It’s nice to receive as a gift a thing that will make life a little more convenient by taking on some of your problems due to automation. February 23 – why not? We have collected five smart gadgets that will be great gifts for the All-Russian men’s holiday.

smart speaker

Be smarter: 5 smart gifts for menAn audio speaker that, in addition to playing music, can connect to a TV, wake up in the morning, answer questions, report the weather forecast and the situation with traffic jams – and all this in dialogue mode – a good gift for a lonely man who has no one to talk to in the evenings, and for the father of the family, who gets a thousand “whys” every day. It is enough to connect it with a smartphone or other mobile device – and there will be a smart and discreet voice assistant in the house.

If a Yandex.Station with the voice assistant Alice is a little expensive for you, you can try a cheaper option: here is such a small smart speaker Irbis A:

The same Alice works inside the column, but the price is much cheaper. The device is much more compact Yandex.Station, but at the same time offers the same Yandex features – music, radio, alarm clock, timer, weather, traffic jams, taxi order, answers to questions using the search. The only thing is that there is no TV connection, but there is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for integration with mobile devices. According to user reviews, the speaker for its money has a fairly good sound and voice recognition, up to a whisper.

smart socket

Be smarter: 5 smart gifts for menMany men like innovative gifts that encourage unusual experiments. And if such a present is also practical … Here’s an option for you: a remote-controlled socket. By the way, we recently tested two models from different manufacturers.

With the help of these sockets, you can start or turn off almost any home appliance from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection. For example, make coffee for your wife at 8 in the morning, while already at the office. But there are also smart bases (for controlling lamps) and, in general, entire hubs for a smart home. But for now, let’s get by with an outlet: it is so inexpensive that you can even give it to a work colleague.

The socket connects to the home Wi-Fi network and transmits data to the Internet – an application on the smartphone of the owner of the house. So at any time you can see if there is voltage in the outlet or not, and turn it on or off.

Smart razor

Be smarter: 5 smart gifts for menWhere without electric shavers, a good selection of which we wrote recently. A modern electric razor can rightfully be considered smart if it has a floating head and a movable shaving unit that follow the contours of the face and prevent cuts. Another smart feature is the presence of a charging unit (the shaver can work both from the network and autonomously) with simultaneous cleaning. For example, like this relatively inexpensive razor Braun 3050cc Series 3.

The buyers are very happy with it. The razor has a grid system – what is the difference between a grid and a rotary razor, you can read in our material. There are three shaving heads, all movable, like the shaving unit. The device is designed for dry shaving and can work without recharging for about 50 minutes. During charging, the device is simultaneously cleaned of hairs – if it is not enough, a special brush is attached to clean the shaving heads.

If the man you are looking for a gift for has a beard or mustache, another device will do. Philips One Blade. We just tested it on the eve of the men’s holiday.

Smart watch

Be smarter: 5 smart gifts for menWatches, luxury pens and expensive cognac are universal gifts for men. For male techno-addicts, such a gift can be a smart watch with a built-in phone, fitness monitoring, a camera, and integration with an Android/iOS smartphone to transfer data to different applications or, vice versa, control the system.

You don’t have to buy an Apple Watch or a Samsung Galaxy Watch to gift a friend. All these possibilities have, for example, such moderately standing watches KingWear KW88:

A solid aluminum body, a watch face design that transforms into an AMOLED display at the wave of a hand, a built-in phone with a separate SIM card, fitness bracelet functions and Android and iOS integration. For its price, this watch can do a lot, and can be a good “male” gift.

smart grill

What do we call “men’s kitchen”? That’s right, meat dishes! A juicy, well-done steak is a gift in itself, and if you give a man a good electric grill, he will be much more willing to cook meat. Here is an example of a smart grill REDMOND SteakMaster RGM-M807:

To make you salivate for this gadget, just show the video:

The grill has electronic control, a timer and an automatic shutdown function, overheating protection, the ability to adjust during the frying process and a non-stick coating. And it also has smart features: it automatically detects the thickness of the steak and cooks it with the degree of doneness that you set. The Smart Grill has 7 automatic programs: Defrost/Reheat, Bacon, Poultry, Sausages, Meat, Fish, Cutlets and Burgers. So to all the defenders of the Fatherland who love to eat well, we would be happy to give it.

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Photo and video: manufacturing companies, REDMOND