There were times when mobile phones did not even try to replace the music player. Now, MP3 tracks are most often played on a smartphone. But that doesn’t mean that MP3 players are completely a thing of the past. Such devices still exist, they can be found without any problems in some online stores. However, among them it is easy to stumble upon frank trash. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our rating before buying. He will tell you which model to buy. It will also let you know that some MP3 players sound noticeably better than most smartphones.

How to choose an MP3 player

In the modern world, there is still a place for MP3 players. With this, of course, owners of top-end smartphones will not agree. But flagship models are not available to everyone. Ordinary devices do not sound the best. As for MP3 players, it is much more difficult to find fault with them in this respect. However, among them there are instances that cause frank disappointment in the buyer. In order not to feel this feeling, the choice of such a device must be approached wisely. You should pay attention to many characteristics.

Modern MP3 players are conventionally divided into two categories. The first one includes mid-budget and very inexpensive models. Don’t expect perfect sound from them. But on the other hand, such devices are able to please with tiny sizes. The second category includes the so-called Hi-Fi players. They produce almost perfect sound, especially when playing music in uncompressed format and when connecting high-quality headphones. In short, this is the best choice for an audiophile! But such MP3 players are also worth – sometimes more expensive than most smartphones. Even despite their modest functionality.

If we continue talking about portable Hi-Fi players, then another distinguishing feature is usually the presence of built-in amplifier. It allows you to connect absolutely any headphones to the device – even on-ear models that completely cover the ears are supported. As for inexpensive MP3 players, they often do not have enough power for this. However, there are exceptions to the rule.

When choosing such a device, be sure to pay attention to list of supported formats. You’re not going to listen to MP3s all your life, are you? The fact is that this standard sins with strong sound compression, which is why in high-quality headphones you will not hear what you would like at all – the upper and lower frequencies can be cut off quite strongly, and all the sound detail as a whole will be lame. The ideal player should support FLAC and some other uncompressed formats. Only in this case you will be able to enjoy excellent sound quality.

It is necessary to evaluate and control type. Many inexpensive MP3 players offer multiple physical buttons. In other models, they are touch. This is perhaps the worst option, since it is almost impossible to find them in your pocket. Finally, advanced devices have a touch screen. But this does not deprive them of buttons – they are usually located at the ends.

important and functional device. Some models in this regard are practically not inferior to smartphones. But often this plays a negative role – the wider the functionality, the faster the battery is discharged. In most cases, it is better to take an MP3 player that is only capable of playing music and movies. And maybe open e-books. For some, the music alone is enough. In a word, you have to break your head.

An MP3 player is a portable device. Therefore, it will run on battery power. Therefore, before buying, you need to find out how long will it sound from a full charge. In no case do not take a model that requires the connection of the charger after four to five hours. And don’t put too much faith in the numbers given in the official specs. Instead, read reviews and testimonials – buyers will talk about the real result.

Of course, a special role is played dimensions and weight of the device. Do not forget that you are unlikely to refuse to use a smartphone. This means that the MP3 player will be an additional device. The larger it is, the less often you will have the desire to take it with you. However, it should be remembered that Hi-Fi players are not small and light – when buying such a device, you will not have much choice.

When choosing an MP3 player, you should think about how music and other media will be stored. The easiest option is to use memory cards. But if you are already subscribed to one or another online service with music, then it is advisable to buy a device that supports it. Internet access in this case will be carried out via Wi-Fi or LTE. The second option will allow you to use the service even on the street, you just need to remember to insert a SIM card. And the number of wireless modules may include Bluetooth – the player equipped with it will support the connection of the corresponding headphones. But don’t forget to clarify the “blue tooth” version. The fresher it is, the more energy efficient and stable the connection will be (now Bluetooth 5.0 is relevant).

