During 2019, all of Russia should switch from analog to digital television. This means that a DVB-T2 compatible device will now be required to receive the signal. There is a definite plus in such a transition. Now absolutely all residents of our country will be able to enjoy high quality pictures. The problem is that not everyone has TVs with DVB-T2 support. Fortunately, buying a digital set-top box can solve this problem. It is about them that we will discuss in our rating – we will consider only the best models.

Rating of the best digital set-top boxes with support for the DVB-T2 standard



Name of product


Rating of the best digital set-top boxes with support for the DVB-T2 standard


AverMedia Technologies AVerTV Hybrid Volar T2

5 305 ₽



1 029 ₽



1 050 ₽



1 590 ₽


World Vision Premium

1 436 ₽


Oriel 421 (DVB-T2/C)

1 030 ₽


Selenga T81D

898 ₽



1 022 ₽

AverMedia Technologies AVerTV Hybrid Volar T2

Rating: 4.9

AverMedia Technologies AVerTV Hybrid Volar T2

At one time, AverMedia produced very decent TV tuners that were built into a computer. Now the assortment of the company has changed quite a lot. Many gamers know this brand from video capture cards that allow you to write gameplay to an external drive or stream it. Well, the production of TV tuners continues. Only now these are not internal boards, but devices such as the AVerTV Hybrid Volar T2.

This gadget is designed to connect to a computer. It can be both a desktop model and a laptop – you only need one free USB port, to which you connect. On the other end of the device is an antenna connector. As an antenna, you can use indoor and outdoor models. The second option will provide the best level of signal reception.

Under the body of this device there is also an FM tuner. This allows you to use your computer to listen to the radio. But much more often the device is used to receive digital TV. It supports the DVB-T2 standard, so if you live in a major city, you will get access to both “multiplexes”, each of which consists of ten channels.

Do not forget that in addition you will need a driver and a special computer program developed by the creators of the TV tuner. The first should download automatically, and to search for the application, you can use either the bundled disk or the official website of the manufacturer.

Upon closer acquaintance with the product, the presence of an S-Video connector immediately catches your eye. This means that the TV tuner can be used for video capture by connecting third-party image sources to it. This is done using an adapter from S-Video to composite connectors (a separate socket is used to receive sound). Of course, the corresponding adapter is in the box in which the device is supplied. And there are also two portable antennas – for radio and television. It is felt that the manufacturer was primarily thinking about the owners of laptops who want to watch one or another public TV channel while outside their apartment.

Returning to the video capture function, one cannot fail to notice that it does not work perfectly. Alas, it is impossible to transmit a picture in high quality through the connector available here. Modern game consoles can only be used with full-fledged video capture cards – their TV tuner capabilities from AverMedia will not suit you at all. It is assumed that you will connect to the device Dendy, Sega MegaDrive or in extreme cases Sony PS One. Also, using a TV tuner, you can digitize your old video cassettes by connecting an appropriate tape recorder.

As for watching television in the DVB-T2 standard, in this regard, the TV tuner will please with several additional functions. You can start recording the broadcast at any time. The so-called delayed viewing is also available – this means that you can order the utility to record something at the time you specify, when you, for example, are at work. It is only necessary not to turn off the computer out of habit – the program will definitely not be able to automatically start it.


  • Included is a remote control;

  • Supplied with two antennas and an adapter;

  • Very small size;

  • Works even on very old operating systems;

  • Can be used for video capture;

  • Built-in FM tuner.


  • Digital channels switch with a strong delay;

  • The software turned out to be buggy;

  • Very high cost.

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Rating: 4.8


But let’s close the topic of computer TV tuners. Surely 90% of the readers of this rating are going to watch digital TV on their TV. And for this you need a digital set-top box that transmits picture and sound via HDMI or composite connectors (the so-called “tulips”). For example, you can buy D-COLOR DC1302HD. This model is sold for 1200-1500 rubles. It is clear that it does not have any advanced functionality. But the vast majority of digital set-top boxes currently on sale, sharpened for connecting an antenna, cannot boast of this, so you should not worry.

