one Touch screen gloves

Everyone has a smartphone, but no one wants to freeze their hands in the cold. But this is exactly what happens when you need to take a photo or answer a call on the street in winter. In order not to bare your hands when working with the phone, you need special gloves for working with touch screens. You can buy these already from 300 rubles – the price here depends on the design of the gloves, as with ordinary accessories. So, if you wish, you can even buy two pairs of gloves for 1000 rubles – for example, in different colors.

2 Night light with motion sensor

The perfect gift for anyone who is afraid of the dark or just wants to automate the lighting in their home. One of the available night lights with a motion sensor is a model from Xiaomi called Mi Motion-Activated Night Light. The night light is mounted on the wall and turns on when it detects movement in the room – and after 15 seconds of “silence” it turns itself off. The device can recognize activity within a range of up to 5-7 meters, so it can be hung not only in the bathroom, but also in the hallway or bedroom.

3 selfie stick

Give a selfie stick to your friend, and then the whole New Year’s Eve run away from offers to take a couple of photos together against the backdrop of the Christmas tree. But seriously, this is a rather useful gadget that will come in handy more than once on vacation to take pictures against the backdrop of attractions; and at parties to collect all your friends in one selfie at once. Yes, and monopods are inexpensive: here, for example, is the wireless version of the MOMAX SelfiFit with a Bluetooth connection.

four Charger for car

Charging, which is inserted into the cigarette lighter, is useful to any motorist. For example, the Mi Car Charger Pro model is equipped with two USB inputs and supports 18W fast charging. The gadget is suitable for any smartphones and even some laptops that charge via USB-C. Such a charge costs about 800 rubles.

5 Powerbank

Perhaps the most universal gift that everyone will use is a power bank. Up to 1000 rubles, you can find many models with a decent capacity. For example, HIPER SN10000 with an output current of up to 2.4 A and micro USB, Lightning and USB Type-C connectors.

6 Headphones

In pursuit of fashion, many Chinese manufacturers have released inexpensive wireless headphones similar to AirPods. Of course, you can buy one of them, but be sure to read customer reviews so you don’t buy a piece of crap that breaks the next day. With a limited budget, it is better to pay attention to wired headphones or original models like the Gmini GM-BTW-E201. Just look at them – these are headphones built into a cute hat! They can work without recharging up to 6 hours and are well suited for winter walks. Moreover, they cost only 700 rubles.

7 Wireless mouse

If the person you are looking for a gift for often works at a laptop or computer, a new (or spare) mouse will definitely not interfere with him. The choice of these devices is very wide – Logitech, Xiaomi, OKLICK, A4Tech, ASUS have inexpensive options. Pay attention to which hand the mouse is designed for, or take a symmetrical model that will suit everyone – such as the Logitech B170 Black USB.

eight Ergonomic mouse pad

For the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome, it is recommended to use ergonomic mouse pads with a soft wrist rest. They are inexpensive and are great for a symbolic gift for the New Year. For example, the Defender Easy Work model can be bought for 500 rubles, choosing one of three colors: blue, white or black.

9 USB flash drive

Drop a couple of movies, an archive with photos or music – a flash drive should always be at hand. Given that they are lost all the time, there are not many of these devices. It is always a pleasure to receive another compact drive as a gift, especially fast and high-quality. In the range up to 1000 rubles, you can buy a 32 GB USB flash drive from Samsung with a USB 3.1 interface and a waterproof case. If your budget is not limited, feel free to take the same model with a larger capacity.

ten Wire holder

A useful accessory for organizing the workplace is a cable holder. It is attached to the edge of the table and can hold 5 cables at once, which come from headphones, chargers, a microphone and other gadgets. Such a holder costs about 300 rubles, so you can buy several pieces at once and distribute them to colleagues who are still tangled in wires.

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