Even the most modern laptop is not always perfect. We have selected several devices that will make working on a laptop more comfortable.

Hubs for connecting devices

In new laptop models, sometimes there are only 2 USB connectors – they are not always enough to connect additional portable devices, headsets and office equipment. Yes, and in ultrabooks on Windows there are often the same number. There is a way out – the use of hubs that allow you to connect several devices through one connector. Many of them are made in the format of a docking station, on which it is convenient to install a laptop. At the same time, the entire range of connectors remains on the outer panel.

5 useful accessories for your laptop that you should buy

The device can also be made as a separate accessory. For example, here is a model from Baseus.

This hub can connect several devices via USB, as well as memory cards. To connect to the MacBook, there is a USB-C connector, and it is designed specifically for a specific type of computer. This is what the connected hub looks like.

5 useful accessories for your laptop that you should buy

There are smaller models. These are suitable as mobile solutions – they are easy to carry with a laptop in a bag. For example, this one even has wireless charging, in addition to 3 USB connectors and one HDMI with 4K support.

5 useful accessories for your laptop that you should buyFor those who use a laptop as a work tool, large 10-in-1 hubs are more suitable. They have almost all the connectors that you might need.

  • HDMI;
  • RJ45;
  • VGA;
  • USB 3.0 (3pcs);
  • SD/MMC;
  • TF/MicroSD;
  • PD Charging;
  • Audio Jack 3.5 mm.

Through the HDMI port, you can output 4K video to a monitor or projector. An alternative is a VGA connector. The hub is equipped with three USB 3.0 ports, which allows you to connect multiple external drives at the same time. There is a separate 3.5 mm Jack port for the headset. Separately, there are slots compatible with conventional memory cards and microSD, which allows you to quickly send video files and images from your tablet, smartphone or camera.

Notebook Stand

Notebook vents are usually located at the bottom. Therefore, if it lies on your lap or (worse) a blanket, overheating can happen. To prevent this from happening, they came up with laptop stands – ordinary or with their own cooler system.

If you do not work with complex programs and do not play games, you can buy a simpler stand. For heavy loads, the blower system will not hurt. Active stands are connected to the laptop via USB. Some resemble miniature tables – adjusted using a system of levers and hinges.

Wireless printer

A printer in the traditional sense is a bulky technique that needs to find a place on the table. But there are also compact models that easily fit into a backpack or bag. For example, like this Xiaomi Mijia AR ZINK.

The maximum print size is 50 * 76 mm, the resolution is also small, but such a device does not need ink. It prints on special thermal paper using Zero Ink technology. The connection is wireless, of course, via Bluetooth. Weighs less than 200 gr.

Bag or Case

They are needed in order to protect the device from damage, in addition, to carry a power supply, mouse or keyboard with you. There is full scope for choice: you can even take a cheap case for 200 rubles.

More functional bags: they fit all the periphery. In addition, it is convenient to take them by the handle or carry them by putting on a shoulder strap.

The simplest options are bags and ...
The simplest options are neoprene bags, which last a maximum of a year. There are high-quality brand bags like Tucano, with many compartments and soft padding that softens blows. These are more expensive: from 2000 rubles, but they retain an attractive appearance longer, and generally last longer.

Laptop lock

Most laptops have a mysterious hole whose purpose remains a mystery to users. Meanwhile, it is worth dealing with it in more detail. it kensington lock, designed to “fasten” a laptop in public places. Actually, in stores this is how they are attached to the shelves.

You can also use such a lock: for example, if you often work in co-working spaces or cafes. You just need to buy a cable (more precisely, it is called a lock. The key can be traditional or code – the second option is even more convenient.

Peeking film

5 useful accessories for your laptop that you should buy

If you work with confidential information (or simply do not want your colleagues to see what is on our screen), pay attention to “anti-spyware” films. Although display manufacturers do their best to increase the viewing angle, these films, on the contrary, reduce them to about 60 °. In the end, you can see everything perfectly, but for those who stand aside, the screen looks just black (or color, depending on the type of film).

By the way, what kind of accessory can you buy for a smartphone. It sticks like a regular protective film and is just as easy to remove.