This prefix can not be called the cheapest. This is no accident. The fact is that this is one of the most reliable representatives of our rating. Many digital set-top boxes are made from budget components, and therefore they fail after a year or a half. If you believe the reviews on the D-COLOR DC1302HD, then this set-top box remains operational for a much longer period. There are exceptions to the rule, but nothing can be done about it – a certain percentage of defects is allowed in the production of any equipment.

The design of this set-top box is maximally simplified. You will receive a small black box, the front panel of which is decorated with many logos. There is also a segment display that shows the channel number you have selected. Well, in the lower left corner there is a USB port. It will further expand the functionality of your TV, especially if it is a CRT. This connector can be used for two purposes:

On the connected USB-drive, you can record this or that broadcast;

A USB flash drive can play a variety of media content – videos, music and images.

I am glad that you can record video, including on a timer. This is very convenient if your favorite TV show is shown while you are at work. In this case, you do not need to keep the TV turned on – it is enough that the set-top box itself is activated. By the way, the image is transmitted to the TV here either via an RCA cable (included) or via HDMI. It turns out that even the owners of CRT TVs, on the back of which there are only multi-colored “tulips”, will not be deprived. Well, to more modern devices, the set-top box should be connected with an HDMI cable – this way you will get increased image quality.

Many of the features described above also have cheaper set-top boxes for receiving digital television broadcasts. What is the reason for the high cost? It must be with the presence of a hypersensitivity tuner here. This allows you to use a conventional indoor antenna in tandem with such a set-top box – most often this leads to good signal reception. The manufacturer also spent money on licensing the Dolby Digital 5.1 codec. This should provide the user with quality sound when playing content from a USB drive.


  • High reliability;

  • There is support for Dolby Digital 5.1;

  • Built-in high sensitivity TV tuner;

  • The picture is output not only via HDMI;

  • You can write a broadcast to an external drive;

  • Has no problems with certain media formats.


  • The price tag still will not suit everyone;

  • Short power supply wire;

  • There is no coaxial audio output.


Rating: 4.7


Another fairly reliable TV box in our rating. Its cost in most stores does not exceed 1200 rubles, which is good news. For this money, you will get a traditional black box, on the top panel of which there are beautiful ventilation cutouts, designed in the form of a pattern. The front panel is home to a USB port and a segment display. Well, all the connectors are on the back wall.

Traditionally, such set-top boxes are equipped not only with an HDMI output, but also with “tulips”. HARPER HDT2-1514 is no exception to the rule. As a result, it can be easily connected to any TV, even a very old one. It is recommended to control the set-top box with the supplied remote control. Despite its minimal size, the accessory boasts a large number of buttons. Here, even the volume control is available. In a word, you can remember about the remote control designed for the TV only at the moments of turning it on and off.

This set-top box detects a digital signal encoded in the DVB-T2 standard without any problems. If you connect a USB drive to the corresponding connector, then the broadcast can be saved as a separate video file. Also here it is possible to play content already contained on the flash drive. But we do not recommend connecting an external hard drive to the device. Reviews show that drives with a capacity of 1 TB or more are not detected by the prefix.

Unfortunately, the device has another serious drawback. It lies in the possibility of overheating. And this despite the presence of so many ventilation holes! Oddly enough, not all buyers have this problem. That is why we still recommend the HARPER HDT2-1514 for purchase, especially if none of the other models listed in this rating are sold near you. But do not forget to immediately test the prefix in every possible way. If you still encounter shutdowns and reboots due to overheating, then take advantage of the warranty by returning the product to the store.


  • Included is a convenient remote control;

  • You can connect to a TV not only via HDMI;

  • All major media formats are supported;

  • It is possible to record TV broadcasts on a flash drive;

  • Not very high cost.


