Wearable gadgets have already received all possible incarnations for quite a long time, including the form factor of wristwatches. One of the “variations on the theme” are fitness bracelets or, as they are also called, fitness trackers. In 2021, they are multifunctional devices that can collect a lot of data on the state of the body and sports performance, go directly to the Internet, synchronize with applications and cloud services, and much more.

The editors of Expertology magazine have prepared for you an overview of the top 10 models, according to our and third-party experts, that are available on the Russian market in the first half of 2021.

Why are these models the best?

Compiling a selection of the best models, we were guided by a consolidated approach. We compared the results of our own testing with data from other independent testers, compared them with official specifications from manufacturers.

We also drew on the experience of Western colleagues from specialized publications and consumer societies. So, for example, the conclusions of our experts on many models coincided with the results of a study conducted by the editors of such authoritative specialized publications as
PC Magazine and
wirecutter division of the New York Times.

A separate important part of our research was devoted to the study of the user’s mass reaction to each model. Expertology marketers have carefully studied customer reviews on the largest Russian trading floors and thus obtained valuable information that cannot be obtained in the laboratory. Namely, how each model performs in the long run.

One more note for the sake of completeness. We did not consider overpriced models at the price of not the worst smartphone, although there are such models on the market. Our goal was to find the best options from a range of affordable, preferably well-known brands.

How to choose a fitness bracelet

Now we will give some recommendations for choosing a fitness bracelet that will help you navigate the market and make an informed choice. These recommendations are universal, and in the direction of these tips, both domestic experts and Western experts are in solidarity, for example, in
British consumer community Which.


The most important component of any fitness bracelet, for which it is bought. A set of sensors determines what, in fact, the bracelet will be able to measure. And in this respect, the models differ greatly. For some, a regular pedometer and heart rate monitor will be enough, while others will need much more advanced data on the state of body systems. This is especially true for those who are engaged in even amateur, but intense sports.

In a nutshell, modern fitness bracelets, depending on the class and model, can be able to do the following: monitor physical activity, calories burned, sleep patterns, measure the number of steps, pulse, blood oxygen levels (work like a pulse oximeter), build an electrocardiogram (ECG). Some models have even more advanced features, such as a sunlight sensor, according to which the fitness bracelet will tell you when to apply sunscreen.


Modern fitness bracelets are often equipped with a complete set of communication and location tools. Almost every model has a GPS module, but there are exceptions. The same applies to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules – you need to see if they are available in the variant under consideration.

The presence of Wi-Fi almost always automatically means that the fitness tracker is part of a certain ecosystem of gadgets or, at a minimum, can be synchronized with a branded or third-party application for statistics and easy tracking of results.

Some models can even be equipped with an NFC module, to which you can “attach” contactless payment, and this will make the gadget useful and convenient to an even greater extent.


An important point that should not be neglected. It is necessary to proceed from the conditions in which the fitness bracelet will be used. If, for example, only jogging is planned, then at least some protection is needed for the device, since quite abundant moisture from sweat or sudden unforeseen rain is almost inevitable.

For those cases when it is supposed to really swim with the tracker, you need to choose a model with maximum protection – IP68, which suggests that the device can be completely submerged in water for a long time.


Also, do not forget that the fitness bracelet is battery powered, and battery life can make a difference. Since models and power consumption levels are very different, dry battery capacity numbers are rarely informative enough. Real objective data can only be obtained as a result of tests. Therefore, we will indicate this moment in each description of the models.

Additional functionality

This question is already left to the taste of the buyer. Modern fitness bracelets can have a variety of add-ons – auxiliary or entertaining. So, for example, a player can be built into the tracker and you can listen to music via Bluetooth headphones without having to use another gadget, especially if it is inconvenient during sports.

Now we go directly to the review, and we will consider the models selected by our experts, starting with budget ones and ending with more expensive ones.

Rating of the best fitness bracelets

Nomination Place Name Price

Rating of the best fitness bracelets



1 490 ₽


Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC

2 139 ₽



1 990 ₽


Amazfit Band 5

2 330 ₽


HONOR Band 5

2 346 ₽


Samsung Galaxy Fit2

2 957 ₽



3 448 ₽


HUAWEI Band 4 Pro

4 590 ₽


Oppo Band

3 390 ₽


Xiaomi Mi Band 6

3 599 ₽


Rating: 4.3


We will be the first to consider the most affordable option among those that have received a massive positive response from users and have earned high marks from experts. This is a rather old model of the third generation of HUAWEI Band fitness trackers, and there is already the sixth one, and we will also talk about it. However, this bracelet is still in demand and sells well.

