In addition to high-performance hardware, a gamer also needs high-quality gaming peripherals, but all suitable models are usually very expensive. In order to save some money, you can look towards gaming kits consisting of a keyboard and mouse. However, it happens that you like only one device out of two: this is an inevitable minus of such bundles (it is difficult to choose so that both devices are right for you).

And although many parameters of gaming gadgets are selected purely individually, we decided to tell you about the 5 best and most versatile kits.

COUGAR Deathfire EX Black USB

4 best keyboard+mouse sets

You can find a good offer from Cougar for only 3500 rubles. Let’s start with the keyboard. An interesting design with RGB contour lighting immediately catches your eye, which can be configured with the appropriate hotkeys. Switches are hidden under the keys, which resemble something between a membrane and a mechanical type. They are rated for 20 million clicks. Cable in a fabric braid.

As for the mouse, there is also RGB backlighting here, although, unfortunately, it cannot be synchronized with the keyboard so that the two devices shimmer in unison. Under the hood is an Avago 5050 optical sensor. Resolution up to 2000 dpi with a stroke of 500 dpi, which is not very convenient, but for such a price it is excusable. There are two side buttons. Under the main keys are Omron switches for 5 million clicks. In general, the mouse is not the strongest point of this kit, it should be considered as an addition to the main keyboard device.


RGB backlight
Low cost
braided wires
Simple and comfortable ergonomics


dpi values ​​are multiples of 500
Small resource of keys
Uneven backlight

Motospeed CK888 Black-Grey USB

The most budgetary mechanical keyboards traditionally come to us from China. Motospeed is famous for its cheap but feature-packed models. Having paid only 4000 rubles, in addition to mechanics, you will also get a good mouse.

The keyboard, as befits a gaming device, is equipped with RGB backlighting. 15 light modes are supported. The model was made in a minimalistic shell without any interesting design solutions. Switches – Blue Switch, resource clicks – 50 million. Weight – 850 grams. If you do not have touch typing skills, then this device will not suit you, since there is no Cyrillic alphabet here. However, no one prevents you from using the services of an engraver.

Optical mouse with a maximum resolution of 2400 dpi. The switching step is 800 dpi, which is slightly better than the 500 dpi of the previous mouse, but still not the most convenient option. There are two classic side keys. Both devices have no fabric braided cables.


RGB backlight
Mechanical switches
Low price for mechanics
Minimalistic design
Great keystroke resource


No fabric braid
Mouse resolution switching step in 800 dpi
Absence of Cyrillic


4 best keyboard+mouse sets

An even more advantageous offer from Gamdias, which, in addition to the keyboard and mouse, added a rug to the set. The cost of the trio is 3200 rubles. There is also a backlight here, but only 2 modes of operation are available, the red light is static and does not change. The keyboard comes with a wrist rest. The cable is in a fabric braid and can be laid in a convenient way for you using special holes located on the back of the keyboard (cable management has also reached gaming peripherals). Switches branded from the company Gamdias – brown / black. The weight of the device is simply huge and is 1560 grams!

Gaming mouse Demeter E2. As in other kits, there is a strange resolution switching step. Four modes are available: 1200, 1600, 2400 and 3200 dpi. On the left side there are 2 additional keys. The sensor is optical. Cable in a fabric braid. There is a weight adjustment system, the stock value of the mass is 105 grams.

The mat in the kit should be considered as a nice bonus to the purchase. It is made of rubber and has dimensions of 240 x 180 x 3 mm, which will obviously not be enough for many gamers.


Carpet included
Mechanical switches
Large resource of clicks
The presence of backlight
Fabric cables
cable management


Low mouse polling rate (125Hz)
Total 4 mouse resolution modes
Total 2 backlight modes

SVEN Challenge 9000 Combo Black USB

4 best keyboard+mouse sets

If you are looking for a starter pack at the lowest possible price, then Sven is ready to give you a kit for only 1400 rubles. At this price, it would be foolish to expect mechanical switches and RGB lighting. Here, of course, all this is not there, but on the other hand, the resource of keystrokes of the keyboard is 20 million keystrokes, which is quite good. The membrane type allowed the device to throw off a couple of extra pounds and the weight of the entire set is only 685 grams. The main keys are rubberized. There is a small palm rest and a thickened line of keys in the same row with

space. Cables without fabric braid.

The mouse turned out to be the most ordinary, without any interesting chips: it’s just a good classic “rodent” with a stable optical sensor. Dimensions: 117x64x37 mm. On the left side there are 2 additional keys. Above the wheel is a key for changing the resolution, which can be equal to the following values: 600/1000/1200/1800 dpi. An even stranger step of switching values, but for such a price there is no need to complain. Moreover, the kit also includes a rug. It is made of cloth, a red pattern is applied to the surface, the size is 275x222x3 mm.


One of the lowest prices
Carpet included
The presence of additional keys on both gadgets


dpi values
No fabric braid
Tight mouse wheel

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