  • External drives larger than 1 TB are not supported;

  • Possible problems with overheating;

  • No coaxial audio output.


Rating: 4.6


One of the most interesting TV boxes in our ranking. This is a rare model that has a memorable design. On the front panel of this device is a white arc, which is adjacent to numerous buttons. However, the first version of the console had such a design. Unfortunately, now a simplified version is coming off the assembly line, which is a faceless black box, where even the buttons are not painted in a different color.

If you think about it, it quickly becomes clear that this set-top box is equipped with additional functionality. Firstly, this is evidenced by the price, reaching 1600-1900 rubles. Secondly, the aforementioned buttons hint at this, because cheaper set-top boxes manage one or two keys at the most. So what does this device do? First of all, it will be used to receive a digital TV signal – support for the DVB-T2 standard ensures that there are no problems. Also, the product is designed to play media content contained in a USB storage device. All audio codecs are supported, so playing a movie without sound is almost impossible (and this is a pressing problem for many budget set-top boxes that are not included in our rating). Of course, a USB flash drive can be used to record TV content. Including activation of timer recording is possible – this is true for those cases when the TV series is shown at a time when you are at work or just busy with something.

But other digital set-top boxes can boast of the above functions. What is the difference between LUMAX DV-3206HD? Perhaps there is Internet functionality here. Unfortunately, due to a very weak processor and the lack of a full-fledged operating system, it had to be severely limited. In fact, YouTube, weather, maps and less interesting functions are available to the user. And not all of this is loaded normally, especially if you use a Wi-Fi connection to the router! If you have such a problem, then try connecting the set-top box to the router using a cable – the standard RJ-45 port is intended for this purpose.

Another distinctive feature of the product is the coaxial digital audio output. With it, you can output sound to the speakers in the highest possible quality. This is especially true for those people who are going to use the set-top box as a media player.

Note that the Internet functionality is present here only as a bonus. If you seriously want to be able to watch YouTube, then it is better to get yourself some kind of Smart TV. You definitely won’t have to put a digital set-top box next to it, as you will get built-in DVB-T2 support. You can also get the aforementioned smart set-top box. But we do not recommend looking in the direction of cheap models – they usually brake godlessly.


  • Various types of connection are possible;

  • Several internet applications are available;

  • Built-in coaxial audio output;

  • Included is a convenient remote control;

  • Extended warranty period up to 730 days;

  • It is possible to record the broadcast on a flash drive;

  • All common media formats are supported.


  • High price;

  • Some buyers complain about the sensitivity of the TV tuner;

  • Stable operation of Internet applications is not guaranteed.

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World Vision Premium

Rating: 4.5

World Vision Premium

Another digital set-top box with a stylish look. The front panel of the device included in our rating is partially made of plastic, the surface of which looks like polished metal. And again, here you will find a huge number of buttons that allow you to control the set-top box in case of loss of the remote control. There is also a segment display on the front panel that displays the channel number and some other information.

World Vision Premium is a rather expensive set-top box. It is unlikely that you can buy it cheaper than 1500 rubles. But on the other hand, you will get your hands on a device that should not fail after one or two years of use. You will also be able to enjoy the additional functionality represented here by the Internet options. However, due to the lack of a full-fledged operating system, many applications are severely limited. The same ubiquitous YouTube is not implemented here in the best way – in terms of convenience, it is much inferior to similar clients installed on a smartphone. Also confusing is the fact that the set-top box has neither built-in Wi-Fi nor an RJ-45 connector. Do you want to activate Internet access? An appropriate adapter is required. Do I need to say that it is sold for 500-800 rubles?

Well, what can be said about the main functionality? It also has certain complaints. The set-top box recognizes the DVB-T2 terrestrial signal without any problems. Moreover, it also supports the DVB-C cable standard. This is great news for those whose cable operator offers to purchase his set-top box for money. The problem is that the set-top box takes a long time to turn on. And if you can put up with it, then the menu regularly infuriates you – it is extremely ill-conceived. It is also inconvenient to sort and rename TV channels here.

