Modern realities force the tourist to get acquainted with the mass of all kinds of information. Most often, a smartphone is used for this. But some data is required so often that for the sake of it you don’t want to waste time getting the device out of your pocket every time. In this case, special watches designed for use by tourists will help. It can be a traditional quartz model, or a full-fledged smart watch. Let’s look at the best options that do not disappoint their customers at all. The review of the best models of watches for tourism is based on the analysis of technical characteristics. The selection of nominees was made using the analytical portal https://rankquality.com/sports-watch/.

Rating of the best watches for tourism

Nomination place Name of product price

Rating of the best watches for tourism



71 990 ₽


Garmin Fenix ​​5X Plus Sapphire

44 990 ₽



78 180 ₽


CASIO G-Shock GPW-2000-1A

48 320 ₽


SUUNTO Elementum Terra Black/Yellow Leather

27 940 ₽


Garmin Fenix ​​3


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 steel 44 mm

20 780 ₽



20 150 ₽


Citizen Promaster BN4026-09E


Suunto Spartan Trainer HR Steel

15 490 ₽


Timex Expedition TW4B07500

8 320 ₽


Rating: 5.0


The G-SHOCK series of electronic watches from the Japanese company CASIO has existed for more than a decade. These devices are distinguished by a protected case and a bunch of features. A model called GPR-B1000-1E can already be called smart, although in fact it is still the same electronic watch with a familiar display. You cannot install additional applications here, and therefore the functionality is still slightly limited. But for most people, everything that this watch offers is enough.

As always, this model received an ideal shockproof case, which at the same time does not allow dust to enter. The device is able to work stably even at low temperatures, so it can often be found in the hands of climbers. Declared by the manufacturer and moisture protection – therefore, you can swim in this watch. Moreover, diving to a decent depth is allowed!

Inside the device is a huge number of various sensors. For example, there is a barometer that measures atmospheric pressure ranging from 195 to 825 mm Hg. Art. The watch also has a thermometer. However, its readings may fail if the ambient temperature drops below -10°C. There is also an altimeter that works without any problems even on Everest. Another device, without the help of any sensors, shows the age and phase of the moon, information about the tides, as well as the time of sunrise and sunset.

Surprisingly, this is not all the information that the anti-glare display introduces. The watch even got a GPS chip! It allows the device to tell the traveler the trajectory of movement, as well as help him return to the starting point. In a word, it is impossible to get lost with such a watch! It is proposed to build a route on a smartphone, synchronization with which is carried out via Bluetooth.

Like many other watches from this series, the model called CASIO G-SHOCK GPR-B1000-1E boasts convenient controls. Almost any function can be accessed with one or two clicks of a button. There is also a rotary crown, also designed to move from one function to another. On the back of the device is a ceramic cover. As for the strap, it is made of a polymer material, but supplemented with a carbon insert – it makes it noticeably stronger.

Alas, the 142-gram watch is not capable of boasting a long battery life. A full charge of the built-in battery is enough for about 20 hours of operation with activated GPS navigation. If you use GPS only occasionally, then the duration of the work will increase to 33 hours. Well, if this chip is turned off altogether, then you can forget about the existence of the charger for a couple of months. There is also an energy conservation function here, in which the watch starts to work for more than two years, but at the same time, the entire arsenal of possibilities mentioned above becomes inaccessible.


  • Excellent shockproof and dustproof housing;

  • There is a GPS chip;

  • Synchronization with a smartphone is possible;

  • There is information about the Moon, the Sun and the behavior of the ocean;

  • Quick switch to airplane mode;

  • There is a thermometer, barometer, compass and altimeter;

  • Easy control;

  • Reliable strap.


  • High price;

  • Some will find it too big.

