Do you have carpet in your apartment? Do you want to get rid of dust as quickly as possible? In both of these cases, you need to think about buying a powerful vacuum cleaner. If you are at a loss with his choice, then check out our next rating. It consists exclusively of those models whose suction power reaches at least 400 watts.

11 most powerful vacuum cleaners for the home

Nomination Place Name Price

11 most powerful vacuum cleaners for the home


Philips PowerPro Expert FC 9734

24 980 ₽


Philips Performer FC 9174

20 800 ₽


Thomas Bravo 20S Aquafilter

22 609 ₽


Bork V712

22 880 ₽


Arnica Tesla

15 999 ₽


Samsung Anti-Tangle VC-21K5179H1

18 399 ₽


Thomas Smart Touch Star

23 498 ₽


Arnica Bora 7000 Premium

19 608 ₽


LG Kompressor VC83209UHAS

16 850 ₽


Philips PowerPro Active FC 9570

18 194 ₽


Polaris PVC 2031

8 990 ₽

Philips PowerPro Expert FC 9734

Rating: 4.9

Philips PowerPro Expert FC 9734

A magnificent device that is ready to draw dust particles not only from some conditional carpet, but also from the air. This is thanks to the PowerCyclone 8 technology introduced here. At the same time, you can not be afraid that these particles will return back – this is prevented by an anti-allergic filter, the manufacturer of which claims a retention of 99.9%. And even if the dust collector is not completely closed, a special sensor will determine this, immediately warning the person about it.

A curious feature of this model is the TriActive + nozzle. It sucks dust through three holes. And if the carpet is cleaned, then its pile rises, as a result of which an exceptionally perfect result awaits you. Also, during cleaning, you can use a soft brush, which is built into the handle. In general, many accessories are stored under the body of the vacuum cleaner. These include the special Super Turbo nozzle. It is especially useful for pet owners.

It remains to be added that the vacuum cleaner does not have the greatest weight. It may seem that any powerful motor is not able to fit inside such a device. However, there is an exception to the rule here. The power of the electric motor installed here reaches 2100 W, and our readers will definitely not call this figure insufficient.


  • Excellent filter;

  • Many useful attachments;

  • There is a compartment for storing accessories;

  • Decent suction power

  • The length of the power cord reaches 7 m;

  • No record high noise level;

  • Easy emptying of the dust container;

  • Two year warranty period.


  • High price.

Philips Performer FC 9174

Rating: 4.8


Some vacuum cleaners suffer from a power cord that is not long enough. Because of this, during general cleaning, you constantly have to move from one outlet to another. Against this background, the Philips Performer FC 9174 stands out strongly, since the length of the wire used by this device reaches quite adequate seven meters! If you add a hose to this, then the working range of the vacuum cleaner begins to be ten meters. However, this is one of the most insignificant pluses.

This model uses a bag dust collector. Its main advantage is a four-liter volume. This is enough for multiple cleanings of the entire apartment. Disposal of such a bag does not cause any problems. And while it is not full, the suction power reaches an impressive 500 watts. This parameter provides an electric motor with a power of 2200 W, which is sure to please with a long service life.

The vacuum cleaner comes with a variety of attachments. One of them was named TriActive. It uses three holes through which different types of debris are sucked. Also, the turbo brush does not cause any complaints, which calmly copes with cleaning dust from any carpets.


  • Capacious dust bag;

  • Long network cable;

  • Powerful suction power;

  • Allergy H13 filtration system used;

  • Not very high noise level;

  • Comes with good nozzles;

  • Quality rubber wheels.


  • High price;

  • Control buttons – only on the case.

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Thomas Bravo 20S Aquafilter

Rating: 4.8

Thomas Bravo 20S Aquafilter

Quite an unusual looking vacuum cleaner. A special design is used here so that you do not accidentally turn this device over. The fact is that this can lead to damage, because a cyclone aqua filter is installed inside. With its help, not only dust is absorbed, but also water. The volume of the latter can easily reach 6 liters! This allows you to make a full-fledged wet cleaning in the entire apartment or even a private house.

