Espada E27-6-M-6W

5 unusual LED lamps that do not just shine!Let’s start with the elementary: here is a lamp with a built-in motion sensor. Turns on when two conditions are met: the room is dark, and someone enters the “service area”. Turns off 40 seconds after someone leaves the same zone. This is convenient to install, for example, in a corridor or pantry. Some put it in the toilet, but there the circumstances do not favor active movement, so after 40 seconds you had to wave your arms – how else to read a book?

The power of the lamp is only 6 W, for a pantry – an economical solution. By the way, recently we calculated the real savings from the use of LED lamps – read about it here.

Approximate cost – 500 rubles.


5 unusual LED lamps that do not just shine!

Where without the ubiquitous Xiaomi – more precisely, from one of the subsidiary brands of this company, Yeelight. It has a Wi-Fi module through which it connects to a home router. After connecting to the network, the lamp turns into a real gadget. For example, she can:

  • turn on and off by timer
  • work in the temperature range of 1700K-6500K (from a warm shade of white to a cold one)
  • glow in all primary colors

To control the lamp, you will need to download a proprietary application on your smartphone. Imagine: you can turn off the light in the room without getting out of bed. Or imitate “life” in an apartment or country house with the Internet, turning the lights on and off according to the schedule… No additional devices are needed – just screw the lamp into the E27 base.

Hi-Fun Hi-Led

5 unusual LED lamps that do not just shine!Of course, this lamp smells strongly of the east, it is not sold in serious stores, but when we, experimenters, it stopped! The idea is great – to add a miniature speaker and a Bluetooth module to the lamp. This way, your wireless “music center” will never need to be charged – it is already connected to the network. True, only after you flip the switch.

The lamp, by the way, is also with brains. By connecting a smartphone to it, you can control music (turn on / off, adjust the volume) and light (turn on / off, adjust the brightness). Speaker power – 10 watts, the lamp itself – 5 watts.

The approximate cost is 3800 rubles.

Prestigio Smart Color

5 unusual LED lamps that do not just shine!

Well, where there is music, there is light music. This smart lamp can also be controlled from a smartphone, plus it has a “Rhythm” mode, in which the light pulsates to the beat of the music. And this does not harm the lamp itself: the manufacturer claims that it can last up to 10 years with normal use). LED lamps usually burn out not at all from such modes: read our article about the real reasons.

The power of such a lamp is 5 watts. For lighting a room, one of these is not enough, but for light music – just right.

Approximate cost – 1500 rubles.

Kromatech JL/YD-678

5 unusual LED lamps that do not just shine!

This lamp also has a unique “chip” – it works both from the network and from the built-in battery. The light was turned off at the dacha at night – he unscrewed the light bulb, switched it to autonomous power and went to deal with the shield. There are several glow modes: 8, 14 or all 22 diodes. By the way, it comes with a remote control, with which you can also switch lighting modes. The battery is 1000 mAh with overcharging protection.

Approximate cost – 500 rubles.

Bonus: illumiBowl toilet light

5 unusual LED lamps that do not just shine!Yes, yes, in the photo – not lamps, but toilets. And illumiBowl is a lamp for such lighting, so we could not include it in the main review, but we felt that we simply had to introduce you to it.

The lamp is not anyhow, but with a motion sensor. Powered by batteries, it works when motion is detected 2-3 meters from the device. The main unit with batteries is outside, and the lamp itself is on a flexible cable closer to the rim. The manufacturer claims that illumiBowl has not only a decorative, but also an antimicrobial effect. Of which, of course, we strongly doubt.

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