Rating of the best MP3 players

Nomination Place Name Price

Rating of the best MP3 players


Astell&Kern A&norma SR15

39 990 ₽


iBasso DX150

39 900 ₽


Shanling M5s

27 990 ₽


Fiio X5 III

30 390 ₽


Sony NW-A55

15 490 ₽


Fiio M7

9 890 ₽


Fiio M3K

5 489 ₽


Apple iPod Touch 6 32Gb

16 000 ₽


Sony NW-A55HN

19 990 ₽


Sony NWZ-B183F

8 680 ₽


Ritmix RF-4850 8Gb

1 669 ₽

Astell&Kern A&norma SR15

Rating: 4.9


A player with a rather unusual name opens our selection. Its cost will also seem unusual. Many Expertology readers think that such devices should now be sold literally for a penny. This model shows that the situation is reversed. Astell&Kern A&norma SR15 is more expensive than most smartphones currently in existence! About 53 thousand rubles are asked for this MP3 player! And they have the right, because in terms of sound quality, no smartphone can match this device.

This MP3 player turned out to be very plump. This indicates the presence of high-quality components inside, ideally converting digital sound into analog. On the metal body of the device, designed in a special way, there is a 3.5 mm audio jack. We recommend using it to listen to music. Rest assured, the player will output sound to any headphones, even overhead monsters! And try to upload only uncompressed tracks to the device – for example, those saved in FLAC format. Interestingly, the device understands even Apple Lossless, which is good news.

Sound can also be output to a wireless headset using Bluetooth for this. However, in this case, you will significantly lose the sound quality.

The Astell&Kern A&norma SR15 player is also able to please with the ability to connect to the global web, for this it has built-in Wi-Fi support. Basically, this is necessary for the timely updating of the firmware. Of course, the device provides some other features as well. But if you have a smartphone, you will find that it is better to use it than an MP3 player with a 3.3-inch display, whose resolution is only 480×800 pixels.

Inside this device is a lithium polymer battery. Its charging takes place via the micro-USB connector, and this process will be required quite rarely, even if you are going to listen to a lot of tracks every day. By the way, 64 GB of permanent memory are allocated for their storage. If this seems not enough, then no one will forbid using an arbitrarily capacious microSD card.


  • Perfect sound quality;

  • Decent amount of permanent memory;

  • There is a slot for microSD;

  • Unusual and memorable design;

  • A metal case is used;

  • Good display;

  • There are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules;

  • Long battery life;

  • All popular audio formats are supported.


  • Astronomical price tag;

  • The player cannot be called light;

  • The micro-USB connector is used.

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iBasso DX150

Rating: 4.8

IBASSO DX150.webp

Another Hi-Fi player in our rating. It features an elegant control panel located on one of the side ends. It has not only an analog volume control, but also three keys used to switch tracks and pause playback. However, one can easily find fault with such an arrangement – the fact is that you will have to forget about pressing them in your pocket. It would be better if the buttons were on the top or bottom.

This model can not be called any cheap. This is due to the presence of two central audio processors here at once. They are AKM AK4490EQ chips. It seems that their capabilities will be enough for any audiophile. Interestingly, this is one of the few portable devices that supports audio files with a sampling rate of up to 384 kHz. And it also uses a replaceable amplifier module! The player also has a slot for a memory card. The maximum device supports 2 TB drives, which simply do not exist yet. As for its own memory, it is built-in 32 GB. God knows what, but many buyers at first will have enough of such a volume.

On the front panel of the device is a color display with a diagonal of 4.2 inches and a resolution of 768×1280 pixels. Unlike the previous model, this MP3 player is capable of both showing photos and starting video playback. The only thing that confuses is the sensor used here. It reacts very badly to light touches of the user. This is the only inconvenience that this player will cause. Someone will also pay attention to the thickness of the gadget. But this is a Hi-Fi player, it cannot be thin.

The firmware of the device is based on the Android operating system. In the device settings, you can activate Bluetooth, thereby transmitting sound to the headset. But it is better to do it all the same by the wired method, only in this case you will be able to enjoy music in its best quality. Especially if this music is saved in uncompressed FLAC format. By the way, you can transfer files from a computer via cable – the process is very fast, because USB 3.0 specifications are used here. Well, the Wi-Fi module is responsible for connecting to the Internet. The manufacturer could also add a slot for a SIM card, but in this case, he would not have an MP3 player, but a smartphone.