Despite the rather large dimensions of the vacuum cleaner, it still does not use the longest cable. However, the cleaning radius is 8.5 m – this will be quite enough for many of our readers. Approximately the same words can be said in relation to the engine, whose power is 1600 watts. With this parameter, you can get rid of dust and parquet, and upholstered furniture, and even carpets.

This model goes to the buyer along with different nozzles. Some of them are, if not unique, then very rare. For example, in a box with a vacuum cleaner, a siphon nozzle will be found, which will allow you to quickly clear a clogged pipe. No less important is the accessory for updating the pile of upholstered furniture. Allergy sufferers should also like it, as it can be used for thorough cleaning of a carpet or carpet.


  • As the water filter fills up, the suction power does not change;

  • The set includes unusual nozzles;

  • Thorough wet cleaning available;

  • Ideal for use in huge rooms;

  • The warranty period has been extended to two years.


  • Weight reaches 7.1 kg;

  • High price;

  • There is no power regulator on the handle;

  • No automatic cable rewind.

Bork V712

Rating: 4.7


A very unusual vacuum cleaner. Its design immediately makes it clear that this is a professional solution. The manufacturer himself speaks about this. He claims that with the help of such a vacuum cleaner, you can easily clean a room up to 1000 square meters. m. This process simplifies not only a huge dust collector, but also a long network cable. With the help of the latter, the cleaning radius reaches an incredible 15.5 m!

It is known that many inhabitants of our country suffer from allergies from time to time. It is to such people that this vacuum cleaner is most recommended. The fact is that this model is equipped with an S-class filtration system. This means that even the smallest particles of dust cannot escape. Importantly, this does not affect the suction power in any way.

If you carefully examine the device, it becomes noticeable two-layer soft bumper. It serves not only to prevent damage to furniture, walls or other objects, but also to reduce the noise level by up to 65 dB. Another important feature is the presence of four nozzles in the kit. And each of them is the most useful.


  • Huge cleaning radius;

  • Very powerful suction;

  • The volume of a dust collector makes 6 l;

  • Perfect filtration system;

  • A large number of nozzles;

  • It is completed with six replaceable dust collectors;

  • Low noise level.


  • The weight of the vacuum cleaner is 6.9 kg;

  • Some buyers will not have enough turbo brushes;

  • Power regulator – only on the body.

Arnica Tesla

Rating: 4.6

Arnica Tesla

A rare case when a vacuum cleaner exists in two colors: pink and silver. This model has another feature, which is high efficiency. With a 750-watt electric motor, the device provides a suction power of 450 watts! The parameter indicated by us is quite enough for high-quality cleaning of not only smooth parquet, but also upholstered furniture or even carpet with a high pile. A three-year warranty period should also please the buyer. This allows you not to worry about the condition of the motor.

The vacuum cleaner is connected to the outlet using an eight-meter cable. At first, this is even surprising, because the wire managed to fit inside a relatively small device. If we recall the hose present here, then the radius of action is 11 meters. Pleasant emotions are caused by the fact that the vacuum cleaner turned out to be quite quiet. Even if you activate the full suction power, the noise level is 70 dB.

Included with this model is a well-thought-out nozzle, with which parquet, laminate and carpets are cleaned. The vacuum cleaner also uses a HEPA 13 filter. It allows you to hope that even very small dust particles will not fly out. As for the dust collector, its volume is 3 liters. It cannot be said that this is a record figure, but it should not be called insufficient either.


  • On the body there are attachments for nozzles;

  • Long warranty period;

  • Good filter;

  • Low power consumption;

  • Adequate noise level;

  • Excellent brush for floors and carpets;

  • Decent length of network cable;

  • Two body colors to choose from;

  • There are power adjustment buttons on the handle.


  • Not a very large number of nozzles;

  • High price;

  • Rigid hose.

