Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2

New headphones from Anker Soundcore break all records of autonomy – when charged from a case, they can work up to 100 hours! The built-in battery of the headset lasts for 8 hours of playback, which is already a lot for compact TWS headphones. At the same time, 15 minutes in the case is enough for 2 hours of listening to music. The case itself is charged using a fast USB-C interface.

The model uses 8-millimeter...
The model uses 8mm three-layer dynamic drivers, which achieves good sound quality with powerful bass and balanced high frequencies. When listening to music and making calls, you can use both headphones, or each of them separately. For the convenience of the user, Life Dot 2 remembers the last connected smartphone and automatically connects to it when the headphones are taken out of the case.

The headphones are IPX5 water resistant and are suitable for active training – even outdoors in wet weather. To keep the gadget securely in your ears, you can choose the appropriate ear cushions from the kit – there are four options of different sizes. It is convenient to control music and calls using the buttons – they are located on the “back” of the headphones. You can buy a headset for 5000 rubles.

Sudio NIO

An option for those who do not like ...
An option for those who do not like “plugs”. The NIO model is typical earbuds, and unlike many similar models from other manufacturers, there are removable silicone “wings” that allow gadgets to stay more securely in the ear.

And in the kit at once 4 different options – you can choose the most convenient.

Sudio NIO are quite suitable for fitness as well. They are protected by IPX4, so even rain during a run will not harm them. Management is pretty logical. You can pause or restart playback by touching any of the earbuds. Double-tapping switches tracks (on the left earpiece – back, on the right – forward). Triple allows you to adjust the volume.

Without recharging, the headphones work up to 5.5 hours, with a case, autonomy increases to 20. At the same time, 10 minutes of recharging in the case provides up to 1 hour of sound. Charging requires a USB-C adapter.

Hyundai H-EP200

The Korean manufacturer has long been producing not only cars, but also household appliances and wireless headphones – for example, the Hyundai H-EP200 model. This is a vacuum headset that is available in two vibrant colors: black-red and black-green. It can be bought on average for 1700 rubles.

The design is not only original...
The design is not only original, but also great for sports: it comes with behind-the-ear hooks that can be attached to the headphones during training. So they will not be lost even if the user will perform active exercises in the gym or stand on his head during a yoga lesson. For all other cases, the set also includes classic compact ear mounts.

The headphones support Bluetooth 5.0 with A2DP, AVRCP, HSP and HFP profiles. On a single charge, they can work up to 3 hours, and thanks to the case with a 400 mAh battery, the operating time is extended up to 30 hours. The charging process takes only an hour and a half, using micro-USB.

Baseus W04 Pro

Baseus produces inexpensive
Baseus releases an inexpensive “clone” of AirPods – headphones with the same design and a very similar case. However, the Baseus W04 Pro model is available in four interesting colors: in addition to white, there is black, gold and gray.

Unlike the model from Apple, here on the case there is a charge indicator light and a USB Type-C connector. The headset also supports wireless charging.

To connect to a smartphone, the headphones use the Bluetooth 5.0 standard with A2DP and AVRCP. The gadget can work without recharging up to 5 hours. When charging from the case, the operating time is extended up to 20 hours. Users praise the model for its ergonomic design and high sound quality at a low price – about 2,500 rubles.

JBL Tune 125 TWS

Wireless headphones from JBL can...
Wireless headphones from JBL can be bought from 3,500 rubles – for this brand, this can be said to be quite a bit. The main feature of the novelty is high autonomy. The manufacturer promises up to 8 hours of operation on a single charge and up to 32 hours when recharging from the case.

Of course, this can only be achieved at a low volume, but you are unlikely to listen to music in wireless headphones “to the fullest”. Headphones are charged via USB-C.

Also, the device is equipped with a couple of useful features: Dual Connect allows you to use the headphones separately, and JBL Pure Bass enhances low frequencies. Since these are vacuum headphones, they provide good noise isolation. The kit comes with three sets of silicone ear tips of different sizes, and on the outside of the headphones there are buttons with which you can control tracks and answer calls.

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 2

Recognized hit among the budget
A recognized hit among budget wireless headphones is the second version of Xiaomi Airdots. Headphones can be bought on average for 1500 rubles. In terms of sound quality, they can not be compared with expensive models, but they still offer a lot of cool features for their money.

For example, the headset is protected from water according to the IPX4 standard, supports modern Bluetooth 5.0 and works without recharging up to 4 hours (and with a case 12 hours).

Using the headset, you can answer and end calls without taking out your phone – this is quite convenient. The headphones automatically connect to your smartphone when they are taken out of the case and synchronize music playback. The headphones themselves are small and neat, weighing 4 grams each and are almost not felt in the ears during use. On sale you can find white and black versions.

Of course, wireless headphones are not only TWS. We have another selection in which we have included models with a neckband and full size. And if you do not know which ones to choose, read our guide, where everything is described in detail.