WACOM Intuos Pro Large

It is worth starting the ranking of the best graphics tablets with a model of the famous Wacom brand, suitable for a professional artist or designer to create animations, sketches and illustrations. The format of the model is A4. This is a handy option for any job.

Among the features are high strength and wear resistance, allowing you to count on several years of work, as well as good equipment. The set comes with 10 replacement tips with a stand. The pen recognizes 8192 levels of pressure, there are 8 function buttons on the body, and the model is connected to the computer using a 2-meter cable.

The list of advantages of a graphics tablet includes excellent build quality, due to which there is no play, crunch or sticky buttons. And also – several separate applications for each of the keys. However, there is also a minus – users have small problems in the operation of proprietary software.


Multifunctional device worth 25,000 rubles, which is a graphic monitor with a diagonal of 13.3 inches. All information transferred with a pen can be viewed directly on the screen of the gadget. The dimensions of the working area are 165×294 mm, which is almost equal to the A4 format – enough for working on large projects and will allow you to carefully draw even the smallest details of images.

Other positive features include anti-glare coating, Full HD resolution and a stylus that supports 8192 levels of pressure.

The list of extras includes excellent color reproduction and a 178-degree viewing angle, instant connection to a PC, and a very fast screen response of just 25ms. The pen of the model is sensitive to tilt, and the tablet is connected not only to a computer, but also to a smartphone.

However, it will be difficult to use it as a monitor – there is no stand suitable for this in the kit. It can also be attributed to the disadvantages of a lot of not very strong wires.

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium

Another model of the well-known manufacturer Wacom can be attributed to the best graphic tablets for drawing. Its cost starts from 24,600 rubles. The cost of such a purchase is offset by its capabilities. Including support for 8192 pressure levels and a resolution of 5080 lpi, Bluetooth connectivity and function keys, of which there are as many as 8.

The list of main advantages includes the presence of a special stylus Pro Pen 2, which is wireless, but does not require batteries, and a touch scroll wheel. The stylus comes with replacement nibs. The device weighs only 700 grams and is connected to the computer not only with a wireless module, but also with a USB cable.
Among the minuses there is only the lack of support for the rotation of the stylus and quickly erased complete tips.


Model worth 16,000 rubles. It features a good quality-to-price ratio, a wireless connection to a computer and a high-precision pen, 0.3 mm. And most importantly – a large working area, 175×279 pixels, thanks to which the user has to apply scaling less often.

The response is good, corresponding to the best graphic tablets for drawing, 266 points per second, and the high level of autonomy allows the tablet to work up to 50 hours from the built-in battery.

The advantages of the model are support for 8192 pressure levels, a resolution of 5080 lpi and the ability to connect also with a wire, which also provides power. The weight of the model is only 0.88 kg, which is not much for the A4 format. The kit does not come with replaceable nozzles, and the pen requires periodic replacement of batteries.

HUION Inspiroy HS610

How much does a mid-range drawing tablet cost? In fact, now its price is in the range of 8-15 thousand rubles. Model HUION Inspiroy HS610 belongs to this price category, moreover, that in terms of functionality it is almost as good as many professional models. It has as many as 12 shortcut keys, and there are 16 more function buttons on the front panel.

The PW100 stylus comes with as many as 8 interchangeable nibs and a stand – and the pen here is the same as the previous version, which makes it easier to find a new one.

Among the features of the model are a 2-year warranty and adapters for wired connection to a PC or smartphone, a weight of only 0.6 kg and 8192 levels of pen pressure, which does not require recharging. The stylus can tilt at large angles, which makes drawing easier.

Among the minuses are the tight operation of the side buttons, the average quality of the plastic and the relatively short cable, only 120 cm.

XP Pen Star 06

Another relatively inexpensive and high-quality tablet with a stylus for drawing. Its purchase will cost about 7500 rubles, although its resolution is high, as much as 5080 lpi, and the pen recognizes up to 8192 pressure levels.

The device connects to a PC via Wi-Fi, and it also has conveniently located function keys and a scroll wheel. The stylus is batteryless and comes with a special drawing glove.

Among the advantages of the model, it is worth noting the built-in battery that allows it to work up to 16 hours, and fast, about 2 hours, charging. And the tablet is compatible with all operating systems, starting with macOS 10.8 and Windows 7.

The disadvantages include the lack of stylus support for tilt more than 20 degrees and rotation, as well as an eraser on the back of the pen.

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WACOM Intuos S

A great option for its price – you can buy it for only 5500 rubles. And although its working area is relatively small, and the tilt of the pen is not supported, for retouching and sketching, the capabilities of the Intuos S are quite enough. Moreover, the standard pen glides very easily over the panel, creating the same sensations as when moving a pencil on office paper. And to a small delay, which can be noticed when working with a gadget, the user gets used to it quickly enough.

Among the advantages of the model, it is worth highlighting the ability to work with most popular graphics programs, high pressure sensitivity and no need to recharge the pen. In addition, the stylus has good positioning accuracy.

The disadvantages include too soft tips and the lack of an “eraser” mode for erasing information in the stylus.

WACOM One Small

When choosing inexpensive but good drawing tablets suitable for a child, you can pay attention to WACOM One Small. Its price starts from just 4000 rubles. True, the model has much less opportunities than professional devices.

First of all, there are no function keys, and secondly, a pen that does not support rotation or tilt. However, the buttons take up less space, and the pen tablet’s stylus, although not multifunctional, does not need batteries or recharging.

The advantages of the model can be called high, despite the affordable price, build quality, pleasant to the touch coating and a resolution of 2540 lpi, which is not bad for a budget device. Additional benefits include 2,048 levels of pen sensitivity and a weight of only 0.26 kg.

The disadvantages include the short length of the bundled cable for connecting to a PC, the inconvenient connection of the cord to the tablet and the quick wiping of the work surface with moderate use.

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Parblo A640

The model, the price of which starts at 3,500 rubles, will suit an undemanding user who is just starting to use such devices. Moreover, the tablet is compact and lightweight, which allows it to take up a minimum of space.

The pressure levels are as much as 8192, the resolution is 5080 lpi, the accuracy is very high, and the reading height is 10 mm. The cable comes with a strong winding that reliably protects it from wear and tear.

Among the features of the model, one can note the rapid recognition by the computer – you will be able to use the tablet as soon as it is connected. But to get full functionality, you still have to download special software from the official website of the manufacturer.

Of the serious shortcomings, users note periodic delays in the movement of the pen.

XP-PEN Star G960

Finishing off your selection of a good drawing tablet with a stylus is another super-budget option, the Star G960. It will cost only 3500 rubles. Moreover, the sensitivity levels of its stylus are no less than those of professional devices, 8192, and it also works without batteries.

There is more than enough working space for small drawings and retouching. There is compatibility with Microsoft Office, which makes the device suitable for taking notes.

The pluses include the presence of express keys, which are often absent in inexpensive tablets, a light pen and a relatively large working area for the A5 format.

The disadvantages are the short length of the connection cord, the lack of a stylus stand and the possibility of accidentally pressing the pen button.

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