Choosing a gift is much easier if you know at least in general terms the needs of a person. And if he has a car, the task is even easier. You can always find a useful accessory for a car, and even a small and inexpensive one sometimes turns out to be very practical. We have sketched several gift options to make it easier to choose them even for those who do not drive a car themselves.

Video recorder Mio Mivue C430

The DVR is one of those devices, the absence of which you begin to regret after the fact, when something unpleasant happened. Many drivers believe in the best, so they prefer to do without such gadgets. However, having a video recording of everything that happens will never be superfluous – especially for those who often drive on unfamiliar roads. That is why we decided to start with a DVR.

Of course, there are many options – in our opinion, it is worth taking models with a resolution of at least Full HD, a screen of at least a couple of inches and a GPS sensor.

The last one is for...
The latter is needed in order to be able to add coordinates to the video, as well as to warn about control posts on the roads. The Mio Mivue C430 has it all, while the registrar is very inexpensive: about 6,000 rubles.

We also note a convenient swivel mount (the device can be quickly deployed towards the side window to record a dialogue with the inspector), as well as the presence of a special MiVue Manager PC program.

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    Third eye: how to choose a DVR for a car?

Minisink Karcher K 3 Compact

For those who live outside the city or have a dacha, a minisink is a mega-useful device. With it, you can clean not only the car body, but also garden paths, a porch or a house facade. Sinks can differ not only by manufacturer, but also by basic characteristics: for example, pressure, number of nozzles, hose length…

Not for private use
For private use, it makes no sense to take expensive units: a model like the Karcher K 3 Compact will suffice. This is really a compact mini-sink with wheels for easy transportation and a carrying handle. It weighs a little over 4 kg – relatively little.

Despite the low cost and small size, the sink is able to maintain a pressure of up to 20 bar and deliver up to 380 liters per hour. The 6 m long high-pressure hose eliminates the need to move the machine during the car wash. The set includes two of the most popular attachments, Vario Power and a mud blaster. The latter is needed to remove the most stubborn dirt – it creates such a powerful jet that the manufacturer forbids washing the car body with such a nozzle. But garden paths, metal structures, foundations – please. By the way, in addition to water, you can also use detergent – the K 3 Compact has a special tank for it.

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ANKER Power Drive Speed ​​2 Quick Charge Charging Adapter

It would seem that there are hundreds of models of car chargers for smartphones and tablets – choose any. In fact, they are not all the same. Firstly, it is advisable to take models with a pair of output connectors – if you have a passenger in your car, his gadgets may also need to be charged. Secondly, many cheap adapters do not support fast charging. Meanwhile, navigators on smartphones are among the most active consumers of energy among applications. So without fast charging, a gadget with navigation turned on will take a long time to charge.

From models with two ports and under...
From models with two ports and Quick Charge support, you can take Anker Power Drive Speed ​​2. This device can deliver 19.5 watts per channel, that is, provide fast charging for two gadgets at the same time. At the same time, the ports themselves are backlit, which helps a lot in the dark.

In addition, Anker uses in its devices (in particular, in Power Drive Speed ​​2) the MultiProtect system, which protects devices from overvoltage and overheating. Do not forget that fast charging also requires a suitable cable.

Vacuum cleaner STARWIND Moon Edition VC/Ember Edition VC

It would be trite to present an ordinary car vacuum cleaner. But, if you search, there are interesting models. For example, STARWIND Moon Edition VC / Ember Edition VC (this is one model in different versions).

The vacuum cleaner is small, the capacity of the dust collector is only 0.1 l, so it will be ideal rather for regular interior care. Battery operated, one charge lasts approximately 20 minutes. The original form allows you to store it even in a cup holder – so it will always be at hand. The kit includes two nozzles: brush and crevice.

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Car inverter DIGMA DCI-500

A rather original device, the existence of which many motorists do not even know. Inverters convert 12V to 220V. The safest models are those that connect directly to the battery, and not to a power outlet or cigarette lighter socket – the currents under heavy load will be quite high, and the fuses of the circuit may not withstand.

DIGMA DCI-500 allows you to connect devices
DIGMA DCI-500 allows you to connect devices with a power of up to 500 W (for a short time – up to 1 kW). It can be, for example, an ordinary TV – at a voltage of 220 V, it rarely consumes more than 150 watts.

A popular scenario for using an inverter is to recharge devices on road trips. For example, the batteries of cameras, drones, laptop batteries sometimes cannot be charged through a 12 V socket. Then such a device will come to the rescue.

Portable refrigerator Mobicool MV26

car fridge mo
A car refrigerator can be extremely useful for those who love to travel. We chose this model because it is universal: it works on both 12 V and 220 V networks. So you can come to the campsite, take the refrigerator with you and connect it already in the house.

The handle is designed in such a way that when folded, it blocks the lid from accidental opening. The volume of the refrigerator compartment is 26 liters. To make it easier to understand – three 1.5-liter bottles fit in an upright position. The refrigerator can cool the contents up to +5 °C. The description says it was made in Germany.

Tool kit Makita E-06616

Some motorists are not averse to delving into their car on their own: repairing or screwing another accessory. For such a great gift can be a set of tools. But there is a problem: among the huge variety of kits, more than half are frankly of low quality. There is no point in buying them, since fasteners in a car involve quite a lot of effort, and a bad tool simply cannot withstand them.

We have chosen a kit from Makita - author...
We chose a set from Makita, the authority on both conventional and power tools. The kit includes 120 items: 7 wrenches, 40 sockets, a cardan, a ratchet, a screwdriver, extension cords… Of course, the cost of such a set is higher than that of analogues from lesser-known brands, but the quality is appropriate.

All tools are packed in a durable plastic case. It is easy to store it in the garage or even carry it with you in the trunk. Given the assortment, such a gift will be useful not only for car repairs, but also in everyday life.

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