How to choose a hair curler

Modern curling irons will help to make any hairstyle with curls or lush curls – the main thing is to choose a good device that is ideal for your hair type. We will tell you about the main parameters of these devices and help you find the best model.

Curling iron manufacturers

There are so many popular brands that it is almost impossible to remember everything. The Russian market is dominated by models from BaByliss, Braun, Rowenta, Philips and Ga.Ma. Budget options are Polaris and Scarlett. All these manufacturers can be considered proven and reliable – of course, if you comply with the operating conditions of the device.

How a hair curler works

Oddly enough, but the principle of operation of the flats has not changed much since their appearance. This is still the same device, which consists of a handle and metal tongs with a heating element inside. In contact with the hot roller, the hair is fixed in the desired position – and curls are obtained. In modern models, there is a heating temperature adjustment, a display for controlling modes, and even ionization and steam humidification functions – when steam is supplied to the curls during styling.

Choosing a hair curler: top best for curling

Types of hair curlers

There are two main types of tongs on the market: cylindrical and conical. As the name implies, in the first type, the working surface is made in the form of a cylinder, and in the second, in the form of a cone. Their principle of operation is the same, but the curls are different – with cylindrical tongs, curls curl with the same diameter along the entire length of the hair, and with conical curls, they taper to the tips.

The conical shape of the tongs helps to make more natural curls, but in practice the difference is not very noticeable, since during the day the curls will still straighten a little and will lie freely.

Also, automatic curling irons are gaining popularity recently – the so-called auto-curlers, on which you do not need to wind the strand manually. They themselves pull the hair into the compartment with the heating element, turning the curls into neat curls.

Choosing a hair curler: top best for curling

Curlers of the device are more expensive than classic flat irons, but much easier to manage. Usually they can adjust the heating and curling time of one strand. Many users note that styling with an auto curler can be done much faster than with a conventional curling iron – even the hand will not have time to get tired while holding the device.

Heating power and temperature

The more powerful the curling iron, the faster and stronger it heats up. The average power of home tongs is 30-60 watts. Professional models have a capacity of up to 130 watts. If you have dark or thick hair, choose more powerful forceps, if you have light or dyed hair, you can buy a low-power device.

It is very good if the heating temperature is regulated at the curling iron – this will help to carefully curl the curls and use one device for different types of hair. For thin, dyed and damaged, it is recommended to set no more than 80 degrees, for healthy blond hair – up to 100 degrees, and for dark and thick – up to 180.

Choosing a hair curler: top best for curling

Forceps coating

As a rule, the working surface of the curling iron is made of metal. Some devices may be coated with ceramic, Teflon, tourmaline, or titanium. Ceramic helps the curling irons to heat up as evenly as possible and creates an ionization effect, Teflon reduces the risk of overheating, tourmaline curling irons also have an ionization function for hair care, and titanium curling irons are highly durable.

The coating does not affect the ability of the curling iron to curl curls, but makes styling more gentle and safer. We recommend looking into ceramic and tourmaline curling irons as they create ions that help keep hair healthy and shiny. We wrote more about ionization here.

Which curling iron is better to buy: top 7 models

Polaris PHS 2609K

Polaris’ budget curling iron is perfect for home styling. Despite the low price, it can heat up to 200 degrees and even remember the selected temperature. Here are ceramic-coated tongs with a diameter of 26 mm – the standard size for neat curls.

The device has a small display on which you can select one of nine operating modes. The power of the curling iron is average – 50 W – this is enough for a quick curl of thin or dyed hair. But if you have thick hair, styling will take a lot of time. Also, the device has protection against overheating, a rotating cord and indicators for turning on and ready for use.


The inexpensive Redmond curling iron has a power of 45 W and is suitable for classic hair styling and creating careless curls. The model has six heating modes with a maximum temperature of 200 degrees.

The coating here is the same as that of Polaris – ceramic, which means that the hair will be subject to ionization and protected from overheating. The diameter of the curling iron here is slightly smaller – 25 mm.

Rowenta CF 3810

You can buy home not only a budget, but also a more professional curling iron, for example Rowenta CF 3810 for 3600 rubles. This model has eight temperature settings and a steam function – due to the supply of steam, the hair curls faster and is enriched with moisture. As a result, the curls look healthy and moisturized, and also keep their shape for a long time.

The model also has a ceramic coating, is protected from overheating, equipped with a display and a long cord that will allow you to spin around the mirror during styling.

Philips BHB871 StyleCare

Unlike previous cylindrical models, this is a conical curling iron – it has a different radius at the tip and base. Such a device allows you to create natural curls with a wavy structure – from 13 to 25 mm in diameter. The maximum Philips heating temperature is 210 degrees, there are nine modes in total – you can choose the one that suits both weak and healthy hair.

The design of the model is standard: a loop for hanging, a rotating cord, a display and a stand. There is a button lock function and overheating protection so as not to burn your hair.

BaByliss C1300E

This is not just a curling iron, but an auto curler that will wind a bunch of curls much faster than ordinary tongs. The device has two interchangeable heating chambers – for large and small curls. You can also set the time that the strand will spend in the curling process: 8, 10, 12 or 14 seconds. The longer you heat the curl, the denser it will turn out and the better it will hold its shape. But do not overdo it: the heating temperature here reaches 230 degrees.

Also in the device, you can adjust the direction of the curl, which will help create the most natural look. The coating of the working surface here is ceramic, which means you will get all the ionization bonuses.

GA.MA Nova Digital 33 (F21.33NOVA)

Italian hair curlers from Gamma feature a large roller diameter of 33 mm and a tourmaline coating that promises respect for the hair.

Curling temperature can be adjusted according to the type of hair in the range from 150 to 220 degrees. For convenient control and operation, the device has a display and a two-meter rotating cord.

Rowenta CF 3610D0

Relatively inexpensive automatic tongs from Rowenta offer two types of coating at once: ceramic and tourmaline. Both are ionized and heat evenly.

Only one 23mm curling roller is included, but you can adjust the direction and time of curling. The maximum temperature is 230 degrees, like the model from BaByliss.

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