Comfortable PC chair

Even if the child walks...

Even if the child will go to school and not study from home, he will need to do homework and spend a lot of time at the table. In order not to spoil your posture at a young age, you should take care of a comfortable place to work. The best option for a child is a gaming chair with different seating settings. For example, the A4Tech Bloody GC-600 with black eco-leather upholstery is not only comfortable, but also looks cool, just like real pro gamers.

The chair can be adjusted in height (up to 625 mm from the floor) and inclination. For hands, armrests are provided, which are also adjustable in height and rotate. On the back there are two pillows: to support the lumbar and neck. Their position can be changed depending on the height of the user. The chair has a strong framework and will support people weighing up to 150 kg.

Universal Bluetooth Keyboard

Increasingly, schoolchildren and students and ...
Increasingly, schoolchildren and students are using tablets and smartphones to study, rather than ordinary books. And no wonder – with the help of gadgets it is easier to learn the material and do homework. However, not all wireless keyboards work with mobile devices, so you have to use the on-screen keyboard for typing.

We recommend purchasing a universal Bluetooth keyboard for your child, such as the Logitech K380. It can be connected to three devices simultaneously: Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, Windows and macOS laptops, and Apple TV. This is a compact keyboard without a numeric keypad, so it will be convenient to carry it with you everywhere – such a gadget will definitely not take up much space in a briefcase. The model is powered by two AA batteries – their charge will last for two years. Logitech K380 is available in blue, pink and black, so that everyone can choose a device to their taste.

  • Workplace at home: choosing equipment for remote work


    Workplace at home: choosing equipment for remote work

Smart watch

A teenager who probably spends half of school time on the phone will definitely like a gift in the form of a smart watch: the gadget will take over the function of displaying notifications about calls and SMS, which will allow the child to be less distracted by the phone.

Modern watch for children small...
Modern watches for children differ little from “adult” devices: for example, the Canyon KW-33 model counts steps and calories, can monitor sleep and measure heart rate, reminds you to warm up or drink water, and supports various sports modes. With the watch, you can control the music and camera of your smartphone, as well as view incoming messages on it.

In addition, the virtual pet Dino lives in the watch, which motivates the child to lead an active lifestyle. For example, to feed Dino apples, you need to earn them through exercises. The gadget works without recharging up to 10 days and boasts a striking design: a camouflage strap is available in three colors (blue, green and black).

External acoustics for laptop

Often for study they use know&...
Often, laptops are used for study, which are equipped with weak built-in speakers. Therefore, it is important that the child has good external speakers – or a mini soundbar, like the Genius USB SOUNDBAR 100 model.

The device is connected via USB or using a 3.5 mm plug. A one and a half meter cable will be enough to locate the speaker even at a distance from the workplace. Using the built-in remote control on the wire, you can quickly adjust the sound volume. By the way, it is voluminous here – stereo sound is achieved through two speakers with a total power of 6 watts. The model is compatible with computers, smartphones, tablets, TVs and even MP3 players.

  • Workplace at home: choosing equipment for remote work


    Workplace at home: choosing equipment for remote work

Teaching video projector

If your family has several...

If your family has several schoolchildren or students who study online at the same time, their workplace can be temporarily turned into a cinema hall – this can really be done using a projector that will show educational videos. And after the lessons, such a device will become the center of home entertainment.

One of the functional DLP models is Acer X138WHP. The projector provides a picture with a resolution of up to 1280×800 and a brightness of 4000 lm. Video can be projected from a distance of 1.1 to 10 m, which makes the device suitable for rooms of any size. It is convenient to control the device using the buttons on the case or the remote control that comes with the kit. Also, the projector has a built-in speaker with a power of 3 W, which will allow you to do without external acoustics.

Webcam for videoconferencing

Because remote learning (like...

Since remote learning (as well as work) is likely to be relevant this year, it makes sense to take care of video communication devices. Webcams are in any laptop, but in budget models their resolution leaves much to be desired. The way out is to connect an external webcam. At the same time, it is important that it be with a microphone and have a resolution of at least 2 megapixels.

If you want to buy a universal option right away, which will be suitable for both study and video conferencing at work, it is better to take an advanced model, for example, POLY EagleEye Mini. This is a camera with a high-quality 4-megapixel matrix and a 4x optical zoom. And even at the maximum increase, the video resolution will not be lower than HD.

POLY EagleEye Mini has an autofocus function so that even if the child moves around the frame, it will still remain in focus. The angle of inclination is manually adjustable, and for maintaining privacy, a shutter is provided for the lens. No drivers are required to install the camera – just connect it via USB.

POLY EagleEye Mini will be relevant for both PCs and laptops, since built-in cameras tend to have low resolution. And even more so, their field of view cannot be adjusted, and indeed there are no adjustment options here. The universal mount allows you to install the camera almost anywhere: on a monitor, on a table, and even under a TV hanging on the wall.

School bag

The most banal and useful sub&...
The most banal and useful gift for school is a backpack. Xiaomi has a great option: the Casual Daypack model in different colors. You can choose a classic black, blue, blue, red, yellow, pink, orange, green briefcase. Inside there is a main compartment for textbooks and notebooks, as well as a laptop pocket that will fit a model with a diagonal of up to 13.3 inches or a large tablet.

There is another pocket on the outside – you can hide the keys, stationery, travel card and other useful little things in it. The backpack closes with a double zipper, and costs about 600 rubles.

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