Under the metal body of the device is a lithium-polymer battery. Its full charge is enough for 11 hours of intensive use. A little, but nothing else to expect when using the Android operating system here.


  • Two audio processors are built into the device;

  • Gorgeous metal case;

  • A replaceable amplifier module is used;

  • Built-in USB Type-C connector;

  • On board full-fledged Android;

  • Supports FLAC and some other formats;

  • Good display resolution;

  • There are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi;

  • Implemented support for sound with a very high sampling rate.


  • Not very long battery life;

  • The screen has not the most sensitive sensor;

  • Very high cost;

  • Weight reaches 245 g;

  • Buttons for controlling playback are not in the best place.

Shanling M5s

Rating: 4.8


On the case of this device, there was a place for a sticker with the Hi-Res Audio logo. This alone hints that the buyer is advised to forget about the MP3 format. This is also evidenced by the price tag, which cannot be called humane – many people are not ready to give that kind of money even for a smartphone. Therefore, high-quality electronics are used inside, ready to process sound in the best possible way.

If we talk about sound quality, then the vast majority of buyers are delighted with everything. They make claims in a completely different way. For example, an unexpected flaw was discovered by a visitor to Yandex.Market, who wished to remain anonymous. He wrote: “In terms of design and sound, everything suits. For myself, I noted only two drawbacks: the volume wheel and the screen resolution “. Indeed, at times the volume level is not adjusted correctly. The problem is solved only if you scroll the wheel back and forth several times. However, this may be the problem of a particular instance. You can’t say the same about the screen resolution – it is really very low. We would also note the glossy body, which quickly gets dirty. The authors did this too.
Shanling M5s review on IXBT. However, for the sound quality, all these shortcomings can be forgiven. Especially if you remember that the MP3-player costs by no means exorbitant money.

To store songs, a microSD memory card is used here. Absolutely any volume is supported. You can also use an OTG adapter to connect a USB drive to the device. This socket also serves to use the MP3 player as a sound card by connecting it to a computer. The AK4493EQ DAC is responsible for sound processing here. You will like the result much more than when using the tools built into the motherboard.

The device also includes wireless modules. Bluetooth is used to transmit sound to the appropriate headphones or speakers. Supported codecs include LDAC, AAC, SBC, and aptX. Wi-Fi is needed mainly for firmware updates.

You can connect almost any headphones to this MP3 player. And even two pairs – this is exactly the number of connectors present here. The built-in battery lasts an average of 15 hours of playback. Or at 9 o’clock if you have used a balanced connection via a 2.5 mm jack. The player takes approximately 2.5 hours to charge.


  • Can be used as a sound card;

  • A large number of connectors;

  • Decent battery life;

  • There are wireless modules Bluetooth and Wi-Fi;

  • Excellent sound quality;

  • A large number of supported audio formats;

  • For charging, a USB Type-C connector is used.


  • Slippery and dirty glossy body;

  • Strangely working volume control wheel;

  • The price cannot be called particularly low;

  • Modest display resolution.

Fiio X5 III

Rating: 4.8

FIIO X5 III.webp

One of the most inexpensive Hi-Fi players available on the Russian market. In most stores, they ask for about 24 thousand rubles for it. At the same time, the gadget feels like a much more expensive product. Mainly due to the metal body and impressive thickness. I am glad that in terms of weight, the device still cannot be compared with a brick or something similar – an MP3 player is no heavier than most flagship smartphones.

At the ends of the device there are many interfaces and controls. Including the device received a convenient volume control wheel. There are also buttons responsible for the transition to the previous and next songs.

