The Chinese company BBK is one of the largest manufacturers of so-called “consumer electronics”. However, in the post-Soviet space, it is known primarily for audio and video equipment – tape recorders, optical disc players, sound systems and televisions. And this is not surprising, since this technique is of high quality and adequate price.

For those who want to buy a quality device, but at the same time not overpay, we have compiled a rating of the 6 best BBK TVs – from premium to relatively budget models.

Rating of the best BBK TVs



Name of product


Rating of the best BBK TVs


BBK 65LEX-6027/UTS2C

38 700 ₽


BBK 55LEX-6042/UTS2C

27 270 ₽


BBK 50LEX-7027/FT2C

22 560 ₽


BBK 50LEM-1027/FTS2C

20 200 ₽


BBK 49LEM-1051/FTS2C

19 100 ₽


BBK 40LEM-1051/FTS2C

14 128 ₽

BBK 65LEX-6027/UTS2C

Rating: 4.5

BBK 65LEX-6027/UTS2C

Why it: A reasonably priced 4K TV.

This BBK TV is perfect for those who want a device with a truly impressive picture. Watching high-definition movies or playing modern consoles with this model will give you a real visual pleasure. The TV is equipped with a high-quality 64.5-inch matrix with 4K UHD resolution, HDR support and a refresh rate of 50 Hz – all this creates a rich and detailed “picture”.

It is also worth noting the interestingly implemented support for Smart TV. The TV runs on the extensible Android operating system, which provides almost limitless functionality through the installation of additional software. So, you can download clients of any streaming services on it – from YouTube and Netflix to any local online cinemas.

The device also has two stereo speakers for high-quality sound.


  • Excellent combination of price and technical characteristics;

  • Pre-installed expandable Android operating system;

  • High image quality (4K UHD resolution, HDR support).


  • Inconvenient remote control, illogical menu – you will have to get used to the controls;

  • Low quality of image processing on air channels;

  • There is no optical audio output for connecting a higher quality audio system.

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BBK 55LEX-6042/UTS2C

Rating: 4.4

BBK 55LEX-6042/UTS2C

Why it: High-resolution matrix with support for an extended range of shades.

This 55-inch BBK TV is similar in many ways to the previous model on the list, but has a smaller screen size of 55 inches. However, the technical characteristics of the matrix are similar to the previous device in the ranking. The TV has a high resolution of 4K UHD and supports HDR for high-quality display of shades in scenes with smooth transitions.

In addition, it also runs on the Android operating system with the ability to install almost any application. This allows you to enjoy high-definition content in online cinemas (such as YouTube, Netflix and other streaming services).

The device has a built-in DVB-T2 digital tuner for decoding digital terrestrial television. External devices are supposed to be connected via one of the three HDMI connectors. There are also three USB ports for watching movies from drives.


  • Excellent technical characteristics of the matrix;

  • Quick “stuffing” for the operation of Smart TV based on the Android operating system;

  • Relatively low price.


  • Not very stable operation of the operating system, freezes are observed;

  • Some models are supplied with an IPS matrix, some with a lower quality MVA;

  • Inconvenient remote control, it takes some getting used to (but you can use the keyboard and mouse).

BBK 50LEX-7027/FT2C

Rating: 4.4

BBK 50LEX-7027/FT2C

Why it: Low price and high-quality matrix.

The main advantage of this BBK TV is the high quality of the matrix. It is made using IPS technology, which ensures excellent color reproduction and saturation of shades. Even on dark elements, the level of “exposure” is minimal – also thanks to a special backlight technology.

The 50-inch matrix of the device has a resolution of Full HD (1080p). Thanks to this, high detail of images on the corresponding content is achieved. The device also supports Smart TV functions due to the fact that it is running an Android operating system that is expandable through the installation of third-party applications.

The device can connect to terrestrial digital television and is equipped with a built-in DVB-T2 tuner. External devices (media players, consoles, TV boxes) are connected via HDMI, there are three of these connectors. There are also two USB inputs for playing content from flash drives.


  • High quality matrix;

  • Smart TV is based on the Android operating system, which supports expansion through the installation of third-party applications;

  • Good quality built-in 8-watt stereo speakers.


  • Requires configuration to work with some external devices – for example, the latest generation of consoles;

  • Not always stable operation of the firmware;

  • Uncomfortable, takes some getting used to.

BBK 50LEM-1027/FTS2C

Rating: 4.3

BBK 50LEM-1027/FTS2C

Why it: Loads of features and attractive design.

Despite its low price, this 50-inch BBK TV offers a lot of functionality. So, it has support for several digital broadcasting formats at once to display a huge number of channels (the device can store up to 1100 programs). Supports automatic volume equalization, video stream recording to a USB drive, TimeShift and other useful functions.

Specifications of the device include a 50-inch high-quality Full HD MVA panel with special backlight technology to ensure uniform brightness intensity across the entire image area. There are also two 8-watt stereo speakers.

External devices are connected to the TV via one of the three HDMI connectors. There is also one USB for connecting a drive, VGA for connecting to a computer, a coaxial output for external speakers, and AV for outdated set-top boxes.


  • Good matrix quality (one of the best in its rating segment), thin bezels;

  • Built-in multi-channel tuner for terrestrial television;

  • Relatively many additional features.


  • Average sound quality;

  • Inconvenient organization of the list of channels from different sources;

  • There is a slight “blurring” on cable HD TV.

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BBK 49LEM-1051/FTS2C

Rating: 4.2

BBK 49LEM-1051/FTS2C

Why it: Low price and good quality for home use.

This BBK TV is a good solution for watching movies and sometimes broadcasts. The 48.5-inch matrix of the device, despite the fact that it is made using MVA technology, is distinguished by good color reproduction and high resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels (Full HD). A special backlight technology ensures uniform brightness and natural dark tones.

Matrix manufacturing technologies provide adequate but not too intense brightness up to 250 km/m2, a superb static contrast ratio of 1200:1 and the widest viewing angles of 178 degrees (both vertically and horizontally). The screen responds in 8ms, which makes it suitable for most games – when using a TV with consoles.

The device is equipped with a multifunctional digital tuner for terrestrial television; two 8-watt speakers; three HDMI connectors and two USB ports.


  • Excellent value for money;

  • Two remotes for ease of use for various purposes;

  • High quality matrix.


  • No smart features;

  • Inconvenient, complex organization of the list of channels, especially if they come from various sources (cable, satellite, air);

  • Relatively average sound quality.

BBK 40LEM-1051/FTS2C

Rating: 4.1

BBK 40LEM-1051/FTS2C

Why it: High pixel density, maximum static contrast for enhanced image detail.

This BBK TV is a good model for watching movies and other home use. Its 40-inch screen features the highest static contrast ratio of 4000:1. This achieves excellent image detail, which is further emphasized by the high resolution of Full HD (and the readiness to play HD content from external sources).

The TV does not have Smart TV functions, but it does have a built-in tuner for digital and analog broadcasting, three HDMI 1.4 connectors for connecting peripheral equipment (such as game consoles, multimedia players, TV boxes, computers and laptops – or, for example, Chromecast) , as well as two USB 2.0 for external drives.

The TV also has a low weight of only 7 kg. Thanks to this, its installation will take a minimum of time and can even be carried out independently.


  • Superb image detail with HD resolution and high contrast;

  • Plenty of HDMI ports for connecting peripherals;

  • Adequate sound quality from two 8-watt speakers.


  • Slow USB ports;

  • Low decoder performance when playing video from USB drives;

  • No Smart TV functionality.