beard trimmer

The trimmer is an indispensable thing for...
A trimmer is an indispensable thing for those who wear a mustache or beard. Some suffer from trimmers built into the razor, which in fact are only suitable for trimming hair at the temples. So a separate device can be a great gift.

One of the most versatile trimmers is the Polaris PHC 3017 Argan Therapy PRO. It has two length adjustment systems at once. From 0.8 to 2 mm, it can be adjusted with a movable roller. If you need more length, additional combs of 3, 6, 9, 12, 16 mm will come in handy. So for those who wear short haircuts, this trimmer may well replace a hairdressing machine.

The cutting block is made of hypoallergenic materials, the knives are made of titanium and ceramics. The battery lasts for 3 hours, and the IPX8 protection of the case makes it easy to clean: the blades can be washed under running water.

Minisystem for future parties

Almost every home has some sort of wireless speaker. But for high-quality sound, these are usually not enough. For those who like to gather noisy parties, you can give a mini-system – for example, Hyundai H-MC170.

This column is good because it can ...
This speaker is good because it can play music from different sources: traditionally via Bluetooth from a smartphone, from a memory card, and even from FM radio stations. She also has a microphone and an input for it, so you can arrange karaoke.

Power will be enough even for a large house – 80 watts. The battery is enough to play music for up to 8 hours without interruption at medium volume. The speaker also has a remote control with which you can control the device remotely.

Echo sounder for trophy fishing

We thought for a long time what to give those ...
We thought for a long time what to present to those who are fond of fishing. We consulted with the fishermen and decided that an echo sounder could be the most appropriate gift. Fishing rods, spinning rods, baits – all this is an individual matter, so you can not guess.

Of the relatively inexpensive, but practical echo sounders, we chose the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO +. This small device helps to create maps of the reservoir, determine the presence of fish (both schools and singles) and the depth at which it is located. In the proprietary application, you can find a handy calendar that shows the likely activity of fish (the data is based on information about atmospheric pressure and moon phases). You can also watch a detailed weather forecast, keep personal notes, mark places with the best bite on the map.

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    Choosing gifts for the New Year: gadgets up to 2000 rubles

repair tool

A case with a tool for all occasions is a great gift. But there is a problem: the content of cheap kits is of very low quality and breaks quickly. A professional tool is expensive.

We have to find a compromise
We have to look for compromise options. One of these can be Kraftool 27887-H82_z02, a set of 82 items. True, both screwdriver bits and socket heads are considered objects. But in fact, indeed, there are all the popular tools for working with fasteners.

To be more precise, the range is as follows:

  • 16 bit
  • 8 wrenches
  • 44 sockets
  • 2 ratchets
  • 2 extensions
  • 2 hinges
  • Vorotok

For those to whom these words do not mean anything: such a set will be useful for those who have a summer house or a country house, as well as for motorists. However, for the latter we have a separate selection.

Cordless screwdriver

For those men who work...

And for those men who work mainly in apartments, a compact screwdriver with basic nozzles is more suitable – for example, Bosch IXO 6. It will help you assemble or disassemble furniture, hang a shelf or a picture, and even make New Year’s decorations. Almost does not take up space on the shelf and weighs only 350 grams.

Bosch IXO 6 is equipped with a comfortable handle and illumination of the working area, it is also possible to adjust the speed (up to 215 rpm), selecting it depending on the material. The screwdriver is charged using a universal mircoUSB adapter. Another advantage of the model is a huge set of nozzles, not only for working with screws, but also for lighting coals, grinding spices and uncorking bottles – there is a special corkscrew accessory for this.

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