This is a form factor fitness bracelet that can already be considered a classic – a silicone strap and a compact screen. And here it is already clear that the manufacturer developed the gadget thoughtfully. The screen here is not anyhow, but AMOLED, color and touch. Resolution – 240×120.

The bracelet can monitor sleep, calories and physical activity. The built-in heart rate monitor supports the ability to continuously measure heart rate (HR). The gadget can communicate with a smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.2, transfer data and even control its camera. There is a smartphone search function.

In addition, from the additional functionality it is worth highlighting the ability of the bracelet to notify about an incoming call or message, including vibration. Equipped with reliable water protection level WR50, which assumes that the gadget will withstand pressure up to 5 atmospheres.

As for the battery life, everything will depend on the mode of operation. Nominally, a regular non-removable battery with a capacity of 100 mAh is enough for several days of using the gadget. And it will be three days or ten, it already depends on the load on the device. Full charge time is 100 minutes.

Users mainly point to the bracelet’s outstanding ability to withstand any dive under water, even to considerable depths. They also note the convenience of using the gadget, its reliability and reliability. There are some complaints about the accuracy of measuring heart rate, steps and sleep, sometimes even quite objective.

However, it should be understood here that this model has natural limitations, without which the price would be much higher. This is, firstly, and secondly, the fitness trackers themselves are by no means medical equipment or diagnostic equipment, and they have a different purpose, as well as accuracy requirements.

From the review of a Yandex.Market user with the status “Athlete of the 2nd level”: “Good bracelet. More than 1 year use. Not a strong error in the steps. Water resistance is excellent, the time without recharging is 5-6 days, if you do not constantly turn on Bluetooth.


  • reliable and trouble-free;

  • color touch AMOLED screen;

  • bluetooth;

  • notification of an incoming call or message;

  • heart rate monitor with the possibility of continuous measurement;

  • smartphone camera control;

  • withstands water pressure up to 5 atmospheres;

  • vibration.


  • there are complaints about the accuracy of measurements.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC

Rating: 4.4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC

Now let’s look at a slightly more expensive, but at the same time, more interesting Xiaomi fitness bracelet. This is also far from the newest model, but at one time it was perhaps the most anticipated, since the Chinese technology giant at that time was already surprising with might and main with new and new unusually successful novelties.

Immediately have to disappoint a little those who were inspired by the indication of NFC in the model name. There is indeed a short-range wireless module here, but difficulties often arise with it – cards may not be linked or only Mastercard, but not Visa, may not work at all, etc.

The thing is that NFC should not work on the territory of the Russian Federation – on the official Xiaomi website it is said that in this model NFC only works in China. Nevertheless, many cases are known when users somehow manage to use this function after all. But don’t count on it. If, nevertheless, you want this particular bracelet, and for NFC to work at least somehow, then you will need to find the MGW4059RU version – it can be used to pay in stores, but it will be possible to bind, again, only Mastercard.

Now about the good, and there are a lot of those in this model. Wristband screen with AMOLED matrix, like the previous model. Protected by durable scratch-resistant glass and oleophobic coating. Matrix resolution – 120×240. Diagonal — 0.95″. The case is waterproof, withstands up to 5 atmospheres of pressure.

From the functional regarding the measurement of body parameters, this model has the following: PPG heart rate sensor, sleep monitoring, calorie counting, physical activity monitor. Auxiliary sensors: three-axis acceleration sensor, three-axis gyroscope, capacitive wear sensor.

An important part of the functionality of the device is the ability to control gestures. So, for example, a “special” turn of the wrist with a bracelet to the left activates the QR code payment, and a turn to the right activates the voice assistant. Naturally, these are a special kind of gestures that are calibrated to minimize the likelihood of false positives, and such control needs to be adjusted.

Fans of customizing the visual part here have a large field to choose from – the shell contains as many as 77 dials for every taste and color.

In terms of battery life, here, too, things are going very well. A fairly “average” battery with a capacity of 125 mAh is enough for two weeks of operation with moderate use.


