Despite the fact that manufacturers claim that these speakers have a waterproof case, none of them should be kept under water for a long time. Models are protected from splashes, high humidity and short-term drops in water, but not from prolonged bathing.


Clip 3 from JBL is one of the most popular compact speakers at a very affordable price. You can buy it online for 2200 rubles. For this money, you will receive a device from a trusted manufacturer with high-quality sound.

The speaker power is only 3.3 W, but given the small dimensions of the speaker, this is not so small. You can play music wirelessly or through the line-in by connecting your phone to the mini jack. With the help of a clip, the column can be hung on the handlebars of a bicycle or a backpack. Another nice little thing: a large selection of colors – as many as 11!

HUAWEI SoundStone

Did you know that Huawei produces not only smartphones, but also wireless speakers? The most inexpensive and compact model of the manufacturer is SoundStone, which even outwardly resembles a small pebble. With a sound power of 3.5 W, it weighs only 190 grams.

The speaker can be hung on a bag, a stroller or a tree branch if you want to relax in nature with music. The gadget works only via Bluetooth and is equipped with a built-in microphone, so that if necessary, it can serve as a loudspeaker.

Sony SRS-XB10

The small Bluetooth speaker from Sony has a wide variety of colors (as many as 7 options) and a long battery life. The gadget can play music for 16 hours – roughly speaking, the whole day and even a little longer.

Despite its small size, the model is equipped with a 5 W speaker – its volume is not the highest, but it is enough for a fun walk or playing music at home. Buyers praise the device very much and give it excellent marks on online platforms – mainly due to the good value for money and sound quality.

JBL Flip 4

Speaking of JBL, it’s hard to find devices cheaper than 5000 rubles. However, in many online stores, the price of the Flip 4 model has fallen – now you can buy it for an average of 4,500 rubles. This is one of the most powerful speakers in our selection – it has two speakers of 8 watts.

Thanks to the design of the gadget, it gives out juicy bass and clear high frequencies. The speaker’s enclosure isn’t just splash-proof – it’ll even withstand rain or a brief immersion in water if you accidentally drop it (thanks IPX7!).

Sony SRS-XB21

The waterproof Sony SRS-XB21 speaker will set the pace for any party – with a 14W full-range stereo speaker, it sounds loud enough even outdoors. The model in the red case with bright illumination looks especially impressive.

The column will delight you with music all day long for up to 12 hours. For quick connection to a smartphone, the speaker uses NFC, while the sound can be transmitted both via Bluetooth and wired via AUX.

Ginzzu GM-892B

The column of the Taiwanese manufacturer Ginzzu costs only 1200 rubles – this is one of the best deals on the market. This is a small device weighing 300g, which is equipped with a 5W speaker.

The column is very well equipped – there is not only a waterproof case that is not afraid of splashes, but also a microSD slot, a standard mini jack and a USB-A port for charging.

CaseGuru CGBox

The compact column of the domestic manufacturer CaseGuru has the highest power with small dimensions. In a gadget with dimensions of 80x95x80 mm, two speakers of 5 watts were installed. In addition to the 3.5 mm line jack, there is support for USB flash drives – it will come in handy if your smartphone runs out of power.

The built-in microphone turns the speaker into a speakerphone, and the waterproof housing makes it a great option for outdoor activities. The model costs about 2,700 rubles, but keep in mind that this is a novelty, which means that over time it will become a little cheaper.

DreamWave Bubble Pod

Fans of bright miniature gadgets will love the DreamWave Bubble Pod Bluetooth speaker, available in four colors: pink, yellow, green and blue. With a round clip, it can be attached to a belt or backpack strap. The model supports Bluetooth 4.0 with the aptX codec and is protected from water according to the IPX5 standard – small splashes and rain are not afraid of it.

Included with the speaker you will receive two wires – AUX and micro USB – which is very good, given the low price of the device 1250 rubles.

Philips BT6900

The Philips portable speaker is equipped with a large 51mm 10W driver and a built-in microphone. The 2200 mAh battery charges in about an hour and guarantees about 5 hours of battery life. The model is suitable both for stationary use (it can be put on legs) and for walking – the kit comes with a neat cord on which you can hang the speaker.

The design of the gadget is very stylish – a triangular elongated body, spotty colors and a round field with buttons and indicators on the end of the device.


The products of the Russian company SVEN are notable for their low price and decent quality. The PS-430 is not a compact model – it is a real boombox weighing 1.5 kg with 15-watt speakers.

Although users note that the volume of the speaker does not reach the declared one, it is still quite powerful – a good option for installation in a summer cottage. Music here can be played through a linear mini jack, USB flash drives and microSD cards (up to 32 GB).

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