For those who do not like to hang things after washing and those who, in principle, do not like the look of clothes hanging around the house, household appliance manufacturers have come up with dryers.

These devices are able to completely dry things after washing, knock out all excess dust from them, and also get rid of extraneous odors.

Thanks to dryers, most things can be immediately put away in the closet, they are soft and almost wrinkled.

And the time that used to be spent hanging and cleaning things can now be devoted to something more pleasant.

Today we will consider the Bosch WTM83261OE dryer.

This is a front loading tumble dryer.

It can be installed both in a column with a washing machine and as a freestanding one.

The maximum load is 8 kg, the drum volume is 112 liters.

The machine has 15 modes, including: gentle drying, down products, synthetics, wool, accelerated drying, cotton, sports underwear, mixed fabrics, easy ironing, underwear.

The duration of the programs can be adjusted.

Thanks to the AutoDry function, you can quickly dry your laundry to the condition you want.

The drum has a unique SensitiveDrying structure, thanks to which things do not wrinkle during the drying process.

The machine is equipped with a DUO-Tronic touch control of drying, has an LED display and extensive indication: remaining time and 24 hours of the end of the delay start, indication of the program progress, filter change.

There is a special basket for drying things made of wool or shoes.

The drum has an internal illumination, you will definitely not forget a single thing in the machine.

There is protection against accidental pressing and an electromagnetic lock on the door. The machine can be connected to the water supply to drain water directly into the sewer.

The drum is made of aluminum zinc. Power consumption 2600 W. Belongs to energy class B. The machine weighs 42 kg. Dimensions (84.2 x 59.8 x 59.9 cm).


The Bosch WTM83261OE dryer effectively dries any type of garment and is completely safe for fabrics. The extensive functionality of the machine allows you to choose not only the right program, but also adjust its duration.

The machine allows you to load a large amount of laundry at a time, which is completely dried in 1 time, which eliminates the need for repeated drying cycles.

The possibility of installation in a column will save space in the room, and connecting the machine to the water supply will eliminate the need to manually empty the tank to collect water.

*Prices are valid as of 11/18/2021