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Garmin Fenix ​​5X Plus Sapphire

Rating: 4.9


This smart watch is endowed with a round-shaped LCD screen, perfect for tourism. Its diagonal is 1.2 inches, in connection with which the device itself turned out to be very small. The display resolution is 240×240 pixels, which allows you to forget about such a phenomenon as pixelization. The top of the screen is covered with sapphire crystal. It is not covered with scratches, but you should act carefully – such a coating can crack after a particularly strong impact on a hard surface.

The case of this model is protected from moisture according to the IPX7 standard. The manufacturer claims that you can even swim in his watch. Diving to great depths is contraindicated. As befits a smart watch, this model supports the installation of third-party applications. However, some buyers get by with the set that the creators of the device offered. By the way, this model received 15 GB of internal memory. This volume even allows you to throw a certain amount of music here, listening to it then through a Bluetooth headset.

Since we are talking about watches for tourism, then a model called Garmin Fenix ​​5X Plus Sapphire could not do without a lot of additional sensors. First of all, it is necessary to note the heart rate monitor located on the back wall. It can work continuously, which will definitely be useful to someone. The watch also received an altimeter, a thermometer and a digital compass. The latter will prove especially useful when using GPS navigation here. It is here, by the way, can be full – affects the presence of a color display.

Of course, such a device can receive information from the Internet. However, support for mobile networks is still missing here, you will have to connect to Wi-Fi or set up synchronization with your smartphone. The device also includes NFC and ANT+ wireless modules. The latter allows you to receive information from some sports sensors.

The bottleneck of such watches for tourism is the time of work. Here it is 13 hours if the GPS chip is activated, and music playback is also started. If you do not indulge in music, and turn on navigation only periodically, then the battery life can reach 32 hours. Well, if you turn off both GPS and the constant operation of the heart rate monitor, then you will need a charger after 70 hours. Strong energy saving allows you to use the watch continuously for 20 days, but in this case you can not expect much functionality from them – you can count on receiving notifications as much as possible.


  • The weight of the device does not exceed 96 g;

  • Continuous measurement of pulse is possible;

  • There is a thermometer, altimeter and compass;

  • Installation of third-party applications is available;

  • A large number of wireless modules;

  • There is a GPS chip;

  • High resolution color display;

  • There is serious water protection;

  • Large storage space for music.


  • Not very reliable silicone strap;

  • Very high cost;

  • There is no barometer.


Rating: 4.8


The watch for tourism that opened our rating had a solar battery, which made it possible to somehow increase the battery life on a multi-day trip. There is such an element in CITIZEN CC3075-80E. This is also a quartz watch, but already belonging to the analog type. This means that information is displayed here using traditional arrows. This alone makes it clear that you should not count on any wide functionality. But why then are they asking for almost 80 thousand rubles?

The case of this model is made of stainless steel. The strap is the same. The dial here is covered with mineral glass, which should last almost forever. The case diameter of this watch is 44 mm, the thickness is 14.5 mm. Decent size, although not exorbitant. It is also impossible not to note the WR100 water resistance class, which even implies diving, albeit to a shallow depth.

This watch can display not only the time, but also the date – the day and the day of the week. The calendar is eternal, although this is not so important. This model is also able to show a power reserve. And a very impressive figure can be displayed there! The fact is that when fully charged, the watch can work up to 720 days! However, why waste energy here? Hour, minute and second hands? Of course, you can activate GPS, but it is needed here only for automatic change of time zone. Actually, this is the only tourist function in this watch. It must be admitted that travelers buy this model only for the indestructible case and anti-reflective coating. Here, even the anti-shock device of the balance axis is present, which blocks the rotor at the slightest collision. If you want to get a barometer, thermometer, GPS navigation, information about our star, then it is better to consider buying some other watch, much smarter.


  • Arrows glow in the dark;

  • Very long battery life;

  • There is a solar battery;

  • Used sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating;

  • There is good water protection;

  • The case and bracelet are made of stainless steel;

  • There is a display of the date and day of the week;

  • Automatic time correction by GPS;

  • There is a light level indicator.