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Samsung Anti-Tangle VC-21K5179H1

Rating: 4.6


The South Korean company Samsung produces a large number of various household appliances. Some are actively supplied to Russia. For example, many of our customers are familiar with a vacuum cleaner that has an almost completely transparent body. Importantly, this is one of the smallest devices of this type. At the same time, there was a place for large wheels, thanks to which the vacuum cleaner overcomes wires and other obstacles without any problems.

A two-liter container is used here as a dust collector. This design had a negative impact on the noise level. The corresponding measurements show 84 dB. Therefore, this model is not the best choice for those who regularly clean while another person is sleeping in the next room.

If we return to the description of the advantages, then it is impossible not to note the presence in the kit of a large number of well-thought-out attachments. In particular, cleaning can be carried out using a turbo brush. The effectiveness of its action will suit even pet owners. It remains to add that the length of the cord used here is 7 m.


  • Excellent suction power (440 W);

  • Stylish design;

  • HEPA filter is used;

  • There are useful attachments;

  • There are big wheels.


  • Modest volume of a dust collector;

  • The vacuum cleaner cannot be called quiet;

  • High price.

Thomas Smart Touch Star

Rating: 4.5

Thomas Smart Touch Star

One of the most expensive vacuum cleaners in our selection. This model has a spectacular design and good performance. Somewhere under its body is hidden an electric motor with a power of 2 kW. It provides a suction power of 425W, which is enough even to clean a carpet with a very high pile.

This vacuum cleaner can not be called small. Therefore, it is not surprising that he received a 3.5-liter bag at his disposal. It is enough for numerous cleanings, even in a fairly large apartment.

Why does the name of this model contain a mention of smart features? Everything is simple. The vacuum cleaner is really different from most of its competitors. For example, there is an illumination of the cleaned surface. Also, not every other model has a power regulator on the handle. This allows you to once again not lean towards the body of the device. And how many nozzles are included in the kit! And many of them are very useful. For example, one of them is sharpened for collecting pet hair. Another device received a touch display, which is used to select the operating mode.

Since the vacuum cleaner turned out to be very large, there was a place inside it for a very long power cord. With it, the cleaning radius reaches an incredible 13 m. Not every professional model provides such a figure! At the same time, Thomas Smart Touch Star is much lighter – the scales under it will show only 4.7 kg.


  • Very long power cord;

  • Large dust bag;

  • Vertical parking available;

  • modest weight;

  • Excellent suction power;

  • Has a backlit brush

  • The control buttons are on the handle;

  • The vacuum cleaner is supplemented with a touch screen;

  • Good filtration system;

  • There is a silicone circular bumper.


  • Astronomical price tag.

Arnica Bora 7000 Premium

Rating: 4.4


An excellent choice for those people who wish to use such a device not only for dry cleaning, but also for wet cleaning. The fact is that this model received an aquafilter at its disposal. You can only regret about its volume, which is only 1.2 liters. However, there is nothing to worry about, because this type of dust collector means that you will empty it anyway, even after a relatively short cleaning.

Usually vacuum cleaners with aquafilter are too noisy. Especially if inside them there is such an engine as here – in this case, its power reaches 2400 watts. Fortunately, there is no such problem here. Even if you activate the maximum suction power, the noise level will not exceed 79 dB. Also, sometimes these models do not have the most thoughtful filtering system. Here the choice was made in favor of HEPA, so it is quite difficult to make a claim. The purchase can also please thanks to the many useful attachments.


  • The warranty period has been extended to three years;

  • You can do wet cleaning;

  • Not very high noise level;

  • Two body colors are available;

  • There is a washable HEPA-13 filter;

  • Serious suction power;

  • A large number of nozzles.


  • The aquafilter must be emptied after each cleaning;

  • The length of the power cord does not exceed 6 m;

  • High price;

  • The vacuum cleaner may seem too large.

