complain about its products. The razor can also offer both dry and wet shaving, and, like the previous one, will please travelers with automatic voltage switching and a travel kit: there is even a special cover here. The battery life is 50 minutes, and the battery charge time “to full” is 1 hour.

Minuses: No docking station, indication of the need to clean and change the head, fast charging function.

Feedback from user: There are no complaints in use. Tried both dry and wet shaving – completely safe. 100% waterproof. With a dry shave, there is little irritation, with a wet shave, there is not even redness. Copes with my thick stubble, hair does not tear, cuts gently. The head is floating, it is convenient to shave around the neck, cheeks, under the nose. The razor is autonomous, the charge lasts for a long time. The set includes a protective cap and a small cloth pouch.

3 Philips S9151 Series 9000: everything will be done by itself

Electric shavers for men: rating 2019

This razor is simple by today’s preconceived times and allows both dry and wet shaving. The outline of the face is repeated by floating heads, and there is also a trimmer attachment. The battery life is 50 minutes and the charge time is 1 hour. There is a SmartClean PLUS system that allows you to clean, lubricate, dry and charge the device with the touch of a button.

MinusesA: not the lowest price.

Feedback from user: Shaving quality is comparable to shaving with a regular razor! No need to steam the skin. Apply foam and shave. With dry shaving, the quality is certainly worse, but it is enough for one working day. It takes the same amount of time, about 3-5 minutes. But the pleasure of the process is incomparable. Now you can shave at least every morning (I used to shave at best every other day or even less often). And if time is running out in the morning, I took it with me to the car and while you crawl in traffic jams, you can put yourself in order.

four Panasonic ES-LV6Q: 5 blades

Electric shavers for men: rating 2019

The Panasonic ES-LV6Q mesh razor is equipped with as many as 5 shaving elements, which is why it shaves “by five”. This mesh razor can be used dry, with shaving gel or foam, and the floating heads follow the contours of the face. The battery life here is 45 minutes, and the time to reach the maximum charge of the battery is 1 hour. In addition, the manufacturer added a travel case, a cleaning brush and special lubrication oil to the package.

Minuses: plastic body, 5-foil unit is too wide for shaving in some places (e.g. under the nose).

User Review: The razor came to replace safety razors. With full responsibility I can say that the ES-LV6Q shave quality is superior to the machines at times, even taking into account the fact that I shaved without foam. Smooth silky skin without redness and burning, quickly and comfortably.

5 Braun 7893s Series 7: simplicity and cleanliness

Electric shavers for men: rating 2019

Equipped with three blades, this foil shaver will prove that sometimes three is enough. The shaver can be used wet or dry, and the floating heads and movable shaving head ensure that the contours of your face are respected by the device. Battery life will be 50 minutes, and charging – 1 hour. Also, the device has a quick charge function, in 5 minutes the razor will charge just enough to last for 1 shave cycle.

Minuses: part of the shaved stubble falls past the container.

User Review: The razor has a floating head that shaves hard-to-reach places with ease. Several modes, I really liked the mode for sensitive skin, really neat without irritation, cuts and other troubles. Knives remain sharp for a long time, after a year of use they have not yet become dull. It is convenient to wash the electric shaver under running water, the handle is rubberized and does not slip. The case is very stylish with electronic sensors. A nice bonus is that the kit includes a travel case and a cleaning brush.

Want more hands-on experience? We tested the Philips S7910/16 shaver and share our impressions.

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