  • Weight is 167.5 g;

  • Terribly high cost.

CASIO G-Shock GPW-2000-1A

Rating: 4.7

CASIO G-Shock GPW-2000-1A

Another wrist watch for tourism, capable of displaying the most accurate time. Its correction is carried out using GPS satellites and Bluetooth synchronization with a smartphone. Also, this model has traditionally received a shock-resistant case. The insides are also protected here – the manufacturer claims that neither gravitational, nor centrifugal, nor vibrational forces will affect his creation. Thanks in particular to the vibration-resistant alpha gel that covers the clockwork module. It also has protection against magnetic fields.

Watches from the G-Shock series are often not afraid of diving under water. This model also complies with this rule. Although if you are scuba diving, it is better to play it safe by removing the watch from your wrist. And why do you need such a device at great depths? The fact is that this is an analog copy, the possibilities of which are limited. He is not able to boast of a depth gauge or something like that. Of course, there are a stopwatch, a timer and an alarm clock, but these functions are unlikely to be useful underwater.

As expected, watches for tourism can boast of easy operation. Transferring them to airplane mode is generally carried out at the touch of a button! In addition to time, CASIO G-Shock GPW-2000-1A displays the date and day of the week. The calendar here is calculated up to 2099, so even your children, who will inherit this watch, will see the correct day of the week. The dial is covered with sapphire crystal. Another accessory has an anti-reflective coating, which in the open air will definitely not be superfluous. The weight of the watch is only 120g. Not too much for a monster that is only 18.2mm thick!


  • Implemented good water protection;

  • It is possible to update the time using GPS and Bluetooth;

  • Supports Multi Band 6 technology;

  • There is a display of the date and day of the week;

  • There is a display of the current latitude and longitude;

  • Quick switch to airplane mode;

  • There is a solar battery;

  • Up to six months of battery life;

  • There is a small dial of the second time zone.


  • You can’t call it a small watch;

  • High price;

  • The functionality is not very wide.

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SUUNTO Elementum Terra Black/Yellow Leather

Rating: 4.6


These tourist watches are not so easy to find on sale. The fact is that they are very specific, not everyone will need them. Most of all, this device should appeal to a lover to conquer mountain heights.

Manufactured in Finland, watches are a unique combination of traditional craftsmanship and digital technology. From the latter, there is a round LCD display that displays the time, date and many other information. As you may have guessed, with the help of such a watch you can find out the height above sea level at which you are now. The device also displays the air pressure. There is also a thermometer here. Someone will also need a digital compass. The only pity is that it is not supplemented with GPS. This means that the clock will show the cardinal points, but they will not be able to tell you the direction of movement, as well as display the map. It should be noted that there is no way to download additional applications here at all – you will have to rely only on the functionality that their creators provided the watch with.

This model corresponds to the WR100 water resistance class. This indicates the possibility of diving with her without scuba gear. Nothing will happen to the body from swimming, as it is made of stainless steel. As for the strap, it can be different, including those made of genuine leather.

Alas, this watch for tourism has more disadvantages than advantages, especially if a travel lover really buys them. For example, there is no second time zone here. The functionality of the alarm clock is also limited – you can’t even set its schedule for the days of the week. But the most disappointing thing is the lack of a heart rate monitor and a pedometer. But the time of work pleases. You can easily achieve 12 months of use!


  • Steel case with sapphire crystal;

  • Long battery life;

  • There are thermometer, barometer, altimeter and compass;

  • There is a magazine of conquest of heights;

  • Implemented waterproofing.


  • Missing GPS;

  • There is no pedometer or heart rate monitor;

  • Limited functionality of the alarm clock;

  • There is no timer function.

Garmin Fenix ​​3

Rating: 4.5

Garmin Fenix ​​3

Another smart watch for tourism from Garmin. As you know, this brand produces a huge number of all kinds of devices designed for travel use. Garmin Fenix ​​3 can be used in all weather conditions – the case of this watch has serious water protection. They can even dive to a shallow depth! And if the manufacturer did not save on the case by creating it from stainless steel, then you cannot say the same about the strap – the buyer is waiting for a traditional silicone accessory.

