The fitness bracelet market is constantly updated with new models. Previously, these were the simplest devices with a miniature display that could do almost nothing. But gradually, devices capable of tracking a variety of physical activity began to appear. Now fitness trackers monitor not only the pulse, some of them can even measure blood pressure! It is these devices that will be discussed in this article.

Rating of the best fitness bracelets with blood pressure measurement

Nomination place Name of product price

Rating of the best fitness bracelets with blood pressure measurement


GSMIN WR11 (2019)

5 900 ₽



3 990 ₽



1 750 ₽


FitCloud CK11S

2 900 ₽


Jet Sport FT-7

1 690 ₽



2 190 ₽


Smart Band M3

1 425 ₽



520 ₽

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GSMIN WR11 (2019)

Rating: 4.9

GSMIN WR11 (2019)

This fitness bracelet surprises already at the stage of purchase. You will receive the device packed in a round box, as if you are purchasing shoe polish or some kind of canned food. Hidden inside is a fitness tracker and documentation. The main advantage of the device is the color display. Partly because of him, the device received a very high price tag. It also boasts synchronization with a variety of smartphones, even old devices based on Windows Phone are supported!

Returning to the screen, its diagonal is 0.96 inches. Unfortunately, it cannot be called ideal. The fact is that on the street the display can go a little blind, especially on a clear sunny day. Other than that, it’s hard to fault him. It contains all the information the user needs, including pulse, time, date, battery charge and much more.

If we are talking about the battery, then it has a tiny capacity: only 90 mAh. This made the fitness bracelet extremely lightweight. At the same time, the device still does not require frequent recharging – connecting the network adapter will be required about once every ten days. Or once a week, if you begin to measure your pulse and blood pressure very often.

I must say that the device perfectly copes with the above tasks. But many competitors, if you try to determine blood pressure with their help, shamelessly lie. Interestingly, there is also an ECG function. And only she refuses to work properly. Well, what a loss! Many will find adequate sleep monitoring more important.

The device can be sold with straps in three different colors. All of them are dark, not conspicuous. Someone will not even notice that a fitness bracelet is on your wrist. The body of the gadget will please with moisture protection according to the IP67 standard. This means you can wash your hands without removing your fitness tracker. But diving in a gadget under water is not recommended. As mentioned above, the device turned out to be very light – its weight barely reaches 25 g. The control is implemented in a touch-sensitive way, like in most other fitness bracelets that exist today. Synchronization with a smartphone is carried out via Bluetooth 4.0. The display can show the caller’s name and part of the message contained in the notification.

Despite the high cost of GSMIN WR11 (2019), the device did not receive a GPS chip. It’s for the best, because the navigation module actively consumes battery power. You can assign a record of jogging routes to your smartphone, because it is also always with you.


  • Very light weight;

  • There is decent moisture protection;

  • A good vibration motor is built in;

  • The display is color;

  • Good accuracy when measuring pressure;

  • There is a heart rate monitor and sleep monitoring;

  • Decent build quality.


  • On the street, the screen goes blind;

  • Raw Companion App;

  • The alarm clock does not track sleep phases;

  • Not the most convenient charging attachment to the bracelet;

  • High price.

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Rating: 4.8


Another fitness tracker with a familiar rectangular shape, with a silicone strap and an OLED display. Its packaging is more standard – it is a simple cardboard box with a transparent insert. It allows you to understand that the device comes with two additional straps in different colors. Perhaps this is the only reason the device is not sold for a penny.

Unlike the model discussed above, the BIZZARO F550 screen is monochrome. Information on it is displayed with a resolution of 64 × 128 pixels. Not an outrageous result, but for the time, date and pulse, this is quite enough. Well, if you want to read messages coming to your smartphone, then it is better to get a smart watch.

Modern fitness bracelets often receive some moisture protection. BIZZARO F550 is no exception to the rule, the IP67 standard is declared here. The Bluetooth 4.0 wireless module is hidden under the body of the device. To synchronize with a smartphone, you must first install a special application designed for iOS and Android. After that, the fitness bracelet will be able to display various notifications, and not just the measurement results. Receiving one is accompanied by a noticeable vibration, so it is quite difficult to miss a call and a message.