There is a traditional USB connector on the body of the device. This allows you to connect a flash drive with media content to the set-top box. The device understands many modern formats, so most often movies and music are played without any problems. TV broadcasts are also stored on an external drive. There may also be some problems with their recording. If the transmission ends after midnight (for example, at 1:40), then you can record it by timer only if you write “25:40” in the “Stop Recording” field. Although it is possible that in the new firmware this bug has already been corrected.

On the rear panel of the set-top box there is an HDMI socket and composite outputs. In the kit you can find both cables designed to connect to these connectors. This is nice, because manufacturers of set-top boxes often save on HDMI wire. There is also a coaxial audio output here – it will come in handy for owners of some speakers.

In short, the World Vision Premium digital set-top box is quite suitable for us to recommend buying it. Devices of this kind with an atypical design are now extremely rare. But be sure to test this device right away! Here, too, there are problems with overheating. However, they are not too strong – the product will definitely not turn off.


  • The remote turned out to be very convenient;

  • Memorable design;

  • There is an additional Internet functionality;

  • It is possible to record a TV broadcast on a USB flash drive;

  • Implemented support for most popular formats;

  • Various types of connection are possible;

  • Built-in digital coaxial audio output.


  • Internet applications cannot be called convenient and functional;

  • The menu is not implemented in the best way;

  • The cost will seem high to some;

  • The Wi-Fi adapter will require a more powerful power supply.

Oriel 421 (DVB-T2/C)

Rating: 4.5

Oriel 421

Another representative of our rating, recognizing two digital standards at once. That is, you can connect to it both a conventional antenna and a “cable”. Of course, in the second case, you need to clarify whether this “trick” will work with your cable operator. The fact is that, for example, cable TV from MTS works with a SIM card connected, but there is nowhere to insert it here.

Of course, the manufacturer did not deprive his creation of a USB connector. Moreover, there are two of them! If you connect a flash drive, you can write any TV broadcast to it. And it is not necessary to be at home for this – you can pre-set the time when the recording is activated and completed. The user can also view media content already on the external drive.

The high cost of the device suggests that it has additional functionality. Indeed, the YouTube client is built in here. And this is a rare case when it is convenient to use it! But it was not without pitfalls. There is no RJ-45 port or built-in Wi-Fi. This means that you will need an appropriate adapter to connect to the router (usually called an access point in stores). In this case, excessive heating of the Wi-Fi adapter is possible, which will definitely affect its service life.

Otherwise, the Oriel 421 prefix is ​​unlikely to surprise you. Yes, there is a digital coaxial audio output. But a rare person will connect this box to high-quality speakers. Separately, it should be noted that the set-top box is equipped with a remote control, the operation of which has certain complaints. The fact is that it must be accurately directed to the device – the problem is either in the infrared transmitter or in the corresponding receiver. However, this is a typical problem for many set-top boxes, including those distributed by cable operators.

Even in the reviews there are complaints about the quality of playback of media files from a USB drive. In this regard, the product is seriously inferior to full-fledged media set-top boxes, even the cheapest ones. However, if the device is connected to a kinescope TV, then the quality is enough for the eyes!


  • You can comfortably watch YouTube;

  • Built-in two USB connectors;

  • Recording of TV broadcast on a flash drive is available;

  • All popular media formats are supported;

  • Various types of connection are possible;

  • There is a coaxial audio output.


  • Media content is played with a very average quality;

  • An external Wi-Fi adapter is required to access the Internet;

  • The price may seem high;

  • Not the most convenient way to use the remote control.

