Meanwhile, there are only two weeks left before the New Year. And gifts, tea, have not been bought yet? Will you also postpone until the last minute, and then rush about and buy anything? In this case, here is a selection of gifts that are easy to buy, suitable for friends of both sexes, and besides, they will be useful to everyone. You might also want to keep…

Wireless headphones

It would seem that there are many models in stores, but choosing good wireless headphones is not so easy. Someone uses them as a headset, others constantly listen to classical music – how to please both? Just choose a decent universal model. For example, Jabra Elite 65t, which is currently considered one of the best TWS headphones. The secret of their popularity is not only in good sound, but also in the customization options through the proprietary Jabra Sound + application.

Each of the headphones has 2 microphones, one of which works for the perception of speech, the second – for ambient sounds. As a result, when talking, the superfluous is filtered out, but the important remains. In addition, despite the format of the “plugs” in the Jabra Elite 65t, you can hear the surrounding sounds, if necessary – just press the button. A very useful feature for those who ride bicycles or electric vehicles. Athletes will love the IP55 water and dust resistance.


Modern smartphones are so good that you don’t want to let go of them. And the more we use them, the faster the battery drains. That is why power banks (or mobile batteries) remain popular to this day. As a gift, we advise you to consider models with a capacity of 10,000 mAh – more capacious ones are heavy and it is convenient to carry them only in a bag or backpack.

As an example, Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3. We liked it because it supports fast charging technology, can charge two devices at the same time (output current is 3 A), has protection against short circuits, overheating and overload. And, of course, like everything from Xiaomi, it is inexpensive.

Wireless speaker

People of all ages and genders listen to music. Don’t think that wireless speakers are only for young people – why not play your favorite tracks in the background when you are doing household chores? In our opinion, the column as a gift should be compact, protected from water and “long-playing”, that is, with a good margin of autonomy. One model that combines all these qualities is the recent JBL Flip 5.

You can listen to it even in the rain, and the battery lasts for 12 hours at medium volume. It connects via Bluetooth – it is enough to “pair” the smartphone and the speaker once, and you won’t have to mess with it anymore.

Fitness bracelet

Wearables are another useful feature. Both for the older generation, who would do well to monitor the pulse and the number of steps taken, and for the youth, who read new messages every minute and go in for active sports. It is not a fact that your friends will be ready to wear watches, so there is no point in spending money on them. But the bracelet, as a rule, becomes at least an interesting toy. For example, Honor Band 5 with a beautiful color screen.

As usual, the bracelet is protected from water (you can even swim in the pool with it), it can count steps, monitor the quality of sleep and the amount of oxygen in the blood. And, of course, display notifications from different applications. The strap can be fastened without problems both on a miniature wrist and on a powerful male hand.

USB flash drive

Many people think that flash drives have already become obsolete – who needs them in the presence of cloud storage. But this is not so: it is still more convenient to transfer large amounts of data on physical media, especially if the Internet is not unlimited. Modern flash drives can even be terabyte, but such a pleasure costs about 40,000 rubles. Expensive, we agree. But here, for example, is the excellent 64 GB Kingston DataTraveler Elite mobile memory in a durable metal case with water protection.

This is not a shame to give, and it is inexpensive. Supports the USB 3.1 protocol, that is, when connected to the appropriate port, it can work very quickly.

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