When choosing which pulse oximeter is best for home use, it is worth considering a number of criteria. Including the type, speed of operation, dimensions and materials of the device. And to simplify this choice, you can check out the top best pulse oximeters in 2020.


In the ranking of the best finger pulse oximeters of 2020, you can find not the cheapest (from 4600 rubles), but quite accurate model FP-30. It is produced by the Russian manufacturer Topmed, offering to use the device to monitor the state of health in ARVI and pneumonia. The device does not require additional sensors – a compact gadget weighing only 60 g is put on the finger and removed after the measurement.

The advantages of the model include minimal energy consumption, high accuracy (98%) and a fairly large display with a clearly visible font. Saving battery power is ensured by automatic shutdown 8 seconds after the procedure is completed. Among the shortcomings, only the relatively high price for this category of pulse oximeters is noted.


When choosing which company is better to buy a pulse oximeter, you should pay attention not to the products of the domestic manufacturer Medplant. In the catalogs of this brand there is a model Oxytest 1 – it is expensive, but accurate, reliable and multifunctional.

The device, which costs about 25,000 rubles, is equipped with a screen with large print, a cuff and a clothespin for use by adult patients and children. And even an alarm that turns on when the contact of the sensor with the finger is interrupted, when the patient is in an alarming condition or the charge level drops below normal.

The list of advantages of the model includes high accuracy (error not higher than 2%), which is ensured not only by electronics, but also by the lighter weight of the sensor, and measurements within 15 seconds. Other features include a long charging cable and a convenient location for the power connector, protecting the battery from full discharge and overcharging. The pulse oximeter comes with a leatherette case. And the only drawback, besides the high price, is the relatively large size of the main part of the device.

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Little Doctor MD300C23

In the list of the best models for monitoring the oxygen content in the blood, there is the MD300C23 device from the famous Singapore brand Little Doctor. With a price of 4200 rubles and a weight of only 31 grams, the gadget is easy to use and has a minimum error (no more than 2%). Measurements are carried out quickly, and when removed from the finger, the device automatically turns off. The results are displayed on a bright screen with 6 data display modes.

Among the advantages of the device are the ability to adjust the screen brightness, loud sound indication and low power consumption, which allows the gadget to work up to 30 hours from 2 AAA batteries. As well as a large measurement range within 70-99% for SpO2 and 30-235 beats per minute when determining the pulse. MD300C23 is certified in Russia as a medical device, and after verification it can be used even in medical institutions.

Armed YX200

A model worth 2900 rubles is quite suitable for everyday measurement of pulse and oxygen content in the blood. And both at home and on the road – thanks to the small size of 66 x 35 x 30 mm. The device screen is divided into 2 parts: the pulse value is shown at the bottom, the SpO2 data is at the top. Only one large and convenient button is used for control, and when removed from the finger, it automatically turns off after 8 seconds.

The advantages of the device include an error of only 1% when measuring heart rate and 2% for determining oxygen. And also – high build quality, a significant measurement range and a charge indicator. Among the disadvantages of the user note the lack of screen backlight.


Convenient and compact device with a color screen with a diagonal of 0.96 inches. At a cost of about 5.5 thousand rubles, the gadget gives SpO2 readings and heart rate (with a histogram), monitors the battery charge and provides an error of no more than 2%. Measurement ranges of oxygen content in the blood – from 70 to 100%, pulse – from 30 to 250 bpm. To save battery, the brightness can be adjusted, and when you remove it from your finger or lose contact with the sensor, the gadget turns off after 5 seconds.

The pluses of the model include work for 36 hours from 2 AAA batteries, weight is only 50 g and compact size. Other features include simple operation and a clear instruction manual for the device. The disadvantages, according to users, can only be called the absence of batteries in the set – they must be purchased separately.

Smarterra O2

In the top recommended devices for purchase there is a Smarterra O2 model, which can be bought for about 2000 rubles. The easy-to-use and compact device weighs only 29 g and displays data in 20 seconds after the start of the measurement. The measurement accuracy is 2%, at the level of professional equipment. The display is large and bright, suitable even for elderly patients with low vision and for use in poor lighting conditions.

Among the advantages of the gadget are high speed, adequate price and small size. However, as user reviews show, the real level of accuracy is inferior to professional equipment, and the build quality is not very high.

ChoiceMMed MD300C12

When choosing which one is better to buy a pulse oximeter for up to 5000 rubles, you should pay attention to the MD300C12 from the well-known manufacturer of medical equipment ChoiceMMed. The measurement accuracy of the gadget is 98%, the price is from 4 thousand rubles, the weight is 50 g. The readings are given in the form of a number, and the pulse is also given using a special scale – a pulse bar. The battery life is up to 30 hours.

Among the advantages of the device, it is worth noting the charge display and automatic shutdown when removed from the finger. It is easy to use the device, and the accuracy fully corresponds to that specified in the technical specifications. The disadvantages include a long measurement time and poor visibility in the sun.

Aiqura AD805

If you want to save money by buying a pulse oximeter for your home, Aiqura’s AD805 might be a good option. The compact device for determining the pulse and oxygen in the blood is characterized by high accuracy, minimal power consumption and a price of only 2000 rubles.

The reasons for getting the device into the rating of pulse oximeters include the presence of 4 data output modes on the screen, high image clarity and measurement of oxygen levels in the blood in the range of 35-100%. The pulse is determined in the range of 25-250 beats per minute. The weight of the device is only 50 g, and from 2 batteries it works for at least 15-20 hours. In the list of minuses, only the lack of instructions in Russian is noted.

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