Garmin Fenix ​​3 is the case when the watch can offer a very rich functionality. Someone will most of all like the display of notifications coming to the smartphone. Other people will appreciate the interaction with some sports sensors that receive signals via Bluetooth and ANT+. Still others will regularly use the functionality associated with running and other physical activity.

Of course, these smartwatches are not perfect. Someone will be confused by the lack of a built-in heart rate monitor. But this problem is solvable. The fact is that there is a version of Garmin Fenix ​​3, which comes with a chest sensor. And is it necessary to say that it does its job much better than a regular LED heart rate monitor?

This travel watch will tell you when the sun will rise and set. There is navigation, as the device has a GPS chip. Through this unit, you can even remotely control the music player on your smartphone. This model is also able to monitor sleep by monitoring it. Well, among the sensors present here are an altimeter and a compass. The only thing missing is a barometer and a thermometer. However, practice shows that not everyone needs these sensors.

All information is displayed here on a 1.2-inch round screen. Its resolution is 218×218 pixels, which is quite enough. It’s nice that the display, case and all components do not weigh that much – the weight of the gadget was only 86 g. At the same time, the manufacturer did not reduce the battery capacity too much. Its full charge is enough for 20 hours of active use. Well, if you turn off GPS, you can achieve a more impressive result.


  • The watch turned out to be very light;

  • There is monitoring of sleep and physical activity;

  • There is an altimeter and a compass;

  • There is a version with an external heart rate monitor;

  • The functionality can be expanded;

  • A large number of wireless modules;

  • There is a GPS chip;

  • Implemented water protection;

  • High quality color display.


  • No barometer and thermometer;

  • High price;

  • Non-durable rubber strap;

  • Not ideal software.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 steel 44 mm

Rating: 4.4


As you know, Samsung is also a manufacturer of smart watches. And some of them can be used during active pastime. For example, when hiking or doing sports, a model called the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 may come in handy. It features a waterproof casing. However, diving in the watch is still impossible – the maximum buyer is only allowed to swim and take a shower.

This device is round in shape. Its case is made of stainless steel and the strap is made of leather. On the front panel is a 1.4-inch Super AMOLED display. Screen resolution increased to 360×360 pixels. As a result, the picture is incredibly clear. It also gives the impression that it is displayed directly on the glass. In a word, the display cannot but cause a positive impression. By the way, the Tizen operating system, which supports the installation of additional applications, is responsible for what is happening on it.

Even by default, a watch for tourism has all the necessary functionality. For example, they notify you of notifications on your smartphone by vibrating gently. There is also a stopwatch, timer and smart alarm clock. And the device can also help when you are in another city, because it is endowed with its own GPS chip, and a small area of ​​the map can easily fit on the screen used here. In theory, the ability to play music with its transfer to a Bluetooth headset could also be useful. But the gadget has only 4 GB of permanent memory. And this is not enough for storing audio compositions.

This watch is able to monitor not only physical activity, but also sleep. There is also a built-in heart rate monitor. It is mainly used to ensure that training does not cross a certain line, after which it can harm the human body. Also among the sensors present here is a barometer that tells about atmospheric pressure. There are no other useful sensors in this watch. Sadly, someone would need an altimeter. But on the other hand, the device turned out to be unusually light and miniature. And this is with a 340 mAh battery here! In the active mode of use, its full charge should be enough for 60 hours. It remains to be regretted that Tizen is not the firmware that could ensure the use of a network adapter only once a month. Even if you turn off all auxiliary features, you will have to remember about it after 131 hours.


