How to choose a steam mop

A hybrid of a mop and a steam cleaner will be a good help to the hostess in cleaning, but only if the right choice is made so that the device does not become a disappointment.

Variety in functionality

The classic steam mop was created only for wiping the floor – its body has a reservoir for water, which, turning into steam, is supplied under pressure through the nozzle to the sole, gets on the floor, softens the dirt, and the napkin on it wipes off the dirt. Such a device does not collect garbage, you will have to vacuum or sweep before cleaning. The main advantages of the devices are low weight and affordable price.

Mops with a vacuum cleaner or a 2-in-1 electric broom are equipped with a retractor or a rotating brush, respectively, with them you can save time preparing the floor for water procedures or clean only dry without using steam. Such devices collect small crumbs, dust, animal hair and send them to the built-in container. The main advantage of the devices is time saving and versatility, the disadvantages are the increased price compared to the classics and more tangible weight.

Fixation and shape of the washing nozzle

The mop head can be triangular or rectangular in shape.

Rectangular ones are usually fixed in one plane, they do not rotate around the axis, only the handle can change the angle of inclination. Of the advantages of this, we note the reliability and convenience of cleaning the floor in the corners.

Triangular nozzles are more maneuverable than rectangular ones, they are usually mounted on a hinge and rotate 180 degrees from the center. This is convenient in terms of getting into hard-to-reach places – under furniture, in far corners.


What they pay attention to when choosing any technique is its technical capabilities.


The first and most important parameter is power consumption. It is she who determines how quickly and efficiently the steam mop will work. A good model that will really save time and effort of the hostess is equipped with a 1200-1700 W engine – the larger the number, the faster the water in the generator will heat up, and the dirt will be sucked into the container if there is a vacuum cleaner or an electric broom. For example: from the moment you turn it on, a 1200 W mop is ready for use in 45–60 seconds, water in a 1500 W device in 10–30 seconds.

steam power

For household models of electric mops, the average steam pressure is up to 3 bar. The higher the number, the more intense the impact on the floor surface, the better the device dissolves dirt. The pressure force can also be selected according to the degree of pollution of the room – for living rooms where cleaning is done frequently, and dust and plaque on the flooring are formed to a minimum, you can opt for a model designed for 1 bar. To clean heavily soiled surfaces, you need to choose higher rates. A 3 bar mop can also be used to clean ovens, steam dried food from dishes, iron clothes, curtains, etc. .

Steam consumption is also important to consider – the higher it is, the more heated water enters through the sole, the better the dirt is soaked, but the more liquids will have to be removed from the floor. The flow parameter is usually in the range of 25–50 g/min.

Many models of steam mops are equipped with a steam power regulator – this is a convenient feature for determining the degree of impact on a particular floor covering (minimum for laminate, medium for linoleum and the strongest for tiles), with a certain type of pollution.

Tank volume

Steam mops usually have a water tank capacity of 350–500 ml. Everything is simple here: the larger the area to be removed, the larger the tank should be – it will have to be topped up less often. It can be fixed on a mop or removable – with the latter it is easier to draw water from a filter or from a tap, although it is better to use a liquid prepared from lime and other minerals to prevent scale formation. Some mops have a built-in filter for tap water.

Working hours

Electric mops have a limited run time, typically 10-45 minutes. This must be taken into account when buying – for a large apartment, the indicator should be greater than for a small one, but it is better to take it with a margin – at least 20 minutes.

It is good if the manufacturer has provided for automatic shutdown of the device when the tank is empty, if the mop does not have a dry operation mode.

Handle adjustment

The height of the handle determines the convenience of working with the device: it is optimal if it extends, because households with different heights can carry out cleaning. The extension is also useful for working out hard-to-reach places, for example, if you need to reach the curtain rod or in the far corner under the bed.

Multifunctional mops can be collapsible – the handle can be removed if there is a need to use the device as a steamer.

The weight

Usually the mass of the product is 1.6–4 kg, but water must be added to this weight. How convenient will it be to use the device? By and large, this is not so important for cleaning the floor, but for cleaning vertical surfaces, a fragile girl will need help.

Cord length

Tethering in an outlet is a relative disadvantage of wired electric mops. Consider its length so that it is enough to access all parts of the room. Usually the length is in the range of 3-9 meters.