  • clear and bright touch screen;

  • wide possibilities for personalization;

  • control function for playing music on a smartphone;

  • effective water protection;

  • withstands up to 5 atmospheres of pressure;

  • microphone;

  • incoming call notification;

  • gesture control;

  • compatible with smart home.


  • NFC does not work normally in the territory of the Russian Federation.

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Rating: 4.4


And again in our review, the HUAWEI Band line of fitness bracelets, but now the fourth generation. Of course, this model is more expensive, but not too much, but quite rightly – exactly to the extent that the manufacturer has implemented improvements.

In this model, everything good that was in the previous generation remains, only the tracker has become more accurate and “smarter”. A bright color touch screen, with the next software updates, it became possible to choose from dozens of stylish creative dials on topics – sports, intelligence, technology, “cartoon” themes, etc. On the electronics side, the amount of internal memory has been significantly expanded – up to 1GB.

From the functionality of direct assignment, the main measurements are better and more carefully worked out. Heart rate is measured using the updated HUAWEI TruSeen™ 3.5 technology, which uses optical devices and artificial intelligence algorithms.

HUAWEI TruSleep™ 2.0 technology detects the phases of sleep by heartbeat and other features and can even outline 6 types of sleep problems. When such problems are detected, the system can give advice on how to improve the quality of sleep.

In 2020-2021, tracking blood oxygen saturation has become especially relevant not only for athletes, but for absolutely every person on the planet. HUAWEI Band 4 can do this, but the manufacturer officially declares to the disclaimer that this function is not for medical purposes, but for surface information. However, this is obvious, since for an accurate measurement you need a full-fledged pulse oximeter.

Separately, it is worth saying a few words about one simple but very elegant solution that HUAWEI implemented in this model. In order to charge the gadget, no wires are needed. All that is needed is to disconnect the strap on one side, and the connection will turn into a USB plug. After that, the bracelet can simply be inserted into the USB socket of a PC or laptop like a simple USB flash drive, and the device will be charged.

In their reviews, users are especially enthusiastic about such a “trifle” as a charging method, since although this is not part of the key functionality, the idea is really elegant, in terms of user-friendly, almost in the spirit of Apple. Of course, the main functionality also received a lot of positive reactions.

From the review of a Yandex.Market user with the Level 4 Gadget Inspector status: “For its price tag, it’s quite a good fitness bracelet. Holds the battery for a long time. Convenient charging, without additional laces. The sensors give good measurements (with nuances) – pulse, pedometer, distance, oxygen level in the blood.


  • convenient idea of ​​charging with direct connection to USB, like a flash drive;

  • SpO2 monitor – monitoring the level of oxygen in the blood;

  • effective water protection;

  • creative “youth” dials;

  • extended up to 1GB of built-in memory;

  • deeply developed “smart” algorithms;

  • long battery life.


  • there are comments about the unstable accuracy of the pedometer.

Amazfit Band 5

Rating: 4.5

Amazfit Band 5

Another interesting model of the Amazfit line from the Huami brand. Those who saw the consonance with Xiaomi in the brand name showed attentiveness and foresight, since Huami gadgets are indeed part of the vast ecosystem of Xiaomi devices, and the manufacturer itself is affiliated with the Chinese technology giant.

Our experts included this model in the review, in fact, instead of Xiaomi Mi Band 5, which seems to be “asking” between Mi Band 5 and Mi Band 6, which are present in the review. But after studying the feedback from users, we came to the conclusion that Amazfit Band 5 is a more preferable alternative to Mi Band 5 – users almost unanimously claim that this model is better. In addition, there are objective indicators, for example, Amazfit Band 5 can measure the level of oxygen in the blood, while Mi Band 5 does not. The NFC module, which many users lack, is not in either model or this one, so they are equal in this respect.

In terms of hardware and software, this model is interesting primarily for its screen. This is a high-quality AMOLED, bright, touch and responsive, the matrix resolution is 126×294. But, besides this, it is also slightly larger than any of the above models. Here, too, tempered, scratch-resistant glass is used, water protection is provided according to the highest standard IP68 with the ability to withstand pressure up to 5 atmospheres.

In terms of the main functionality, there is everything most demanded by most users: heart rate tracking, calories burned, the mentioned monitoring of oxygen in the blood, and so on. All these functions are packaged into complex scenarios: yoga, walking, treadmill running, outdoor running, etc. Independent tests and the experience of ordinary users show that the measurement accuracy here is no better or worse than in alternative models, in including quite expensive ones.

