If you’re putting off buying gifts until December 31st is on the calendar, here are some versatile options that will save you on your way to the New Year’s table. Eight gift ideas for everyone that you can buy quickly and anywhere!

Headphones/headset for smartphone

They can be found on any wallet – from consumer goods for 100 rubles. on street stalls to cool models, which then it will still be a pity to give. As usual, there is a “golden mean”.

If the budget is smallchoose wired headphones. Just make sure they have a microphone and a button on the remote that you can take calls with. For example, here is an inexpensive JBL model.

If you are ready to spend from 1000 rubles., it is better to pay attention to the Bluetooth headset. There are options for less than this amount, but they are usually good for conversation and can upset a lover of good music. Good option for headphones Xiaomi Millet Sports Bluetoothwhite or black, water resistant.

For those who are ready to properly “get confused” with the choice, we advise you to read our article.

Wireless speaker

There are also a great many of them – from pocket ones that can be used as a key fob to huge and powerful ones that can pump the entire block. We just have an article in which we picked up good speakers for the New Year’s party.

8 New Year's gifts that will suit everyoneHere, for example, is a cool compact version in the theme of the New Year. The power is only 3W and, of course, no stereo, but it sets the mood and is quite suitable for background music for the holidays. And it’s quite inexpensive.

8 New Year's gifts that will suit everyoneBut of course, you can’t give such a respectable man. You can consider a more standard design model from the same JBL. For example, JBL GO 2 – it’s just a hit, which is also offered in 10 different colors! The speaker is small, the power is the same 3 W, but there is a built-in microphone and a line input for connection. One charge is enough for 5 hours of work.


Run along the way to any cell phone store, and they will probably be there. At least small ones – 4000 – 5000 mAh, per charge. Just make sure your friend hasn’t lost their USB/Lightning cable or they’ll give you a zilch instead of a gift. How to choose the right universal external battery, we wrote in this article.

8 New Year's gifts that will suit everyoneAnd do not chase after the capacity: mobile batteries over 10,000 mAh are already too heavy, you can’t put them in a handbag. It is better to look at stylish thin models – for example, Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 5000. It costs less than 1000 rubles, while it has a metal case and a capacity of 5000 mAh (most modern smartphones have a battery of 2500-3500 mAh, so it will be enough for a full charge, still remain). A USB to microUSB cable is included.

The same model can be found with a larger capacity – up to 20,000 mAh.

USB flash drive

In this age of “cloud” technologies, convenient physical media is still relevant. Flash drives, probably, only in a pharmacy are not yet sold. A great gift for everyone, from schoolchildren to seniors. You can write Windows to it so that a friend always has a recovery disk at hand – taking care of your neighbor is above all!

8 New Year's gifts that will suit everyoneThe classic option is a regular 16 gigabyte flash drive, preferably with USB 3.0 support. There are just a sea of ​​them for sale. Moreover, even models from well-known brands cost literally a penny – for example, this one Transcend JetFlash 790 just 16 GB will cost 400 rubles. No frills like hardware encryption – there is only a retractable connector and a data read / write indicator. You don’t need more for a gift.

8 New Year's gifts that will suit everyoneBut, of course, for many, a traditional black flash drive, even if it is super fast, is boring. Therefore, in addition to the “classics”, manufacturers produce models of increased cuteness. For example, here is a cat from smartbuy. Here, too, 16 GB, though with only USB 2.0 support, but cats are supposed to be lazy even when transferring data. On the other hand, the rubber case is made waterproof – relevant for schoolchildren or already adults, but not very neat girls.

External hard drive

When a photo from a smartphone weighs more than 2 MB, you begin to understand that even a large HDD will not last long. Therefore, external drives have been and remain a great gift. We have a whole selection of durable external drives that are hard to break.

8 New Year's gifts that will suit everyoneThe most popular volume of such disks is 1 TB. It is better to focus on models of well-known manufacturers so that the gift will work for a long time. We can recommend this Toshiba Canvio Ready model: a fairly thin, light and reliable external drive with a capacity of just terabytes. There is black for boys and white for girls. Works with USB 3.0, data transfer rate – 500 MB / s.


It is unlikely that anyone will be terribly delighted with a banal office mouse – everyone has one. But there are other options that are great as a gift.

8 New Year's gifts that will suit everyoneHere is an option for a not very expensive, but spectacular looking A4Tech Bloody V7 mouse. Will suit both the manager and the gamer – the characteristics allow (sensor resolution 3200 dpi). The mouse has 8 buttons, including a scroll wheel. The price is more than reasonable.

8 New Year's gifts that will suit everyoneOr this solution: a mouse for use with a laptop. Let’s say from our own experience: it’s not always convenient to work with the touchpad. But many suffer and do not suspect that there are very compact “travel mice” that can easily fit into a bag or even a laptop case. Of course, for such cases, you need a wireless model – for example, the Logitech Wireless Mouse M185. Powered by two AA batteries, suitable for both right-handers and left-handers.


Run to the nearest hardware store – for sure they are there: at least the traditional “pots on the battery.” A very suitable gift for a girl or a family with a child: care for beauty and health, you know. How a humidifier is useful for skin, hair, animal hair and children’s health, we wrote in this article.


To maintain optimal humidity in the apartment during the heating season.


Thermo mug

In the same gallery of household goods, you can also grab this piece, which is useful in the winter months. After all, everyone in the office drinks tea or coffee, and on cold days it cools down quickly – it is from this thermo mug that it saves. And also this fashion in the mornings to go to work in the subway with a thermal mug in your hand … In a word, a wonderful gift just in time for the winter holidays.

Thermo mug

Keeps hot drinks from getting cold.


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