Wireless headphones

The most versatile gift...
The most versatile gift is headphones. Today, the most relevant models are considered completely wireless – they are also TWS. These are comfortable to wear, and the wires do not need to be untangled. And modern models can now work for a long time without recharging.

If your “protector” not only likes to listen to music, but also often plays on his phone or laptop, give him the Bloody M70 gaming headphones. Now they can be bought on average for 4000 rubles, which is quite a bit, given their cool characteristics. So, they have IPX4 water protection, can work without recharging up to 6 hours (and with a case for a whole day), support dual noise reduction technology during calls and connect to gadgets separately via fast Bluetooth 5.0.

During gaming, you can turn on a special game mode. By the way, we recently tested the older model of the Bloody M90 line – they still support ANC and wireless charging.

Smart watch

As a gift to a respectable person, you can pick up a high-quality smart watch – for example, Amazfit GTR 2e. Such a device will help you to always be in touch, without being distracted once again by your smartphone, as all the necessary notifications will be displayed on a frameless display with a diagonal of 1.39 inches. The watch is easy to customize to your style: the model from Amazfit has more than 50 different watch faces and even the ability to set any photo on the screen. They are equipped with a comfortable strap made of soft silicone, which can be changed to a different color option.

Also, the smart watch will be a good gift for a sports lover: the gadget supports more than 90 training programs, is water resistant (5 ATM) and suitable for swimming, equipped with GPS, a blood oxygen measurement sensor and a heart rate monitor that can monitor heart rate around the clock. The device is also suitable for analyzing the quality of sleep at night and the level of stress during the day. All this will help you monitor your health indicators and take the necessary measures in time to improve it.

The watch will work without recharging up to 24 days in active mode and up to 45 days when using only basic functions. The company also has an older model Amazfit GTR 2: it costs a little more (14,990 versus 10,990 rubles), but supports Bluetooth calls.

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Wireless keyboard

A wireless keyboard can be safely given to a person who works on a desktop PC and on a laptop. It can be quickly connected to a computer via Bluetooth, it is convenient to take it with you and move it on the table as you like – no wires will interfere.

We advise you to choose peripherals from trusted manufacturers – for example, the MX Keys model from Logitech. This is a full-sized keyboard with a numeric keypad, which is suitable for programmers, creative people, as well as anyone who works a lot with text and numbers. It is comfortable to use and suitable for fast typing thanks to the low keys with a smooth stroke. Small indentations in each button follow the shape of the fingers, which also makes pressing more precise.

What is important – the keyboard is silent, which means that when working, the sound of the keys will not distract colleagues. It is also convenient to use in poor lighting conditions: the model has a smart backlight that turns on when hands approach. And its intensity can be set both manually and adaptively – depending on the ambient light. On a single charge, the keyboard will last up to 10 days, and with the backlight turned off – up to 5 months.


If your “protector” is especially b&...
If your “protector” is especially bearded or simply does not like to visit beauty salons, give him a clipper, with which he can independently monitor the facial and head hair. For example, the Polaris PHC 3015RC model is suitable for both hair cutting and beard cutting.

The device comes with a comb, 3 trimmers, a mini-razor and 5 attachments for different hair lengths, one of which is telescopic (3-7 mm). With the help of a clipper, you can make a haircut “under zero” (0.5 mm) or use combs to leave 3, 6, 9 or 12 mm. Steel blades will last a long time, especially if you take care of them with a brush and oil, which are also included.

The device will run on battery power for up to 45 minutes – more than enough for cutting mustaches, beards and hair. If you forget to charge the device, it can also work from the mains. It is convenient to store the machine and all attachments on a special base.


Such a gift will definitely please the motorist, because it is especially important to follow the road in our hectic time. The DVR will help record the entire journey and events around the car in order to present them in the event of an accident or other conflict.

Fashion would be a good option
A good option would be the Digma FreeDrive 570 model, which can be bought for an average of 5,500 rubles. The DVR is equipped with a 3-inch IPS display, microphone and speaker. It has a 3 megapixel sensor from Sony, which allows you to record in HD at 30 frames per second. Videos can be saved to a memory card up to 128 GB. Rollers are bright and clear, as well as with a large view (170°).

It is also convenient that the recorder is equipped with its own battery – and, if necessary, can work without being connected to the cigarette lighter. The gadget comes with all the necessary accessories, such as a wire and a bracket.


If you don’t know what to give – give a portable battery. Powerbank is the most versatile device that absolutely everyone can use. And even if a person already has such a gadget, another din will still come in handy: the first one can be left at work, the second one can be carried in a backpack, the third one can be taken on trips, and so on.

One of the most popular battery manufacturers is Xiaomi – the company has many inexpensive options of different capacities. We advise you to take a closer look at the model that supports 18W fast charging – Mi Power Bank 3 Fast Charge. It has two USB-A connectors, one each USB-C and microUSB. Thanks to the capacity of 10,000 mAh from the power bank, it will be possible to charge the smartphone at least 2-3 times. Yes, and such a gadget costs from 1200 rubles.

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