This review is dedicated to the thinnest robotic vacuum cleaners. We selected 6 nominees from popular domestic and foreign brands. One of the selection criteria is the maximum body height, which should not exceed 8.2 cm. Compact dimensions always come at a price, which is why none of the models from our rating is equipped with a laser rangefinder. But each of the vacuum cleaners can easily pass under furniture on low legs, which will not be possible with more expensive models with lidar and interactive cartography.

When choosing equipment, we focused on brand popularity, functionality, availability of advanced technologies, type of management and quality of cleaning. Among the key criteria is how the robot performed in real-life conditions. To do this, we have processed reviews from customers who use this gadget for a sufficient time to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the device.

All data was taken from open sources, such as Yandex.Market, review sites, thematic forums and other online resources available.

The order of appearance of gadgets in the review is by decreasing the height of the case.

6 thinnest robotic vacuum cleaners

Nomination Place Name Price

6 thinnest robotic vacuum cleaners


Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop (Global)

22 980 ₽


Kitfort KT-518

12 840 ₽



20 111 ₽


Polaris PVCR 0930 Smart Go

23 699 ₽


iBoto Smart X610G Aqua

28 100 ₽


Tefal RG7455WH

25 900 ₽

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop (Global)

Rating: 4.5


Opens our Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop (Global) review. This is a robot vacuum cleaner from a well-known Chinese brand, which is well known to Russians as a manufacturer of high-quality, functional and inexpensive electronics and gadgets for the smart home system.

The device is made in a white matte ABS plastic case, which is characterized by increased mechanical strength. The case has a round shape with a diameter of 350 mm and a height of 81.5 mm.

The key feature and advantage of the model is the presence of optical navigation. On top of the body is a camera that tracks walls, ceilings, doorways, furniture and interior items, providing the robot with precise orientation in the room.

To control the gadget, you can use two buttons on the case or through the Mi Home utility on your smartphone. The last option provides full access to all the functionality of the device. Through the application, you can work with a map of the room, watch the robot in real time, install virtual walls, adjust suction power, set up voice packets, set a cleaning schedule, and perform other actions. The robot also supports voice control via the Yandex.Alice virtual assistant.

In addition to garbage collection, the robot supports the mode of wet wiping the floor. To do this, you need to pour water into a special tank, fix a microfiber cloth and fasten it from behind to the bottom of the case. Inside a flat plastic tank is a pump that evenly supplies water to the napkin. The degree of wetting of the rag is adjustable via the application.

According to the Yandex.Market portal, the robot vacuum cleaner is marked as a “buyer’s choice” and has a rating of 4.8. The advantages of the gadget include an optical navigation system, compact size, the ability to simultaneously vacuum and wipe the floor, as well as good functionality. One of the disadvantages, according to consumers, is the rapid clogging of the HEPA filter due to the lack of a primary mesh and foam insert.

New cleaning technologies, an optical navigation system, smartphone control and voice command support allow the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop (Global) vacuum cleaner to take one of the leading positions in its product group.


  • Vacuums and wipes floors at the same time.

  • Proprietary application Mi Home for smartphone.

  • Interactive cartography.

  • Optical navigation.

  • Working with Yandex.Alisa.


  • There are no spare consumables included.

  • The HEPA filter is often clogged (according to consumer reviews).

Kitfort KT-518

Rating: 4.6

Kitfort KT-518

Our review continues with the Kitfort KT-518 model from a Russian manufacturer of small household appliances. The model is assembled in China and has a one-year warranty.

The robot optimally combines affordable cost, functionality and build quality. The body of the model is round, with a diameter of 30.5 cm and a height of 8 cm.

The gadget is designed only for dusting and does not have the technical ability to wet floors.

The device is controlled by pressing the touch button “Clean” on the top cover of the case or using the remote control. The user can set one of the four operating modes of the device, as well as set a timer for cleaning or send the vacuum cleaner to the base. After the battery is discharged, the robot itself goes to the base.

The owners of the robot vacuum cleaner note its affordable price, stylish design, the ability to select the operating mode and control from the remote control. The disadvantages include the lack of normal navigation and cartography, as well as limited functionality.

We recommend the Kitfort KT-518 to all users who want to purchase a robotic vacuum cleaner for everyday dry cleaning for little money.


  • Price.

  • 4 cleaning modes.

  • Remote control.


  • No wet mopping of floors.

  • No turbo brush.

  • No cartography.


Rating: 4.7


The next robot in our review is ILIFE V55s from a Chinese manufacturer. This is another model from an inexpensive price segment with good functionality. The robot is designed for dry and wet cleaning of various types of floor coverings, including low pile carpets.

The body of the vacuum cleaner is round, with a diameter of 300 mm and a height of 78 mm. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the device can easily pass under cabinets and sofas with low legs, as well as under kitchen cabinets.

The navigation system is based on infrared obstacle detection sensors and level control sensors. There is no cartography, as well as control via a smartphone.

The delivery set includes a remote control with which the user can choose one of three operating modes (automatic, free and local), and can also control the device manually. It is also possible to set the cleaning timer and increase the suction power to the maximum value while cleaning heavily soiled surfaces.

One of the features of the model is the presence of a virtual wall in the delivery set. This is a compact module that generates a continuous beam in one direction. Upon contact with the beam, the robot changes its trajectory. A virtual wall is useful for fencing off certain areas in a room or blocking a doorway (so that the vacuum cleaner does not go to another room).