Like some other modern MP3 players, the Fiio X5 III runs on Android. This means that the user is waiting for familiar functionality – the device will allow not only listening to music, but also watching videos, surfing the Internet and performing other actions. Access to the global web is via Wi-Fi. Also, this model received a Bluetooth module. But using a wireless headset is recommended only as a last resort. You will experience all the beauty of sound only with a wired connection. It should be noted that the number of interfaces present here includes line and coaxial outputs. This suggests that you can output sound not only to headphones, but also to some speakers.

Of course, this player supports various uncompressed audio file formats. This allows you to enjoy CD-quality sound. The device can also be used as an e-reader. Curiously, even the PDF format is supported here. But it’s better to forget about reading magazines, because a very modest 4-inch screen is built in here, the resolution of which is 480×800 pixels.

If you are a music lover, you will definitely want to keep a huge media library. By default, Fiio X5 III provides only 32 GB of permanent memory, some of which is occupied by the operating system. But no one forbids you to additionally insert a microSD card. And even two! That is the number of slots present here. The maximum system should detect 256-gigabyte drives.

Converting digital to analog audio is done here with a pair of DACs called the AKM AK4490EQ. The sound power per channel reaches 480 mW. I think that for most buyers this will be enough. But 10 hours of battery life from a full charge of a lithium-polymer battery is by no means an impressive parameter. But nothing can be done about it, because the Android operating system itself consumes decent amounts of energy. As for the charger, it connects to the micro-USB connector.


  • Built-in two audio processors;

  • A large number of connectors;

  • There are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules;

  • Elegant design with metal body;

  • Wide functionality implemented thanks to Android;

  • A variety of audio file formats are supported;

  • Understands sound with a sampling rate of 384 kHz;

  • Built-in two slots for memory cards.


  • A micro-USB connector is used;

  • Not the longest battery life

  • Mediocre display;

  • The operating system sometimes runs out of RAM.

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Sony NW-A55

Rating: 4.7

Sony NW-A55

This device proudly bears the Walkman logo, which many of us remember from cassette players and Sony Ericcson mobile phones. Such a player will definitely not disappoint in terms of music quality. And outwardly, it stands out from the competition. You are waiting for a device with a metal case of one color or another. At the same time, it turned out to be relatively light – the scales below it show only 99 g. And this is in the presence of a very capacious battery inside, which provides up to 45 hours of music playback!

Many modern MP3 players require an immediate insertion of a memory card. There is also a slot for it here. But at first you can do without it, as the device received 16 GB of internal memory. Nice bonus!

If we talk about the sound quality, the player leaves only positive impressions. Especially if you are not too lazy to update the firmware – this is strongly advised by the author
Sony NW-A55 review at head-fi.org. This is the case when the Japanese were able to programmatically modify their creation so that it produces sound in even better quality. But you must listen, of course, not MP3 format. There are no problems with this – the device also supports many other formats (for example, FLAC and even Apple Lossless).

It is proposed to control the player using a 3.1-inch touch screen. It has a very high resolution, which is good news. Another Japanese manufacturer can be praised for the introduction of a Bluetooth module, which makes it possible to connect wireless headphones. But there is no support for advanced digital codecs, so it’s better to use the usual ones. In this case, you will also reduce energy consumption. By the way, the sound power per channel here reaches 35 mW. This allows us to hope that the MP3 player will “pump” even on-ear headphones. That the device will cope with this task, says a certain Alex, who left the following review on Yandex.Market: “I bought Sony MDR-1AM2 headphones bundled with HiRes. This is what I dreamed of – the purest sound, style and quality from Sony.

As for the shortcomings, the most important of them is the proprietary charging connector. Nowadays, this is nonsense!


  • Gorgeous metal body;

  • There is a built-in memory;

  • There is an FM radio;

  • Video viewing is possible;

  • There is a six-band equalizer;

  • Long battery life;

  • Detailed sound;

  • Built-in Bluetooth and NFC modules.


  • No balanced jack

  • Not the widest functionality;

  • No support for the best Bluetooth codecs;

  • Proprietary charging port;

  • .cue files are not split into tracks;

  • The price tag will not suit everyone.