There is another interesting script function in this model – measuring the level of stress. The scale is from 1 to 100%. The manufacturer does not particularly advertise the details of the function, and it is difficult to judge objectivity here. Independent tests show a variety of results. Probably, the readings of each user need to be adapted to the characteristics of their body, for example, the heartbeat in a state of complete rest in different people can be very different.


  • part of the Xiaomi device ecosystem;

  • bright touch AMOLED screen;

  • increased screen size;

  • 45 watch faces, 2 of which are editable;

  • Bluetooth 5.0;

  • smartphone camera control;

  • choosing the type of vibration for different types of notifications;

  • determination of blood oxygen saturation.


  • many users lack the NFC module.

HONOR Band 5

Rating: 4.6


Now we invite you to consider an interesting model of the HONOR trademark, which belongs to HUAWEI and used to be just a product line, and then was separated into a separate successful brand.

This fitness bracelet, at a superficial glance at the characteristics, does not say that it is very impressive, but the market says that it is still somewhat unique gadget. The first batch, released in 2019, was sold out almost instantly, and the volume of reviews on the largest trading floors simply rolls over and is higher than that of competitive models by orders of magnitude.

There are several secrets of such popularity at once. Firstly, many users note incredibly accurate measurements of key indicators. This is especially true for such an important function in 2021 as measuring oxygen in the blood SpO2. Independent testers and even ordinary users compared the readings of the bracelet and a full-fledged pulse oximeter. The data coincided by 95-98%. Of course, there are reviews about the inaccurate operation of this function, but, as practice shows, the reason most often in such cases is not quite correct operation. For SpO2 to work correctly, it is necessary that the bracelet fits snugly on the arm, and users often neglect this.

The second point that attracts users so much is the wide functionality in general, including all the fitness and health functions. The bracelet works in tandem with the proprietary Huawei Health mobile application, connecting to a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.2.

The software of the device includes 10 training modes: running on a treadmill and outdoors, an exercise bike and a full-fledged bicycle, walking indoors and outdoors, a rowing machine, an ellipse, swimming in the pool.

This model has a well-developed function of detailed sleep analysis using Huawei TruSleep technology. The manufacturer specifies that the full and accurate operation of the function is possible with a sleep duration of three hours or more. However, independent tests show that even if you take a nap for an hour or two during the day, the bracelet will also notice this and record the data.

From the review of a Yandex.Market user with the Level 6 Gadget Inspector status: “The pulse almost perfectly matches the readings of the Omron tonometer. +-2-3% spread. Even surprised with oxygenation. I managed to check it on a professional device in one of the Moscow hospitals.


  • measurement accuracy (except for the nuances with a pedometer);

  • a wide range of watch faces and design themes;

  • high-quality touch AMOLED screen;

  • measuring the level of oxygen in the blood;

  • informative and multifunctional branded mobile application;

  • well-developed functions of detailed sleep analysis;

  • convenient management.


  • The battery holds less than stated by the manufacturer.

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Samsung Galaxy Fit2

Rating: 4.7

Samsung Galaxy Fit2

We also got to the fitness bracelet manufactured by Samsung, which at the time of the announcement attracted a lot of attention from users and experts, and at the time of release it also confidently beat sales records. The model is significantly more expensive than any of the previous ones, but here we cannot talk about the overpayment factor for the brand, since the bracelet has quite objective advantages.

To be precise, the benefits in question are less about functionality, and more about quality and convenience. So, for example, unlike many alternative models with silicone straps, here the strap is breathable and moisture-wicking. This solves a problem that is not so rare for users – skin irritation from the strap. Ease of use adds increased to 1.1 inches curved AMOLED screen with 3D tempered glass, resistant to scratches.

As for training scenarios, by default there are only five of them in this model. But the capabilities of the gadget are not limited to this set. To expand the choice of options, you just need to connect the appropriate scenarios in the mobile application. So you can expand the list to ten training options. All of them are standard, like most of the above models.

But still, the Samsung Galaxy Fit2 has a feature that not every fitness bracelet can boast of. This is the ability to continuously measure heart rate and stress levels. More importantly, it’s surprisingly accurate sleep recording. Moreover, what is important, and what is especially emphasized by both independent experts and users, is the ability of the gadget to accurately record daytime sleep, as well as the morning moments of falling asleep.