Of course, battery-powered models are much more practical in this regard.


Steam mops are still mops, so you can’t do without napkins. One should definitely be in the kit, it’s good if there are several of them, ideally if they are also different in properties, for example, with short and long pile, microfiber or textile. Napkins are attached to the base with Velcro, a drawstring – the latter option is more reliable, Velcro hooks quickly become unusable, they have to be changed.

In addition to napkins, the kit may include nozzles and brushes for working with different types of surfaces – glass scrapers, cones for cleaning cracks and corners, heads for steaming fabrics and removing old dirt.

As a nice bonus, a protective mitten for hands can be included in the kit, with which you can change the nozzle without waiting for it to cool down.

Price is not important?

In an attempt to save money, you can buy a device whose performance is not enough to make it easier for the hostess to take care of the house.

The cheapest steam mops weigh a little – about 2 kg, they have the smallest tank and usually low performance, as well as continuous operation time – up to 20 minutes on average.

Middle price segment – devices with a tank of 400-500 ml, with a long cord, good steam performance. The most expensive are multifunctional devices with interchangeable nozzles and wide technical capabilities.

Rating of the best steam mops

Nomination Place Name Price

Rating of the best steam mops


BLACK+DECKER fsmh13101sm–QS (14990)

14 990 ₽


KARCHER SC 3 Upright EasyFix (16490)

16 490 ₽


Kitfort KT-1007

9 885 ₽


Vileda Steam Mop

9 190 ₽


Ariete Steam Mop 4164

9 490 ₽


Tefal VP6557

7 990 ₽



6 149 ₽


ENDEVER Odyssey Q–607

3 599 ₽


Xiaomi Deerma Sterilization Steam Mop DEM–ZQ100

5 090 ₽

BLACK+DECKER fsmh13101sm–QS

Rating: 4.9

BLACK+DECKER fsmh13101sm–QS (14990)

The leader in sales among black + decker steam mops, the fsmh13101sm model, which stands out from the rest with impressive performance – it has a powerful 1.3 kW steam generator that heats water to working condition in 15 seconds, the steam concentration is adjustable up to 50 gr./min. SmartSelect™ technology, you can choose the right treatment for different types of flooring. The manufacturer determined the maximum cleaning time without interruption of 20 minutes – this is enough to clean the floor in the apartment, as well as the volume of the tank for this purpose – 0.5 liters. By the way, the system provides protection against scale.

Thorough cleaning is facilitated by the SteamJet function (“steam boost”) in the structure of the sole – it has two nozzles of a special design that purposefully and evenly distribute steam over the floor, and thanks to the SteamMitt™ glove nozzle, you can collect all dissolved dirt not only from the floor, but and from objects of complex shape without streaks and wet traces.

Of the practical advantages, we note a removable tank and a handle – the steam generator can be used separately for processing toys, dishes, plumbing. The manufacturer included two microfibers each for the SteamMitt™ and SteamMop™ nozzles, a window scraper and several universal nozzles for working with various surfaces, including fabric. Some users are confused by a short cord of 6 meters and the lack of vertical parking – the mop has to be leaned against the wall.


  • several functional attachments included;

  • good steam performance 50 g/min;

  • large removable tank;

  • removable handle.


  • ill-conceived storage system.

KARCHER SC 3 Upright EasyFix

Rating: 4.8


The functional steam mop from KARCHER is designed to clean any hard floor coverings – it has three modes of operation with different steam intensities, but warming up the steam for everyone is fast – 30 seconds. The 0.5 liter tank is removable, equipped with an anti-calc cartridge, at maximum power it provides continuous cleaning on an area of ​​up to 60 square meters. m., but if necessary, it can be filled at any time. It is convenient to monitor the current state of the KARCHER SC 3 Upright EasyFix mop using the indicators on the body – one of them will indicate the readiness of the device to work with a green signal.

The floor nozzle EasyFix is ​​attached to the base with a flexible joint and allows its rotation for stacked cleaning and hard-to-reach places. Napkins are fastened with Velcro – this is the weak point of the KARCHER SC 3 Upright EasyFix, but there are no complaints about their quick failure. Users note the low weight of the device (3 kg.), As a result, the convenience of using the device. Useful and nozzle for cleaning carpets in the kit, the manufacturer has provided two microfiber cloths and one with abrasive. The cord length of 7 meters is optimal for cleaning living rooms, but many do not have enough of it.