Fiio M7

Rating: 4.7

Fiio M7

This MP3 player looks rich. And this despite its relatively low cost. Surprisingly, with all the desire to save money, the manufacturer became generous with a metal case. It also uses a 3.2-inch touch screen that can boast a good resolution. I am glad that not all management is implemented with its help. On the case there was a place for physical buttons. It also has a volume control wheel. It is located in a small recess, so it should not accidentally scroll in your pocket.

The device was created on the basis of a digital-to-analog converter ESS ES9018. The firmware can handle playback of almost any format – FLAC, Apple Lossless and many others are announced. Not to mention the traditional MP3, but it’s better not to listen to such music. However, only it can be loaded into the built-in memory. The fact is that its volume is only 2 GB. For uncompressed music formats, this is extremely small. Fortunately, there is a microSD card slot. The manufacturer claims that his player recognizes even a 512-gigabyte drive, and this is a completely different story.

The 116-gram device included a radio receiver. There is also a built-in Bluetooth module, thanks to which the sound is sent to wireless speakers and headphones. But don’t count on a perfect result, because there is no support for advanced digital codecs. If you’re an audiophile, then only use the Fiio M7 with good wired headphones. But even in this case, you will notice certain drawbacks – more expensive competitors are ready to give out sound in more detail. However, the MP3 player justifies its cost. Especially if you are not too lazy to install a third-party player – PowerAmp or Neutron (the native one does not work well). This can be done without much difficulty, since the Android operating system is used here.


  • The body is metal;

  • Easy-to-use controls;

  • Good sound quality;

  • You can install third-party applications;

  • Comes with a good case;

  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules;

  • Not very high cost;

  • There is a USB Type-C connector.


  • Little built-in memory;

  • No balanced jack;

  • From a full charge, sounds no longer than 12 hours;

  • May not pull out some over-ear headphones;

  • A primitive equalizer is used;

  • Not the fastest performance.

Fiio M3K

Rating: 4.6


This is one of the most affordable MP3 players among those that conditionally belong to the Hi-Fi class. And one of the lightest, the scales under it will show only 76 g. And this is with the metal case used here.

The device was created on the basis of the AKM AK4376 DAC. The player has rounded edges and not the largest width, so it lies almost perfectly in the hand. On its front side is a 2-inch LCD display with a resolution of 240×320 pixels. Under it are touch buttons, with the help of which control is implemented. There are also physical buttons here – they should be looked for on the left side.

The player is charged via a micro-USB connector. Not far from it is a gold-plated headphone jack. There is also a slot for a microSD memory card. The device does not have its own memory.

The device uses its own firmware, mainly tailored for playing music. Therefore, it is not surprising that the player reads almost all formats. It is ready to play even a file whose sampling frequency reaches 384 kHz! The sound quality is quite good. As noted by some buyers, it is better than what is observed in smartphones, but inferior to the sound from much more expensive and larger MP3 players. As for videos and photos, you can forget about them – viewing them is not possible here.

Fiio M3K is able to work from a full charge for about a day. At least that’s what the manufacturer said. In practice, Mikhail, who left a review on Yandex.Market, found out the following: “Working time turned out to be average. The battery lasts for 200 or more songs.” The saddest thing is that for another 6-7 songs before the end, the player shows 1-2 battery divisions out of five possible. Therefore, it discharges too sharply – often this will come as a surprise to you.


  • Good sound quality;

  • A metal case is used;

  • Supports many audio formats;

  • Easy-to-learn menu;

  • There is an equalizer;

  • Not the largest size and weight;

  • Comes with a silicone case;

  • There is a USB DAC function.


  • Not very long battery life;

  • Doesn’t always correctly display the Cyrillic alphabet in the song title;

  • No built-in memory;

  • Touch buttons will not suit everyone;

  • There are no wireless modules;

  • The micro-USB connector is used.