In terms of keeping statistics and summing up the results of training, this model works in conjunction with two branded mobile applications at once – Samsung Health and Samsung Galaxy Fit. And here’s a little hint right away – Samsung Galaxy Fit is unlikely to be useful in everyday use, as it is just a set of settings, including dials. All the main work is done by the Samsung Health app.

Users generally appreciate this fitness bracelet for its accuracy, ease of use, smooth operation and good autonomy. So, with a moderate mode of use, the operating time completely coincides with the 21 days declared by the manufacturer. In more resource-intensive modes, the battery life is reduced, but still remains impressive.


  • brand;

  • breathable moisture-wicking strap;

  • informative branded mobile application;

  • more than 70 stylish watch faces to choose from;

  • continuous monitoring of stress levels;

  • continuous heart rate tracking;

  • accurate recording of sleep, including daytime;

  • battery life.


  • there are comments about the accuracy of the pedometer.


Rating: 4.7


Now let’s make a small exception for the model, which has not yet received any representative feedback from users, since this is the latest novelty in May 2021. But our editors received a copy for research even before the bracelet went on official sale in Russia. We carefully compared our test results with data from other independent experts.

HUAWEI, having released the Band 6 model, “jumped” over the Band 5. That is, the previous generation is the HUAWEI Band 4 Pro, which will be discussed below. And here there are a number of changes that significantly distinguish this model from all the above.

Let’s list these main advantages. The gadget has a built-in function for regular automatic measurement of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) – in 2021, the function is extremely relevant. Significantly enlarged screen – 1.47 inches, touchscreen, AMOLED, with a resolution of 198×368. And for its intended purpose, a striking improvement – as many as 96 training modes versus the typical ten for almost any of the above options.

This model also has a significantly increased battery capacity. It’s not to say what made the battery life record, but with such a functional profile and a large screen, this improvement was a necessity.

As for training modes, only 11 of them are visible in the menu by default. To connect others, you need to go to the “Widgets” subsection of the “Workouts” section and tick off the ones you need.

We should also praise the manufacturer for the well-implemented function of regular automatic measurement of blood oxygen saturation. Many users underestimate this point, because many other models can measure oxygen in the blood. But in fact, very few bracelets can do this regularly and automatically, and almost exclusively these are only professional and very expensive ones. Here, this function is very well implemented for more than sane money.

True, there is one weak point in HUAWEI Band 6, and even more strange, since this problem is quite common, and engineers could pay attention to it. The bottom line is that in order to obtain training statistics for a distance (running, walking, cycling) with GPS data, you need to synchronize the gadget with your smartphone separately every time immediately before the start of the workout. But this inconvenience for many will be insignificant.


  • new for spring 2021;

  • record 96 training modes;

  • large AMOLED screen;

  • regular automatic monitoring of blood oxygen saturation;

  • cute design;

  • battery life.


  • you need to manually sync with your smartphone before each distance workout to get GPS data.

HUAWEI Band 4 Pro

Rating: 4.7

HUAWEI Band 4 Pro

Another fitness bracelet manufactured by HUAWEI, this time with a “magic” Pro prefix. This is not as new as the previous model, but far from being quite ancient – it was released last year 2020. Remarkably, the bracelet was initially even cheaper than the previous generation, even despite the Pro-status and additional functionality.

The most important improvement in this fitness bracelet compared to the regular versions of the HUAWEI Band or analogues from other manufacturers is the presence of a GPS module. This gives a great advantage – no need to manipulate the connection to a smartphone and possible related problems such as an imperceptible loss of connection during a workout. In addition, many people simply do not even want to take their smartphone with them for a run or bike ride for a variety of reasons. And here this issue is resolved by default.

Otherwise, the functionality of the device is almost the same as the previous generation of HUAWEI Band. And this is in a good way, since that version had everything you need and even more. Fitness and health functions can work in conjunction with the proprietary Huawei Health mobile application. You can also download alternative watch faces there, since there are only three of them by default, and there are a huge number of them in the application.

Separately, it is worth mentioning that after buying a gadget, you must definitely update the firmware. Then you will get all sorts of improvements, including critical fixes. And more importantly, only with a firmware update will the function of monitoring the level of oxygen in the blood work.

