What else does an avid gamer need besides a fancy mouse and a responsive keyboard? It seems that nothing else, but do not forget about the sound! The audio component is one of the main components of a full-fledged gaming, both from a practical side and from an aesthetic one. For those who are professionally involved in computer games, it is very important to receive the most reliable and fast information. Sound is one of the sources of obtaining data about the surrounding game world, which allows you to accurately determine the location of the enemy and respond to various audio effects (empty clip, ability cooldown, etc.).

Casual players can do without headphones, but in order to get the full palette of impressions from the fictional universe, it is better to get a quality headset. Moreover, there are projects that are focused primarily on the player’s ear, for example Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. We are well aware that not every gamer is an audiophile with the finest hearing. Therefore, we decided to make a selection so that it was cheap and cheerful. Consider the best models of gaming headsets in terms of price / quality ratio.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

One of the most popular models among budget gaming headsets. Pretty light, comfortably sitting on the head, including through the use of proprietary HyperX foam in the ear cushions with a shape-memory effect. The cups are able to rotate at an angle of 90 °, so that if necessary, the headphones can be quickly lowered around the neck, and they will not interfere.

The microphone has a noise-canceling function, which is also nice. It is located on a rigid console, when turned up it automatically turns off. The volume control is located on the ear cup. Often the remote control is placed on the cable, and in the heat of battle it has to be searched blindly. We like the version on the cup much more. The cable length is 1.3 m, but the kit includes an extension cord that allows you to increase it up to 1.7 m.

JBL Quantum 200

Another headphone that we use and are quite satisfied with. JBL has several models of the Quantum series of varying degrees of sophistication, but if you need a simple and inexpensive headset without lights and other decor, then the “two hundred” is very suitable. It has the same 50mm drivers with the same specifications as the older models, the same comfortable memory foam ear pads. The volume control is on the left cup.

The sound is clear enough, the details are well audible. In the reviews of marketplaces, we heard complaints about the operation of the microphone, but we did not notice any problems. The headset supports connection not only to a PC, but also to PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch. Able to emulate surround sound, it is important for you. Standard cable length is 1.2 m, it can be extended up to 1.5 m using the included extension cable.

A4 Bloody G600i

A new headset from A4Tech costs about 3,500 rubles, but it is packed with various cool technologies. So, a 7.1 surround sound system is implemented here – during the game it will surround you from all sides, allowing you to hear enemies from the side, behind, in front and even above the hero. 50mm neodymium drivers deliver high volume and crisp sound, whether you’re playing or talking to your team.

The headphones have large soft ear cushions that will not put pressure on the ears, as well as a remote microphone – if necessary, it can be completely disconnected. What is important – the headset is connected via a wire with a 3.5 mm plug, which means it just won’t cut off at the wrong moment, as happens with wireless ones. The cable itself is long (1.5 m), and an additional 1 m extension cable is included in the kit.

Sennheiser GSP 300

We think no one will argue that the first thing that catches your eye in this model is the appearance. The headset is quite unusual and stylish – with bright inserts and a comfortable soft headband. Its only drawback is that the design is completely made of plastic. But the device is equipped with a movable noise-canceling microphone: you can’t remove it, but you can move it away if necessary. The headband is covered with a fabric that is pleasant to the touch, thanks to which the head will not sweat, and there is a convenient volume control on the earpiece.

The model supports a wide range of frequencies (15 – 26000 Hz), the microphone has a good sensitivity of -41 dB. The headset is connected via two mini-jacks (for sound and voice). If desired, the headphones can be used with a smartphone.

ASUS Cerberus V2

This model is also connected via two mini jack 3.5 mm interfaces. The headset from ASUS looks even more unusual: a hard metal headband can be green, red, black or blue, which definitely distinguishes this headset from the mass of identical models. The frequency range of the headphones is standard (20 – 20000 Hz). The microphone is unidirectional (-40 dB) and movable. The volume control here is located not on the earpiece, but on the wire, which may be even more convenient for some users.

There is also a built-in microphone on the wire – in case the main one is not enough. The cable itself is not very long, only 1.2 meters. There is no extension cord included in the kit, so this model will not work for especially mobile gamers – you will always have to sit close to the computer.

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core

HyperX continues to storm the budget market after gaining an army of fans in the premium segment. The Cloud Stringer Core model is even cheaper than Stringer – about 2500 rubles. However, it is made of plastic: the only thing that is made of metal is the base of the headband. The ear pads are very soft, made of fabric material, will fit your ears comfortably.

Despite the plastic, the build quality stands out from the competition – it’s not for nothing that HyperX is so widely represented on the market. The headset is equipped with a noise-canceling microphone and a movable arm that can be placed in a convenient position for you. The connection cable is long enough and reliable, in a fabric braid. Together with the extension adapter, its length reaches 3 meters.

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