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Apple iPod Touch 6 32Gb

Rating: 4.5


Apple makes most of its profits from the sale of smartphones. However, she does not forget about other devices. For example, in some online stores you can still buy her MP3 player. The iPod Touch 6 is practically a copy of one of the old iPhones. It uses the same 4-inch touch screen with a resolution of 640×1136 pixels. Also, the device received iOS – the operating system, thanks to which the device is able to boast the widest possible functionality. Many buyers use the iPod Touch 6 not so much to listen to music, but to watch movies, including those with Full HD resolution.

Just want to warn about one serious drawback. This player has 32 GB of permanent memory. And that’s it, there is no way to expand this volume, since there is no slot for a microSD card. The only thing that saves the situation is the ability to listen to music from iTunes. But this can only be done in the area of ​​​​the Wi-Fi network, since inserting a SIM card into this device will not work.

The device supports many serious audio file formats. But don’t expect great sound quality. Alas, this is not a Hi-Fi player. There is not even a separate audio processor here, sound processing is assigned to the regular Apple A8! But on the other hand, the device received a rear camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels. Whether buyers of an MP3 player need it is another question.

Both wired headphones and a Bluetooth headset can be connected to this device. You won’t feel much of a difference in sound. As for the operating time, the video player will last about 8 hours in video playback mode. Well, you can listen to music for more than a day. In theory. In fact, it all depends on how many applications are installed, and which ones work in the background. Not everyone will be pleased with the charger connector, which is Lightning. But if you already owned at least one “apple” smartphone, then this is unlikely to cause you any problems.


  • The player turned out to be compact and light;

  • The case is made of metal;

  • Wide functionality provided by iOS;

  • There is a camera;

  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless modules;

  • Many audio file formats are supported.


  • The sound quality is not ideal;

  • No memory card slot;

  • It’s getting harder and harder to find for sale.

  • Often not very long battery life;

  • There are no separate buttons for switching tracks.

Sony NW-A55HN

Rating: 4.5

SONY NW-A55HN.webp

Sony still produces its own MP3 players. Did you think that she completely forgot about her Walkman brand? One of her latest devices of this kind is the Sony NW-A55HN. This device is quite different from smartphones of the same manufacturer. Although it also uses a touch screen. It is packaged in a metal case, which can be painted in one color or another. At the same time, the MP3 player received a surprisingly narrow functionality. If competitors can play videos and open images, then here the emphasis is on music. It is possible that it is for the best.

The resolution of the 3.1-inch screen installed here is 480×800 pixels. And if this does not hint at the price segment, then you can’t say the same about memory. Its volume does not exceed 16 GB, while a large part is occupied by the firmware. Yes, you understood correctly. MP3 player Sony NW-A55HN belongs to the mid-budget segment. Therefore, you do not need to rely on chic sound quality. There is a DAC here, but it is not one of the expensive models. This is evidenced at least by the fact that the device does not support audio files with a sampling rate of more than 192 kHz. As for formats, the device understands FLAC, Apple Lossless, AIF, and many other files.

The best way to feel the music will be in wired headphones. The only pity is that this MP3 player is unlikely to pull out any overhead monsters. The fact is that the sound power per channel here does not exceed 35 mW. By the way, the kit includes good headphones that have one distinguishing feature: they are supplemented with active noise cancellation. This should appeal to anyone who is going to use the device in the subway and other noisy places.

Like many other modern MP3 players, the Sony NW-A55HN can be paired with a Bluetooth headset. The connection of some accessories is significantly accelerated due to the presence of an NFC chip here. But when transmitting sound over the “blue tooth”, you will have to forget about listening to FM radio, since by doing so you are depriving it of its antenna.

It remains to be added that the product is not equipped with the most capacious battery. However, with the firmware used here, which is noticeably simplified, a full charge can last as much as 45 hours of battery life. And if it certainly pleases, then the charging connector will cause the opposite feeling – it has a proprietary shape.


  • Nice design with metal body;

  • There is an FM radio;

  • There are NFC and Bluetooth modules;

  • A variety of audio file formats are supported;

  • The set includes headphones with a noise reduction system;

  • Long battery life;

  • Weight does not exceed 99 g.