Selenga T81D

Rating: 4.4

Selenga T81D

Basically, digital set-top boxes have a familiar appearance. This means that they have right angles, and their body is painted black. Exceptions to this rule are extremely rare. For example, Selenga T81D can boast of some difference from most competitors. This product has a curved body. Another unique feature of the device is the back panel, which is not the most loaded with connectors. Instead of two composite sockets, one 3.5mm output is used here. The cable with the appropriate plug is supplied with the usual “tulips” at the other end. Of course, the manufacturer did not forget about the HDMI output. It will be used to connect the set-top box to a modern LCD TV or monitor. Well, next to it is a USB port.

Any USB flash drives can be connected to the digital set-top box without any difficulty. They may contain one or another media content – if the video resolution does not exceed 1080p, then with a high degree of probability it will be recognized. You can also write current TV broadcasts to a flash drive. Scheduled recording is also available, which is relevant for those cases when the TV show is on at the time when the user is at work or somewhere else.

If you carefully examine the prefix, you can find a second USB connector. Why do we need so many of them? Everything is very simple. The firmware of the device is supplemented with several Internet applications. In particular, YouTube and MeGoGo are available to the user. But there is no built-in Wi-Fi module here, just as there is no RJ-45 port. Therefore, to connect to the router, you need to use one or another USB adapter. As a result, when you connect such an accessory, you will not lose the opportunity to connect an external drive as well. By the way, the product supports external hard drives, not just flash drives, but first you need to stock up on a 2A power supply.

This completes the functionality of the device. Before buying it, be sure to think about the type of connection – if HDMI is selected, then the appropriate cable must be purchased separately. As for the remote control, it works well. What is important, it has a wide angle of action – this is a definite plus.


  • It is possible to play media from an external hard drive;

  • Built-in two USB sockets;

  • There are Internet applications;

  • Various types of connections are available;

  • Unusual appearance;

  • Recording of TV broadcasts to an external drive is available;

  • All major media formats are supported;

  • Convenient wide-angle remote control.


  • To connect to the router, you need a third-party adapter;

  • No digital audio output;

  • Not everyone will like the cost;

  • To connect an adapter or HDD, you will need a more powerful power supply;

  • The built-in antenna most likely will not catch a single channel.

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Rating: 4.4


BBK Electronics is a real monster, although many do not even know about it. It produces a variety of devices. Of course, budget devices are in the greatest demand. For example, in our country they are actively buying BBK SMP145HDT2. This is not the cheapest digital set-top box, but it cannot be called expensive either – in Russian stores they ask for no more than 1300 rubles for it. The price tag says that you can not expect Internet functionality from such a device. Indeed, the prefix provides only basic features. With its help, you can watch digital television encoded in the DVB-T2 standard. If you connect a USB storage device, you can view media files before. You can also save certain TV broadcasts to a flash drive, including doing it on a timer. But this is by no means surprising. Even watching a TV program is an ordinary function, which is also not deprived of any of the currently existing digital set-top boxes.

You may notice that the front panel of the device is home to a fairly large number of buttons. However, they are only needed to call up the menu and switch channels. In a word, they were equipped with a prefix in case a person loses the remote control. It’s nice that the product can even recognize an external hard drive – one of the buyers writes in the reviews about the successful connection of a 2 TB drive. As for the image transmission to the TV, composite connectors and HDMI can be used for this.


  • It is possible to record the broadcast on a timer;

  • The prefix understands all major media standards;

  • Detects even external hard drives;

  • Various types of connection are possible.


  • Not very sensitive TV tuner;

  • Not the best visual interface;

  • Not everyone likes the remote;

  • No coaxial audio output.


This is a list of the best digital set-top boxes that receive a TV signal encoded in the DVB-T2 standard. All the devices discussed in this article perfectly cope with their main task, especially if they are used together with a good antenna. However, remember that none of the current set-top boxes is eternal. Alas, the components used in them usually order to live a long time after one and a half to two years. Someone is lucky, his prefix works for three or four years. But it is extremely rare for such devices to function for a longer period. That is why it is better to purchase a TV with DVB-T2 support, so you will not get confused in remote controls either.