For the mode of wet wiping the floor, it is necessary to pour water into a separate container, install a holder with a rag on the bottom of the case, and insert the tank itself into the vacuum cleaner instead of the dust collector. Water will begin to flow by gravity onto the napkin, and the robot will wipe the floor in the course of its movement.

Among the advantages, it should be noted the presence of several cleaning modes, convenient control from the remote control, good equipment and affordable price. Of the shortcomings – the impossibility of simultaneous dry and wet cleaning, the absence of a turbo brush.

The low price, compact size and good functionality allow the ILIFE V55s robot vacuum cleaner to compare favorably with competitors in its product group.


  • Compactness.

  • Remote control.

  • Extended equipment.

  • The presence of a virtual wall.


  • No turbo brush.

  • Do not vacuum and mop floors at the same time.

Polaris PVCR 0930 Smart Go

Rating: 4.7

Polaris PVCR 0930 Smart Go

The next compact robot vacuum cleaner in our ranking is the Polaris PVCR 0930 SmartGo from a Russian brand of small household appliances. The device is assembled in China and has a two-year warranty.

The model is designed for dry and wet cleaning of all types of floor coverings. The device is made in a modern design in a combination of light gray and black. The case diameter is 31 cm and the height is 7.6 cm.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a navigation system based on a gyroscope and additional IR sensors for various purposes. This allows him not only to better navigate in space, but also to pass the entire available area not randomly, but along an S-shaped trajectory. This improves the quality of cleaning and eliminates the omission of individual sections.

The device is controlled using the keys on the case or via the remote control.

For wet cleaning, it is necessary to install a tank with water and a rag instead of a dust collector. You can adjust the level of water supply to the rag from the remote control, which will allow you to choose the best option for different floor coverings.


  • We recommend the Polaris PVCR 0930 SmartGo model to users who will not spend a lot of time setting up a vacuum cleaner, but want to purchase reliable and functional equipment.

  • Advantages:

  • Can sweep and mop floors.

  • Suction power adjustment.

  • Control from the remote control.


  • Overcharge.

iBoto Smart X610G Aqua

Rating: 4.8


Another compact vacuum cleaner in our review is iBoto Smart X610G Aqua from an international brand with official representative offices in Russia and Korea. The equipment is traditionally assembled in China and has a 12-month warranty.

The body of the robot is round with a diameter of 31 cm and a height of 7.3 cm. The vacuum cleaner is considered one of the lowest in its product group. The device can be used for dry and wet cleaning.

The presence of a gyroscope improves the navigation system and allows the gadget to precisely zone the space.

To control the robot, a remote control is used, with which the user can select a cleaning program, set a timer or increase the motor power. The model does not support smartphone control.

One of the features of the model is a lint-free rubberized scraper roller instead of a central turbo brush. Hair and wool are practically not wound on such a roller, which improves the quality of cleaning.

For wet cleaning, it is necessary to remove the dust collector, and install a water tank with microfiber in its place.

The positive aspects of the technique include good cleaning quality, small dimensions and simple operation. Among the shortcomings, it is worth highlighting the lack of control via a smartphone and the impossibility of simultaneous dry and wet cleaning.

The low price, reliability and practicality allowed the robot vacuum cleaner iBoto Smart X610G Aqua to take its rightful place not only in our review, but also among analogues in its price segment.


  • Lint-free roller instead of turbo brush.

  • Quiet engine.

  • Multiple cleaning modes


  • No smartphone control.

  • Mediocre navigation.

  • It is impossible to vacuum and mop the floors at the same time.

Tefal RG7455WH

Rating: 4.9

Tefal RG7455WH

Our review of the thinnest robotic vacuum cleaners Tefal RG7455WH from the French manufacturer of small household appliances and utensils completes our review. The device is assembled in China and is covered by a two-year warranty.

The model is made in a round black case with a diameter of 34 cm and a height of only 6 cm. At the moment, this is one of the thinnest robotic vacuum cleaners among well-known brands.

One of the features of the model is an improved navigation system. In addition to the gyroscope and IR sensors, the TOF sensor helps the robot navigate in space, which calculates the distance to the wall, allowing the device to accurately move along the perimeter of the room, almost close to obstacles.

Another feature of the model is control through proprietary software for a smartphone. The user can select a cleaning mode, adjust the suction power (3 levels), set a schedule and view the status of consumables. The manual cleaning mode via a traditional remote control or via a virtual joystick is not provided in the application.

To wash the floors, attach a tank of water and a microfiber cloth to the bottom of the housing.

Another feature of the model is the support for voice commands through the Yandex.Alice virtual assistant.

The positive aspects of the vacuum cleaner include a stylish design, ultra-thin body and control via a smartphone. Among the shortcomings – the lack of mapping, no virtual wall and the inability to manually control the device.

Good functionality, thin body, remote control, compatibility with a voice assistant and high cleaning quality have allowed the Tefal RG7455WH robot to become one of the best in its category.


  • Case height is only 6 cm.

  • Proprietary smartphone app.

  • Compatible with Yandex. Alice.

  • Simultaneous dry and wet cleaning.


  • Does not build a map.

  • There is no remote control.

  • There is no virtual wall.