  • Little own memory;

  • The display may seem too small;

  • No internet access;

  • Proprietary charging connector.

Sony NWZ-B183F

Rating: 4.4

SONY NWZ-B183F.webp

Of course, our review cannot consist only of Hi-Fi players, because not everyone can afford them. The Sony NWZ-B183F must be included in this collection. This is a simple MP3 player that sells for just 3,000 rubles. There is no longer any large display. No, the screen has been preserved, but it allows you to see the name of the song, get acquainted with the playback mode and understand how much the battery has run out. It is curious that even such an inexpensive device received a metal case. And he is able to boast of physical buttons that can be pressed even in your pocket.

The Japanese manufacturer recommends using his device during sports. Indeed, such a miniature gadget will not be felt on the body when you run or lift the barbell. And how could it be otherwise, if it weighs only 30 g? If you also connect waterproof headphones to it, it will be absolutely wonderful! Just remember that they must be wired. Alas, this player did not receive Bluetooth.

Despite the modest size and weight, the device still turned out to be endowed with some amount of built-in memory. More specifically, the user is waiting for 4 GB. But there is no microSD card slot. This does not allow you to use the device on a long flight or somewhere else – you simply do not have enough stock of music stored on it. And is it necessary to say that the device only understands MP3 files? Other formats are not accepted not so much for the sake of saving on hardware, but because of the lack of storage space.

Sony has made a name for itself with radios. This is partly why she continues to build an FM tuner into many of her devices. There is also a Sony NWZ-B183F. As much as possible, the product is able to store in the memory the frequencies of three dozen radio stations, which can be considered an impressive result. In most Russian cities, there are simply not so many of them!

Since the MP3 player is so simple, you can count on a long time of its work. And why waste battery power here? Indeed, a full charge of a lithium-polymer battery is enough for 18-20 hours of sound. An excellent result with which you can forget about the network adapter for several very long workouts!


  • Metal case;

  • There is a digital equalizer;

  • Easy and convenient control;

  • modest weight;

  • There is an FM radio;

  • Cute design;

  • Very long battery life;

  • Lots of color options.


  • Low audio power per channel;

  • Only MP3 format is supported;

  • No MP3 card slot;

  • Missing Bluetooth.

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Ritmix RF-4850 8Gb

Rating: 4.3

RITMIX RF-4850 8GB.webp

The cheapest representative of our review. For this model they ask only 1500 rubles, and sometimes even less! It is clear that such an inexpensive MP3 player will not be able to play movies or provide some other functionality. It’s amazing that it is able to recognize FLAC files! At this price, it seemed that the device would only play much lower quality MP3 music.

On the front panel of this device is not only the control panel, but also a 1.8-inch display. Its resolution is 128×160 pixels. This is quite enough not only to get acquainted with the name of the composition, but also to view graphic files. Another product received 8 GB of permanent memory. If that’s not enough, you can insert a microSD card. The only pity is that only a 16-gigabyte drive is recognized by the system as much as possible.

This player is equipped with a modest battery, and there is no amplifier and DAC at all. In this regard, the user is waiting for the sound power in the region of 5 mW per channel. Therefore, only “earbuds” or “gags” can be connected to the player, it is better to forget about overhead headphones. As for the operating time, it does not exceed 8 hours. Charging is carried out through a terribly outdated miniUSB connector, you will have to put up with this.


  • There is an FM radio;

  • There is a digital equalizer;

  • Wide functionality;

  • Supports many audio file formats;

  • There is some amount of own memory;

  • Not the worst LCD;

  • Very low cost.


  • Very short operating time;

  • Low sound power;

  • A simple plastic case;

  • A miniUSB connector is used;

  • Hangs on some songs;

  • Short service life (often a little more than six months).


This is the list of the best MP3 players sold in Russian online stores. We tried to talk about both top-end and inexpensive models. Now you just have to choose a specific device based on your preferences and financial capabilities.