From Beats to Xiaomi: the best companies that produce sports headphones – in our today’s review. We will talk about the best sports series from different manufacturers, and also show the most popular models as an example.

JBL: Endurance Series

The top place in popularity with the Russian buyer is occupied by JBL, and specifically a series called Endurance. From this line, models for runners (Endurance SPRINT) and swimmers (Endurance DIVE) are available in Russia. Both models are wireless ear plugs with a neck “lace” (7-8 hours of continuous work via Bluetooth). They are distinguished by high-quality assembly, good sound insulation, and both are equipped with water protection.

Jabra: Elite Sport Series

The manufacturer Jabra has headphones for every occasion, and even a special sports line. Elite Sport models are wireless vacuum plugs without wire connection (True Wireless). Included is a charging case with which the headphones can work up to 15 hours. They are waterproof, support Android and iOS, have good build quality and soundproofing.

Samsung: U Flex series

Samsung’s U Flex headphones are a good example of what sports headphones should be. These are cordless earplugs connected with a neck cord and occipital headband to better hold on to the head while moving. They are slightly weighted (51 grams), have a battery life of up to 10 hours and have a foldable design. In addition, they allow you to take calls from your smartphone without being distracted from your workout and can connect to several different audio sources.

Xiaomi: Millet Sports series

Xiaomi’s Millet Sports brand named 2019 Customers’ Choice. That is, these headphones are most liked by real athletes. First of all, this is due to the price, and secondly, lightness: they weigh only 13 grams and do not interfere with training at all. At the same time, they are distinguished by high-quality assembly, good sound insulation and are protected from water.

Sennheiser: CX Sport Series

A line from Sennheiser similar in characteristics, but more expensive. Headphones CX Sport weigh 15 grams, which is also very small. This is even despite the fact that a control unit with volume buttons and a battery “hang” on the neck cord, from which the headphones work up to 6 hours. Well, traditionally, “senhi” worked on the sound. The headphones have a strong enough bass, a frequency range of 17 – 21000 Hz, clean “tops” (harmonic coefficient of only 0.5%) and support for AptX and AAC codecs. Not only to tear muscles, you can also listen to music 🙂

Sony: WF series

Sony is releasing headphones for athletes in True Wireless format, that is, without laces and wires, but with a charging case. From it, they work up to 9 hours, and this is taking into account the presence of an active noise cancellation (ANC) system. In addition, Sony’s WF headphones are powered by neodymium magnets, which makes it possible to support a wide frequency range (20 – 20,000 Hz) with a low weight (15 g per earpiece).

Beats: Powerbeats3 Wireless Series

The Beats brand, which is fashionable today, also makes headphones for sports. These are open-type earplugs (a la Airpods), which are held by fastening on the ear. What is good in “beats” for an athlete, except for the brand? 12 hours of continuous work via Bluetooth, the function of receiving calls, as well as support for proprietary fast charging technology: 5 minutes of charging is enough for 1 hour of work. And this is good – because other sports headphones do not provide such a function.

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Photo: manufacturing companies, Pexels