  • fast heating of water;

  • 3 operating modes;

  • 2 microfibers and an abrasive cloth in a set;

  • half-liter removable tank;

  • limescale filtration system.


  • for some the cord is short;

  • Velcro attachments.

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Kitfort KT-1007

Rating: 4.7

Kitfort KT-1007

Like all Kitfort appliances, the KT-1007 steam mop is functional and easy to use, and also relatively inexpensive. Its design allows you to use the steam generator separately without a long handle, and the kit includes 5 nozzles for cleaning glass, furniture, and hard-to-reach places. The intensity of the steam supply is regulated on the handle up to 35 gr./min under a pressure of 1 bar – you can choose the appropriate mode for a particular coating or degree of contamination. The brush of the device is swivel, maneuverable – with its help you can even reach hard-to-reach places. In addition, the design is lightweight – only 2.9 kg, a small tank of 0.35 liters will not add much weight.

The Kitfort KT-1007 mop works within 30 seconds after switching on at a power of 1.5 kW. The network cable, of course, is a bit short – 5 meters, so the device is suitable only for small rooms. Interestingly, the control unit on the handle is powered by additional batteries, which are not included in the kit.

The manufacturer included an angle nozzle, brushes, a rag, a measuring cup in the kit.


  • light weight;

  • removable steam generator;

  • adjustable steam power;

  • brushes included.


  • short cord;

  • battery control unit.

Vileda Steam Mop

Rating: 4.6

Vileda Steam Mop

The Vileda Steam Mop has an enlarged base up to 40 cm wide for faster cleaning of the floor, in general it is designed for rooms over 100 square meters. m. The cleaning nozzle also rotates 360 degrees, which means that during its use you can make a minimum of movements and reach hard-to-reach places. In just 15 seconds, the steam mop Steam is ready for operation, the steam intensity is adjustable from 14 to 23 gr./min. for cleaning surfaces from different materials, and the tank volume of 400 ml is enough to wash the floor at a time on an area of ​​100 sq. m in the weakest mode. True, there is no built-in filter in the system, the manufacturer recommends using prepared purified water. A cord length of 7 meters is enough for small rooms, but if you have to do cleaning in a private house, you will either have to use an extension cord or look for a new outlet every time – a somewhat ill-conceived move by the manufacturer, who expects the device to cover a large area. Fortunately, the weight of the unit is small – only 2.3 kg.

The manufacturer included a measuring cup, 2 microfiber nozzles and a frame-slider for cleaning carpets in the kit for the Vileda Steam mop.


  • steam supply is adjustable;

  • enlarged floor nozzle;

  • washes up to 100 sq. m floor at a time;

  • light weight;

  • nozzle rotation 360 degrees.


  • minimum nozzles;

  • the steam generator is not used separately from the mop.

Ariete Steam Mop 4164

Rating: 4.5

Ariete Steam Mop 4164

Powerful steam mop Ariete Steam Mop 4164 at 1.5 kW in 10 minutes is ready to work and helps to clean the floor with any surface – hard or carpet. The capacity of the 350 ml removable tank is sufficient to clean for 20 minutes, but it can be removed and filled at any time.

To expand cleaning opportunities, the manufacturer has included nozzles for cleaning carpets and brushes for furniture, glass, textiles and other materials and surfaces. The main nozzle can rotate 180 degrees around the handle for mobile cleaning in hard to reach places. In general, users of the Ariete Steam Mop 4164 steam mop, it is optimal for cleaning the apartment, moreover, it can be disassembled for easy storage.


  • steam power adjustment;

  • brushes included;

  • 20 minutes of continuous work;

  • standard cord 5 meters.


  • significant are not identified.

Tefal VP6557

Rating: 4.4

Tefal VP6557

The Tefal VP6557 steam cleaner is equipped with three modes of operation to care for different types of coatings – the main difference is in the intensity and speed of steam supply. The water heating rate with a device power of 1.2 kW is 30 seconds – a good result. A microfiber cloth is responsible for wiping – it performs its function perfectly, does not leave streaks and wet marks, this is noted by users of the mop. It is convenient to use the device only on a horizontal surface, you cannot process the walls with it. The volume of the water tank of 0.6 liters makes it possible to thoroughly clean, by the way, it has a descaling cartridge, which will have to be changed every six months when using tap water, cleaned will extend the life of the part. Plus steam mop from Tefal – a long cord of 7 meters.