Well, how does this gadget show itself if you do physical activity? From the best side, but with reservations! In particular, there are some complaints about the heart rate monitor. The heart rate is measured correctly. However, the device does not know how to do this on an ongoing basis. You should not worry about this, only much more expensive wearable devices created by eminent manufacturers can measure the pulse 24 hours a day. As for pressure measurements, you will find a result close to the most accurate. This cannot but rejoice! And there is also a calorie counter, without which no fitness bracelet can do now. Not forgotten and sleep monitoring. In a word, it is difficult to find fault with the functionality. Unless you expect a high-quality step counter from the device. Alas, in this regard, the product is no different from any other cheap fitness tracker – the pedometer readings turn out to be far from the truth.

Like almost all gadgets reviewed in this rating, BIZZARO F550 has an alarm clock at its disposal. However, it does not focus on sleep phases, the vibration motor is activated strictly at the specified time.

Somewhere inside the device is an 80 mAh battery. It would seem that the parameter is close to the battery inside the fitness bracelet discussed above, so the battery life should be similar. No matter how! Reviews on BIZZARO F550 show that a full charge is enough for a couple of days of operation. However, it is possible that dissatisfied buyers got a marriage.

The Expertology team of authors believes that this fitness bracelet is worth buying if you are not sorry for the money spent. The device turned out to be convenient and light, but it still has a number of serious drawbacks. If you know the value of money, then it is better to consider buying some other model, since our rating of the best fitness trackers with pressure measurement does not end with the BIZZARO F550.


  • Very light weight;

  • There is a good vibration motor;

  • Additional straps included.

  • Implemented moisture protection according to the IP67 standard;

  • There is sleep monitoring and a heart rate monitor;

  • Accurate measurement of blood pressure;

  • Relatively low cost.


  • The display is monochrome;

  • Short battery life;

  • The alarm clock does not determine the phase of sleep;

  • The pedometer is lying a lot.


Rating: 4.7


This fitness bracelet has an oval shape, like most of the competition. The device is easily inserted into the silicone strap, which can be black, blue or light green. The manufacturer of this fitness tracker decided to achieve a very low cost. Well, he succeeded, the sellers ask for no more than 1600 rubles for QUMANN QSB 08+. But at what cost did the Chinese achieve this?

Most of all, the savings are noticeable on the display. And it’s not even that it can not be called colored. The screen turned out to be extremely small, its diagonal is only 0.42 inches. Is it necessary to say that even the name of the caller does not fit here? And you should definitely forget about the text of the messages. You can not find fault only with the touch substrate of the display, which properly responds to the user’s touch.

Savings are noticeable in the body of the device. It is waterproof, but only according to the IP65 standard. In fact, the gadget is not only afraid of rain. It is recommended to remove the fitness bracelet from your wrist even if you decide to wash your hands. Well, there’s nothing to even talk about taking a bath or shower – this can instantly disable the device.

QUMANN QSB 08+ is perhaps the lightest representative of our rating. The weight of the device is only 15 g. Is there really a simplified battery inside? Indeed, its capacity is only 70 mAh. Therefore, the buyer does not need to wait one and a half to two weeks of operation from a full charge. By the way, charging takes place in the usual way – the gadget is removed from the strap, after which it is inserted into the complete cradle.

What can this device do? Firstly, QUMANN QSB 08+ can be synchronized with a smartphone, for which Bluetooth 4.2 technology is used here. In this case, the gadget will notify you with vibration about calls and notifications. It can also be turned into a smartphone camera remote control. Secondly, the device allows you to monitor physical activity. It even stimulates the user, reminding him that he has already sat up. The heart rate monitor here is able to work throughout the entire workout. But it’s better to set the metering on demand, in this case, the battery charge will be consumed less actively. And the fitness bracelet can measure blood pressure. But this is too approximate: many people will be unpleasantly surprised by the accuracy of the readings.

It remains to be added that QUMANN QSB 08+ can be left on at night to monitor sleep. However, sometimes you still have to do this, because you need to charge this gadget sometime.