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LG Kompressor VC83209UHAS

Rating: 4.3


A good choice for a person who is not going to carry around a large vacuum cleaner while cleaning. This model is very compact. At the same time, part of its body is made of transparent plastic. Also, it should be noted the large wheels, thanks to which any wire on the way will definitely not become an obstacle. There is also a handy handle.

Usually the vacuum cleaner forces you to lean towards you if you want to change the level of suction power. Here, such a problem was not noticed, since the controls are located directly on the handle. Also, the buyer will get four nozzles, sharpened to solve a variety of tasks. For example, one of them is slotted – it can be used to remove dust from the space behind the battery or cabinet. The turbo brush is also not forgotten, thanks to which not a single extra hair will appear on the carpet.

A container is used here as a dust collector. But do not think that when it is empty, a mountain of dust will rise into the air. The South Koreans provided their creation with a patented system, thanks to which the collected garbage is pressed into compact briquettes. Confused only by the volume of the container, which is only 1.2 liters.


  • Garbage is pressed into briquettes;

  • The power level is changed using the knob on the handle;

  • The vacuum cleaner turned out to be not particularly noisy;

  • All useful attachments are included in the kit;

  • Good suction power;

  • There is protection against overheating.


  • High price;

  • The length of the cord does not exceed 6 m;

  • Not a very large dustbin.

Philips PowerPro Active FC 9570

Rating: 4.2

Philips PowerPro Active FC 9570

A good choice for a person who is tired of bag vacuum cleaners. This model will not give rise to extra expenses, since a container is used here instead of a bag. But you have to put up with its 1.5-liter volume. This means that you need to empty it after every few cleanings – you won’t be able to wait six months.

The power of the motor installed here is 1900 watts. Not a record. But on the other hand, the vacuum cleaner itself in the end turned out to be not very heavy. The scales below it will show only 5 kg. As a result, even a fragile girl will be able to lift the device (two handles are allocated for this business). However, this is rarely required, because the telescopic tube allows you to reach even the ceiling. A long flexible hose also contributes to this. Connection to the outlet is carried out using the usual retractable power cord, the length of which is 6 m.

There are four nozzles in the box with the vacuum cleaner. This means that you can switch from traditional cleaning to cleaning furniture or the space behind the closet at any time. You can also adjust the suction power. But this is done – exclusively through the corresponding structural element of the hull. It is not on the handle, so sometimes you have to bend over. But it does have a brush built into it. It is it that is used for accurate cleaning of upholstered furniture.


  • Large rubber wheels;

  • There are all necessary nozzles;

  • Light weight;

  • Good filtration system;

  • Adequate suction power (410 W);

  • There are two carrying handles;

  • The warranty period has been extended to two years;

  • Excellent telescopic tube.


  • Not the most capacious container;

  • Increased noise level;

  • Not the longest power cord.

Polaris PVC 2031

Rating: 4.1


The vacuum cleaner produced in Russia is actively in demand, as evidenced by the huge number of reviews in the relevant online stores. And almost all of them are positive. It is not surprising, because the device turned out not only powerful, but also very beautiful. According to him, you can’t say that this is not an imported thing.

Inside this device is a 2000-watt electric motor. It is quite enough to provide suction power at the level of 460 watts. If you suddenly need to reduce this parameter – this possibility is present. Garbage here falls into a container with a volume of 2.7 liters. As you can guess, it is not required to empty it after every cleaning. The buyer will also like the automatic cord winding. But its length will still not suit everyone, since it is only 5 m.

The vacuum cleaner comes with four nozzles. The most important of these is the turbo brush. Also in the box you will find a special nozzle for carpet, a nozzle for furniture and a crevice nozzle. You just have to find a place to store them, since there is no compartment for them under the body – the device for this turned out to be not large enough.


  • Good suction power;

  • Not very high cost;

  • The kit includes a turbo brush;

  • Uses HEPA 12 filter;

  • Large capacity dust container.


  • Short network cable;

  • High noise level.