Fast charger

Many modern smartphones support fast charging, but not all manufacturers include the appropriate charger in the kit. New iPhones are sold without an adapter in the box. Therefore, a quick charger for a smartphone – for example, Anker PowerPort III Nano with a power of 20 W – will be a useful, inexpensive and universal gift for you. It can also charge wearable gadgets like wireless headphones or smartwatches.

Anker Nano is great for charging iPhone and other Apple devices. The adapter supports Power Delivery technology and can charge the iPhone 11 up to 53% in just 30 minutes – that is, three times faster than the original charger.

Charging is equipped with a USB Type-C connector, t ...
The charger is equipped with a USB Type-C connector, so you can use the cable from the iPhone 12 with it. The output voltage reaches 5V (3A) and 9V (2.22A), depending on the device being charged. The gadget supports protection against overload, overheating, short circuit and overcharging of the battery, so it is absolutely safe.

By the way, Anker also produces high-quality cables for smartphones – for example, in addition to the adapter, you can take a PowerLine iPhone cable with a USB-C connector. It will also come in handy if a person does not have a new Type-C wire, but only the old USB-A – Lightning. The cable also supports Power Delivery and will provide the fastest charging to connected devices.

Powerful power bank

Another universal device that will definitely come in handy for everyone is a power bank. We advise you to choose a model with a large capacity and modern interfaces, such as TopON TOP-T10 with a 10000 mAh battery and USB-C. The device supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery technologies, as well as proprietary developments for Samsung, Huawei and Motorola smartphones.

Information about the charge level and input / output power is displayed on the display on the body of the power bank, so that the user will always know how much energy the gadget has left. TopON TOP-T10 has a maximum charging power of 18 W, and you can also charge several devices from it at once – but then the speed will be reduced.

Wireless headphones

Good wireless earbuds
Good wireless earbuds don’t have to be expensive – today you can find quality options at an affordable price. For example, the model of the Korean manufacturer Hyundai H-EP200, which is available in red and green colors. This is a sports headset with behind-the-ear fasteners – it will be convenient to run or work out in the gym with it, without worrying that the headphones will fall out and get lost.

By design, these are in-ear headphones with a comfortable fit and good noise isolation. They support Bluetooth 5.0, can work up to three hours without recharging and are equipped with volume buttons right on the case. The headset comes with spare ear pads, a charging case and detachable ear hooks.

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Wireless mouse

Another universal gift that you can safely give to all PC users is a wireless mouse. It is convenient to use it with both a laptop and a desktop computer, and each device can have its own mouse: for work, for home, to carry with you. In addition, the mouse is a fairly budgetary gift that everyone can afford. For example, the Logitech M190 model costs about 800 rubles.

This is a symmetrical mouse that will suit both right-handers and left-handers. The mouse uses an optical sensor with a resolution of 1000 dpi – this speed is enough for working with documents and surfing. For connection, a compact USB stick is provided, which will allow the device to work within a radius of 10 m from it. The mouse is powered by AA batteries – there are such in every home.

Smart scales

But we advise you to give this gift with caution – so that your recipient does not see in it a hint of “it’s time to lose weight by summer.” If we discard stereotypes, smart scales are a very useful device in everyday life. It helps you keep track of your health and body composition while exercising or losing weight – and just for the sake of curiosity.

One of the most popular smart scales is Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2, which can be bought for about 2000 rubles. They connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth and output measurement data to the Mi Fit app. In it, you can see not only body weight, but also the amount of fat and water in the body, bone mass, and even your “age”, calculated on the basis of these data. In general, such scales are a must-have for all lovers of a healthy lifestyle and smart technology.

compact speaker

Bluetooth speakers will remain in fashion for a long time to come – because they are super versatile and convenient device that you can take with you everywhere. It is not a shame to give a column to both a child and an adult, since everyone will definitely find a use for it. Even within the budget we have indicated, it is easy to find equipment from well-known brands. For example, JBL has a GO 2 column for about 2000 rubles. True, a new generation of this model has already come out, and it costs a little more.

The GO 3 has a much nicer body and a louder speaker. It works without recharging up to 5 hours and is sold in 13 different colors. We talked about the new product in more detail in the video review.

So, if for you 500-800 rubles. not fundamental, it is better to take a more modern device.

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