Before buying a fitness bracelet, be sure to check if it has Russian language support. The fact is that the first versions of the gadget did not understand the Cyrillic alphabet. Such a device will not even display the first line of a message that has arrived on the smartphone, showing only an icon. But even a fitness bracelet that supports the Russian language cannot be called thoughtful: a notification from any third-party application is displayed here with a single icon, which makes it impossible to distinguish messages in Viber from messages in WhatsApp.


  • Low cost;

  • Very light weight;

  • Implemented sleep monitoring;

  • Good working heart rate monitor.


  • The pedometer and pressure sensor are not very accurate;

  • Short battery life;

  • Not all fitness bracelets understand Cyrillic;

  • Moisture protection leaves much to be desired;

  • Quite a small screen.

FitCloud CK11S

Rating: 4.6

FitCloud CK11S

Most of the current fitness bracelets have an identical appearance. But sometimes devices like the FitCloud CK11S are born. This device has an atypical case, painted in bronze or silver. The thing seems fashionable, something similar could be produced by a manufacturer of handbags and other women’s accessories.

The device is big enough. On its front side there was a place for an OLED display, the diagonal of which is 0.66 inches. Unfortunately, the rejection of the usual plastic has affected the weight of the gadget, which reaches 28.5 g. And add to this the weight of the leather strap. As a result, the fitness bracelet will definitely feel on your hand. However, he is still far from smartwatches, which are much heavier.

This device is absolutely not afraid of water, unless we are talking about diving, as evidenced by the declared certification according to the IP67 standard. On the back of the gadget, you can see a special LED, which is used to measure heart rate. The user can also monitor sleep. Although it must be admitted that not every person will agree not to take off such a massive fitness bracelet at night. Finally, there is also a measurement of blood pressure. However, the accuracy of measurements is questionable. Someone believes that a fitness bracelet gives out completely random numbers, while someone assures that the device practically does not lie.

The rest of the device is not able to surprise with something. It displays the name of the caller, and also provides an opportunity to read the text of the notification. Also, using a fitness tracker, you can remotely press the shutter button, which is especially important when taking selfies. The most unusual feature is the blood oxygen measurement, but it certainly won’t give you any real information.

Synchronization with a smartphone is done via Bluetooth 4.0. Why not the fifth version of the standard? The introduction of a modern wireless module would require additional investment. In this case, this representative of the rating of the best fitness bracelets would not be sold for 3200 rubles.

Sufficiently large dimensions of the device made it possible to place a capacious battery inside. To be precise, its capacity is 110 mAh. Many smart watches can boast of this parameter! However, for some reason, the fitness bracelet refuses to function for any long time. The manufacturer claims only 120 hours of standby time. It’s funny, because some competitors can be left on hand for several weeks!


  • A large curved screen is used;

  • Unique design;

  • Not very high cost;

  • Good moisture protection;

  • Several color options;

  • There is a pedometer and sleep monitoring;

  • Very wide functionality;

  • The strap is made of leather.


  • The display is monochrome;

  • Short battery life;

  • Sufficiently large weight;

  • Measurement accuracy is far from ideal.

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Jet Sport FT-7

Rating: 4.5


This fitness bracelet is one of those that are equipped with a double-layer strap. This allows the accessory to be two-tone. The top layer of the strap is black, while the inside can be dyed red or some other color.

If you forget about the color of the strap, then the rest of the fitness tracker is unlikely to surprise you with anything. And how could it be otherwise if they ask for less than two thousand rubles for the device? I am glad that the manufacturer did not save at least on moisture protection. The IPX7 standard allows you to wash your hands without removing the gadget from your wrist. Theoretically, the device can withstand swimming, unless you want to dive. But Expertology still recommends leaving the fitness bracelet outside the pool. And why keep it on your hand if there is simply no special “Swimming” mode here?

The product has a familiar design. There is an LED on the back panel of this representative of our rating. It is used to check the pulse. Most often, the measurement result is as accurate as possible. An exception to the rule is measurements during an active workout, when the arm sweats profusely. When it comes to measuring blood pressure, the Jet Sport FT-7 is far inferior to specialized medical devices in this regard. For the most part, it all depends on the age of the user. The most accurate results are observed in adults whose age does not exceed 40 years. Alas, this fitness bracelet is not suitable for older people, or you will have to do without such a useful function.

