Smart toothbrush

Everyone brushes their teeth, but a snow-white smile is much more important for women than for children or men. A good electric brush outperforms the usual one in all directions at once: it removes plaque better, whitens better, cleans hard-to-reach areas better …

Philips DiamondClean Smart HX9924 is not just electric, but also smart. You can connect it to your smartphone and monitor the cleaning process in a special application – and if you miss any area or brush your teeth too hard, the gadget will issue a notification.

For fitonies

Does your woman like cocktails, smoothies and other obscure drinks? Give her a portable shaker Xiaomi 17PIN Star Fruit Bottle, which can quickly grind food and does not depend on the outlet. You can take it with you to the gym and prepare a healthy snack right after your workout. Or take a shaker to a picnic to make a smoothie with fresh berries.

10 cool gifts for March 8

But there is one nuance – if your girlfriend is sharply against any gifts “for the kitchen”, either convince her that this is not a simple household appliance, or give a kilogram of strawberries with it – so that she can immediately experience the blender in action and be delighted.

home stylist

The automatic hair curler is the dream of every woman who loves to curl. True, this usually takes a lot of time (or money, if you use the services of a salon).

The REDMOND RCI-2318 styler will help speed up and simplify this process – the device itself twists the strand of hair along the entire length and creates an even and beautiful curl. The woman only needs to press a couple of buttons, wait a bit – and the hairstyle is ready.

For soul and soul

Another modern beauty gadget that will come in handy for any woman is an electric brush, which is suitable for cleaning the skin and for massage. For example, the model of the German manufacturer Beurer FC 55. It has two nozzles, two speeds and a removable handle for easy use on the back and legs.

10 cool gifts for March 8

The device is not afraid of water, so it can be used in the shower and bath. This wonderful washcloth is powered by a built-in battery and charges in just two hours – you can use it at least every day.

cool headphones

Plantronics recently released several models of sports headphones – they will be a great gift for athletes who love to run and do fitness. The BackBeat FIT 3100, for example, has a waterproof design that will allow you to wear them even when it rains.

The Always Aware earpieces keep your headphones safe, while handy gesture controls help you quickly change tracks or start a stopwatch. Headphones work without recharging as much as 10 hours – enough for several runs at once.

Weather in the house

As you know, our body is almost 80% water. At the same time, we spend most of the time in rooms with very dry air – this leads to skin aging and breathing problems. You have probably noticed how your woman pours tons of moisturizers on herself and complains that the room is stuffy. There is a great way out – give her a compact LG MiniON air washer on March 8th. It filters the air by washing it with water and returning it fresh, humidified and ionized.

A capacity of 4.5 liters will allow you to fill the tank only once a day, and you can do this directly from the jug, pouring water from above. Also, the model has a cool LED backlight, which will turn the device into an elegant night light.

Mini styler set

If your woman travels a lot and wants to always look her best, give her a set of three mini hair styling tools. These mini stylers fit easily into a suitcase or handbag and will help you create the perfect hairstyle in any situation.

Polaris offers a smart solution: the PHS 2070MK MINI straightener, the PHS 2580MK MINI curler and the PHS 4080MK MINI curler. Devices from the MINI series are very compact and light, but at the same time functional – an excellent travel option. By the way, if you do not want to spend a lot of money on gifts, you can buy any of these gadgets separately.

Assistant on the road

Considering that even in the event of minor accidents, many motorists panic, a DVR can be a good gift for March 8th. We advise you to pay attention to miniature models – for example, NEOLINE G-Tech X72 with Full HD recording resolution, 30 frames per second and 140° viewing angle. He will record everything that happens on the road, even in the dark, so it will not be difficult to restore the picture of events.

The model is easy to remove and put in your purse to protect it from thieves: the gadget is mounted on magnetic latches, so you don’t have to fiddle with wires.

Musical pause

Every music lover should have a cool portable speaker that can be taken to the country house, for a walk, or simply quickly moved to another room and enjoy your favorite music. The Sony XB31 EXTRA BASS model has good sound and cool appearance: the speaker has a bright backlight that will turn any room into a nightclub.

The model will suit both rock lovers and those who listen exclusively to the classics – powerful bass and settings for different genres of music help to reproduce any composition brightly and clearly. You can control the gadget through your smartphone, launching lighting effects and sound modes. Ideal for a party or just fitness with music.

game console

If you and your girlfriend or wife are avid gamers, but you don’t have a console yet, it’s time to fix the situation! For example, buying an Xbox One S is not only a gaming gadget, but a full-fledged home entertainment center. You can watch movies and series in 4K and run your favorite services and applications on the TV screen.

You can complete your console with a gaming novelty – the Kingdom Hearts 3 adventure with Disney characters or a subscription to more than 100 Xbox Game Pass games. Well, if it turns out that your woman is not a gamer at all, you can always keep the prefix for yourself, and give her something else from our selection;)

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