  • Weight does not exceed 42 g;

  • Tiny by the standards of competitors sizes;

  • Third party apps available;

  • Very bright and colorful display;

  • There is a barometer and a heart rate monitor;

  • Implemented monitoring of sleep and physical activity;

  • Built-in GPS chip;

  • There are modules Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi and NFC;

  • Not very high cost.


  • No altimeter;

  • Moisture protection only according to the WR50 standard;

  • The strap cannot be called durable;

  • Not very long working time;

  • Weak magnetic fastening in the charger.

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Rating: 4.3


Another quartz watch for tourism from the Japanese company CASIO. This time we are not talking about a representative of the G-Shock line, so you should not count on serious shock resistance. The model called PRW-6600YB-3E is made of steel and plastic. You can take a shower while wearing this watch. Swimming is also allowed. But diving without scuba is the maximum that is declared by their manufacturer, as evidenced by the WR100 class mentioned in the instructions. However, this is enough for the vast majority of buyers.

The front panel is covered with mineral glass. Hour, minute and second hands are hidden under it, glowing in the dark. There is also a small display showing the day of the week. With its help, some other functions are implemented here. There is also an additional hand on the watch, which will allow you to find out about the height above sea level, atmospheric pressure and even the ambient temperature. You can use the CASIO PRW-6600YB-3E as a compass as well. In a word, it’s quite good for a relatively inexpensive watch that doesn’t look like smart brothers in any way!

The Japanese are doing their best to ensure that even their quartz creations show the most accurate time. Especially for this, they introduced support for technology, thanks to which this accessory is able to receive time information from radio towers. In Russia, this technology is not common, but in Asia and many European countries it really works.

I am glad that even with the presence of the display here, the watch can work for at least six months. And this is on condition that they will always be in the room! On the street, charging from sunlight is activated, thanks to which performance can be maintained for 25 months. Also among the advantages should be included the weight of the watch, which is only 67 g. Although it is still impossible to call them particularly thin. As for the strap, it is made of textile. It is felt that it was on it that the manufacturer tried to save the most.


  • There is a solar battery;

  • Implemented good water protection;

  • Analogue and digital ways of displaying time;

  • Showing the date and day of the week is available;

  • Built-in compass, barometer, thermometer and altimeter;

  • Not very high cost;

  • Light weight.


  • Not the best strap

  • The glass doesn’t seem particularly reliable;

  • The setup isn’t intuitive;

  • The altimeter sometimes starts to lie.

Citizen Promaster BN4026-09E

Rating: 4.2

Citizen Promaster BN4026-09E

Another quartz wrist watch for tourism, but now from another Japanese manufacturer. They are quite rare for sale. This is due to too high water protection. With this watch, you can dive underwater with scuba gear, as evidenced by the WR200 class. Many people will save money by getting an accessory with a lower water resistance rating.

This watch is completely analog. There is no display at all. But this does not prevent this model from showing a variety of information. For example, there is a compass here. On a multi-day trip to unfamiliar places, it is quite capable of being useful. The watch also received an altimeter. Most often it will be used by people who love to conquer mountains. Also, the accessory is able to show the current number. Alas, but it is not necessary to count on the day of the week. There are no other useful sensors here either – for example, there was no place for a thermometer, not to mention a barometer. That is why this model is in the bottom half of our rating.

Like many other similar watches, the Citizen Promaster BN4026-09E is powered by a solar battery. This means that the more often you are outdoors, the longer these watches can last.

It remains to tell about the materials from which this model is made. The case here is made of titanium, while it has a carbon coating. Thanks to this, the watch looks very impressive and even, you won’t believe it, expensive. The arrows here are able to glow in the dark. Well, as for the strap, it is made of rubber. If you do not like this choice of the manufacturer, then in the future you can change the strap to any other. The weight of the watch is 98 g.


  • Built-in solar battery;

  • Wonderful body;

  • Implemented maximum water resistance;

  • Show the current number;

  • Built-in altimeter and compass;

  • There is a power reserve indicator.