Basically, our selection consists of tiny gadgets, the screen of which displays only the most important information. Jet Sport FT-7 is perhaps the largest representative of this rating. On its front panel fit OLED-display, the diagonal of which is brought to 0.86 inches. The only pity is that it is monochrome. But such a screen is better readable in the sun.

Even larger sizes affected the weight. The fitness bracelet is felt on the wrist, especially at first. In the future, you remember about the device only in those moments when it starts to vibrate, notifying you of an incoming call, a received message, or the need to work out. Inside the gadget is a very capacious battery. However, it is still not enough for a long battery life. Blame for this, apparently, the processor and firmware. You will have to use the charger once every few days.

What else can the Jet Sport FT-7 do besides the functions discussed above? Perhaps nothing. You can only note the possibility of remote control of the smartphone camera. Synchronization, by the way, is carried out via Bluetooth 4.0. Based on the name of the gadget, one would expect it to have a GPS chip or something similar. Alas, the device does not have it.

Jet Sport FT-7 is one of the most popular fitness bracelets on the Russian market. And this is the case when buyers are mainly attracted by the price. They do not pay attention to the fact that the heart rate monitor and pedometer are regularly wrong. The main thing is that the device turned out to be durable.


  • There is some moisture protection;

  • Very low cost;

  • Extremely large display

  • Sleep monitoring available.


  • The screen is monochrome;

  • Measurement accuracy can be very low;

  • Short battery life;

  • Not all instances support Russian.


Rating: 4.4


This fitness bracelet sells for a little more money. But even 2200 rubles is not the amount that you will seriously regret if the device suddenly fails. Especially if it’s your fault. The SMA B2 fitness tracker itself is unlikely to break, there are absolutely no complaints about the quality of its assembly. And the range also evokes joyful feelings: on sale you can find a fitness bracelet with straps of different colors, from standard black to bright orange.

The composition of this device includes a touch screen, the diagonal of which is 0.91 inches. It would seem that an outrageous parameter! But in fact, the screen turned out to be very small, since it is extremely narrow. This is evidenced by its resolution, which is 128 x 32 pixels. As a result, the device is able to display the time, date, current heart rate, but nothing more. Most often, secondary information is shown in the form of icons. If you want to take your smartphone out of your pocket as little as possible, then it is better to look at a wearable device with a slightly larger display.

The manufacturer of the gadget declared water resistance class IP67. This means that rain is not a hindrance to the device. But before exercising in the pool, the fitness bracelet must be removed.

A good vibration motor is hidden under the body of this device, the action of which is felt even in the turmoil. The gadget also has a Bluetooth 4.0 wireless module, through which synchronization with a smartphone is carried out. Not forgotten, of course, and the battery. Its capacity is 80 mAh. Many of the competitors discussed in this article with exactly the same battery last only three or four days, and this is at best! As for the SMA B2 fitness bracelet, its manufacturer claimed 360 hours of standby time. It is clear that the regular use of certain features leads to a decrease in battery life. But in any case, you will use the charger no more than once a week. However, not in any. Some people complain about buying a defective SMA B2. Such a gadget requires recharging much more often. I am glad that this process is as simple as possible, the device only needs to be removed from the silicone strap, after which it remains to insert it into any full-sized USB port.

Unfortunately, this model is not one of those that are able to provide the most truthful information. The pedometer lies the least of all, although someone will still have complaints about it. The heart rate monitor is a little more mistaken, for which such devices are taken. Well, the measurement of pressure here is generally more of a fiction than a really working function.


  • Very easy recharging;

  • There is sleep monitoring;

  • There is some moisture protection;

  • A large number of color options are available;

  • Low cost.


  • Measurement accuracy is very low;

  • A simple monochrome display;

  • Not everyone has a stable Bluetooth connection;

  • Poor companion app.

Smart Band M3

Rating: 4.3


Another standard fitness bracelet in our ranking. It also has a rounded shape. To charge it, a familiar cradle with a short cable is used. Removing the device from the silicone strap does not cause any problems. The strap, by the way, can be of different colors. But much more important is the fact that the color display is here. As you may have noticed, most often cheap fitness trackers are equipped with a monochrome screen.