  • heating water to steam in 30 seconds;

  • two microfiber cloths included;

  • large water tank;

  • there is an anti-scale cartridge;

  • long cord.


  • not suitable for vertical surfaces.


Rating: 4.4


Another BLACK+DECKER steam mop in our review, this time the FSM1616 with 1.6 kW, AutoSelect™ rotary steam control and built-in filtration system. The mop is ready in 30 seconds, and it can work continuously for up to 17 minutes – for this time the capacity of the 350 ml tank is enough, which, however, can be removed and filled at any time even from the tap, the filter cartridge will protect the system from scale. The sole rotates 180 degrees on a hinge, brushes are placed on it – a deltoid one with a delicate microfiber that can withstand 20 washing cycles, and a rectangular one with a regular fiber that is resistant to 100 washes. Their main difference is the shape, the first one is convenient to clean hard-to-reach places, the second one is suitable for caring for the main area of ​​the room. Separately, the steam generator, unlike the leader of the rating, is not removed and is not used separately.


  • affordable price;

  • two nozzles included;

  • rotating sole;

  • fast heating until ready for use.


  • the steam generator is not used separately.

ENDEVER Odyssey Q–607

Rating: 4.3

ENDEVER Odyssey Q–607

Steam mop NDEVER Odyssey Q-607 in our review is the cheapest – its price is about 3600 rubles. But this model is not the simplest either – its power is all 1.7 kW! From the moment it is turned on, it is ready to work in 30 seconds, the steam temperature is 103 degrees – a little less than that of more productive mops, but the duration of work without interruption can reach 45 minutes. But water will obviously have to be poured in the process, because the volume of the tank is only 0.37 liters. The steam intensity can reach 28 g/min, there are 3 operating modes, this device weighs 2 kg, the standard cord length is 6 meters.

At such a price, high build quality cannot be expected – all the technical advantages can be overshadowed by the inconvenience of attaching the nozzle – users note that the latch is weak, although this is not observed by everyone. Accordingly, this fact cannot be attributed to a pattern, but care should still be taken in operation.


  • the lowest price in the review;

  • high power 1.7 kW;

  • three operating modes;

  • continuous operation up to 45 minutes;

  • two wipes included.


  • flimsy construction;

  • small pot.

Xiaomi Deerma Sterilization Steam Mop DEM–ZQ100

Rating: 4.3

Xiaomi Deerma Sterilization Steam Mop DEM–ZQ100

The Chinese floor polisher Xiaomi Deerma Sterilization Steam Mop DEM-ZQ100 is good for thorough cleaning of a small apartment – it has a small power of 1.2 kW, a high steam temperature of 140 degrees in 30 seconds, leaving no chance for bacteria and viruses, while analogues have only 100 -110 degrees, although this is also enough for disinfection. This “baby” weighs a little more than a couple of kilograms, even with a filled tank – its volume is only 220 ml, obviously not enough for large-scale cleaning. The device is able to wash even persistent contaminants subjected to dissolution in water. Although the Xiaomi mop itself is not heavy, the developers have successfully located the center of gravity – it is convenient even for a child to control the device. At the end of the mop there is a mobile nozzle with a removable Velcro cloth, but there is only one in the kit – you will have to buy an additional one on Chinese sites, it is difficult to find it in retail. The napkin itself is “smart”: in the middle there is a layer of fabric with very small pores, which absorbs well, polyester on top, microfiber on the bottom, it collects small specks and hair. The product can and should be washed.

The problem is that the nozzle is small – you have to pretty much move it on the floor. There is no steam adjustment, which is strange for a brand. Nevertheless, the speed of its operation and the general characteristics of the device are sufficient for cleaning an apartment.


  • lightweight design with a well-thought-out center of gravity;

  • uniform supply of steam;

  • affordable price;

  • increased steam temperature;

  • Velcro napkin.


  • small nozzle;

  • there is no replaceable napkin and it is difficult to buy it;

  • steam intensity is not adjustable.