  • There is no way to automatically correct the time;

  • Do not show the day of the week;

  • A barometer and a thermometer would do well;

  • The strap is not for everyone.

Suunto Spartan Trainer HR Steel

Rating: 4.2


This smartwatch is also great for all kinds of workouts and travel. They can be worn in any weather, as they are not afraid of water. So much so that you can even swim in them. But don’t dive! Alas, the WR50 waterproof class does not allow this.

The body of this particular model is made of stainless steel. However, on sale you can find a cheaper version of the watch, made of plastic. There are also options with different straps. If your finances are limited, then it is better to purchase a gadget with a silicone strap. Do not forget that in the future you can change it if such a desire suddenly arises.

Under the mineral glass there is a round display. It has a resolution of 218×218 pixels, which is enough for such dimensions. The color screen allows you to see exactly the information you need at a glance. And there could be a lot of it here. For example, the watch can track physical activity by displaying the number of steps taken. And if you use a GPS chip, then the distance will also be written! Sleep monitoring is also implemented here. Not forgotten and the calculation of calories burned. On the back of the gadget is a heart rate monitor, which can also come in handy. Finally, the manufacturer did not forget about the altimeter. Therefore, the smart watch should also appeal to lovers of conquering mountain peaks.

Otherwise, it is still felt that the manufacturer did his best to save money. He supplied his creation with a Bluetooth module, but the device has not heard much about other communication standards. Also, there is no barometer, thermometer and digital compass, which is also sad. Well, the biggest disappointment is the battery. Its full charge is only enough for 10 hours of using the watch with an activated GPS chip. But when it is turned off, the battery life will be noticeably longer. In theory, it can be brought up to 336 hours, but this is only when using only very basic functionality.


  • Has a GPS chip

  • There is an altimeter and a heart rate monitor;

  • Implemented monitoring of sleep and physical activity;

  • A large number of applications;

  • The case is made of quality materials;

  • The price tag cannot be called prohibitive;

  • The watch is not particularly heavy.


  • Short battery life;

  • Water resistance does not imply the possibility of diving;

  • The heart rate monitor does not work perfectly;

  • In the plastic version, the strap mount can quickly break.

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Timex Expedition TW4B07500

Rating: 4.1


Our selection is completed by ordinary, it would seem, electronic wristwatches. This is the only representative of our review that has a segment display. Due to this, the watch turned out to be very inexpensive. And also thanks, of course, to the plastic case.

Externally, the accessory copies the well-known watches from the G-Shock series. However, noticeably less expensive materials were used here. But this does not prevent the watch from boasting a WR100 water resistance class. This means that with them you can even dive to a shallow depth! We do not advise you to check this – if the insides are flooded with water, then no one will return the money to you.

Plastic here is not only the case, but also the strap. And even glass is essentially not here – a transparent plastic material is used instead. In this regard, there is no doubt that the front panel will gradually become covered with scratches. Therefore, this model is designed only for one and a half to two years of active operation.

The clock is powered by a simple battery. There is no question of any recharging from sunlight. As for the functionality, it cannot be called any wide. The watch shows the time in two time zones. They can be used as an alarm clock (there are three settings), a timer and a stopwatch. There is also a display of the current date – day, month and day of the week. And on this, in general, everything. You will have to forget about some specialized tourist gadgets – there is no altimeter, no GPS-chip, or other excesses.


  • Long battery life;

  • There is a certain water protection;

  • There is a date display;

  • There is a function of the second time zone;

  • Implemented backlight display;

  • Low cost.


  • Terrible strap;

  • Glass can get scratched quickly;

  • No altimeter, barometer, thermometer and GPS;

  • Appearance will not suit everyone.


Tourist watches often cost a lot of money. But our review made it clear that this rule is not always true. However, relatively inexpensive models will not please with particularly wide functionality. More often than not, they don’t even have a GPS chip! Therefore, we advise you to think ten times before making a choice in favor of some budget watches.