Continuing the conversation about the display, we should note its large size. The diagonal is 0.78 inches and the resolution is 128 x 80 pixels. In this regard, the device can be compared with the incredibly popular fitness bracelets from Xiaomi, which were not included in our rating due to the inability to measure blood pressure. The built-in screen displays all the useful information, including the notification text from the smartphone.

Unfortunately, the device still has certain drawbacks. First of all, questions arise to the installed battery. With a capacity of 110 mAh, how does the charge manage to dry up so quickly? Does Bluetooth consume energy so actively? No, this is done by a GPS chip that fixes the training route, as well as the running speed. We turn it off, after which the operating time increases quite a lot. However, there is no need to expect records from the Smart Band M3. In this regard, he still loses to more eminent competitors.

This model is usually used as a pedometer. But, as you already understood, she also knows how to measure pressure and pulse. Measurement accuracy is acceptable, but nothing more.

The main problem with Smart Band M3 is the prevalence of this name. In China, the original device is already being faked with might and main. As a result, you may stumble upon a model that has suddenly received a monochrome display. Or on a device without a GPS chip. Or on a gadget that does not know how to measure blood pressure. In a word, it is extremely difficult to make a purchase of Smart Band M3. Fakes are identical to the original only in terms of water protection – absolutely all copies are endowed with it.


  • Large high resolution display;

  • Has a GPS chip

  • Sleep monitoring available;

  • Synchronization with old smartphones is possible;

  • Relatively easy charging;

  • Implemented some moisture protection;

  • Low cost.


  • There are a large number of fakes;

  • Not very long working time;

  • Measurement accuracy cannot be called ideal.

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Rating: 4.2


The cheapest representative of our rating. You can buy this model for only 600 rubles! Although, of course, in most online stores it is sold twice as much. But even 1200 rubles is the amount that even many elderly people are ready to spend. What will you get for this money, how wide a list of shortcomings will you have to face?

Of course, a monochrome display is installed here. OLED technology was used to create it. Therefore, the screen is energy efficient. Its diagonal is tiny, only 0.42 inches. Notifications about received messages are displayed on the display, but only in the form of icons; you will not be able to familiarize yourself with the contents.

Almost all modern fitness bracelets can boast at least some moisture protection. This one is no exception, as evidenced by the IP67 certification. You can safely wash your hands and walk in the rain. You need to remove the device from your wrist only before visiting the pool.

A device with a silicone strap must be used in tandem with a smartphone, synchronization with which is carried out via Bluetooth 4.0 LE. Otherwise, you simply will not be able to see the history of your workouts.

The weight of the device is 20 g. This indicates the presence of a simple battery inside. Indeed, the battery capacity is only 70 mAh. However, this does not prevent the fitness bracelet from working for quite a long time. The manufacturer claims that in standby mode, the charge runs out only after 240 hours! In practice, the result is still less. And if you regularly check the pulse and blood pressure, then the operating time is reduced rapidly. Still, this fitness tracker works a little longer than many of its competitors reviewed in this rating.

Well, what is the accuracy of the measurements made by the fitness bracelet? She’s no good. Almost any hand movement is perceived as steps. The heart rate monitor also lies, albeit noticeably less. Well, it’s generally better not to measure blood pressure here, especially if an elderly person is going to do this. However, what else would you expect from such an inexpensive fitness tracker? Is it worth buying in this case? Complex issue. We would recommend taking it only if you do not agree to spend hundreds of rubles more. In the end, the devices discussed above cope with the main tasks much better, and ask for them a little more.


  • Decent battery life;

  • Sleep monitoring available;

  • There is moisture protection;

  • The fitness bracelet turned out to be very light;

  • Extremely low price.


  • Inaccurate measurements;

  • Very small display

  • Only one strap color.


As you can see, even the best blood pressure fitness bands are not perfect. In some of them, the readings of some sensors shamelessly lie, the display of other devices goes blind, and others have a short battery life. Why can’t a fitness bracelet be born without flaws? Everything is very simple. No one will buy an expensive fitness tracker. If you have a decent amount on hand, then the choice will be made in favor of smart watches. It is from the manufacturer’s desire to save money that many of the shortcomings found in the fitness trackers discussed above follow.