Users appreciate this model mainly for a whole range of qualities – functionality, quality, convenience, GPS. The latter especially causes positive responses, since not everyone is comfortable even taking a smartphone with them for a run, not to mention manipulations with pairing.

From the review of a Yandex.Market user with the Level 6 Gadget Inspector status: “The design is quite decent. The design itself is good. The strap is comfortable. Tons of features. It even measures saturation – there is a separate sensor for this. It is quite convenient to use. Smart app. There is an interface with Google Fit.


  • high-quality touch AMOLED screen;

  • wide choice of dials;

  • reliable water protection;

  • withstands up to 5 atmospheres;

  • there is a built-in GPS module;

  • heart rate monitor with the possibility of continuous measurement;

  • remote control of music and camera on a smartphone;

  • relatively affordable price, as for the Pro model.


  • difficulty operating the touch screen with wet hands.

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Oppo Band

Rating: 4.8


Another fresh addition that we couldn’t ignore, even though it’s the first fitness band in OPPO’s range and hasn’t stood the test of time yet. This is a fitness bracelet from a relatively young, but already very well-known Chinese brand OPPO all over the world. The brand has gained viral popularity for its inexpensive, functional and high-quality smartphones.

This model attracted the attention of our experts for a set of technical characteristics, general functionality and, which is very important for many users, the presence of an NFC chip. Also an important point – an enlarged screen compared to many similar models – 1.1 inches. Resolution – 126×294. Matrix type – AMOLED. The touch screen is protected by durable 2.5D scratch-resistant glass. The gadget has maximum water protection and the same high pressure resistance as all the models presented in the review – WR50, that is, up to 5 atmospheres. This means that the tracker is suitable for divers to dive under water up to 50 meters. The electronics of the gadget runs on the Apollo 3 processor.

In terms of direct-purpose functions, here we see a standard set of features: a pedometer, heart rate measurement, sleep monitoring, and more – a total of 12 modes. It is important that this model has the function of measuring blood oxygen saturation. In our review, almost all the proposed solutions have this function, but you need to understand that in general, not all fitness trackers available on the market have this feature.

To keep statistics, the gadget communicates with a smartphone and the corresponding mobile application via a high-speed Bluetooth 5.0 channel. It’s nice to have additional useful functionality – remote control of the smartphone’s camera and player, the “find phone” function, an alarm clock, and a message about an incoming call.

The autonomous operation of the device is also quite pleasing – on a single charge from a 100 mAh battery, the bracelet can work up to 14 days, depending on the load mode. The most resource-intensive mode is when the bracelet is continuously connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth.


  • fresh interesting novelty;

  • enlarged screen;

  • high-quality AMOLED matrix;

  • there is an NFC chip;

  • full water protection with maintaining up to 5 atmospheres and immersion up to 50 meters;

  • measurement of blood oxygen saturation;

  • Bluetooth 5.0;

  • remote control of the smartphone player and camera.


  • no fundamental shortcomings have been identified, data are needed in a longer term.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Rating: 4.9

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

And the review of the best fitness bracelets in 2021 according to Expertology magazine will be completed by the latest version of the line of such devices from Xiaomi – the sixth generation of Mi Band. The Chinese technology giant, in its best traditions, continues to delight users with high-quality multifunctional gadgets with an affordable price tag.

The main advantage of this model is complex. It is expressed in the fact that Xiaomi engineers have finally eliminated some bottlenecks that annoyed both in previous generations of the Mi Band and in almost all alternative models from other manufacturers.

These innovations concern both key moments and trifles. So, for example, the operation of the heart rate monitor has been deeply developed and improved. As users say, “finally, the bracelet stopped measuring the pulse of the sausage.” Indeed, the accuracy and, most importantly, the stable accuracy of the heart rate monitor has always been a common problem with fitness bracelets of any brand. Then, such a trifle as changing the alarm settings directly on the bracelet without the need to connect to a smartphone – after this innovation, users literally “breathed easier”, although everyone has long been accustomed to the previous format, and there was nothing to compare with.

Improvements have also been made to the functionality of direct assignment. So, the new version received about 30 training modes and monitoring of blood oxygen saturation. The latter works properly – independent tests have shown a discrepancy with medical pulse oximeters of only 1-2%.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is one of the most anticipated models in the line of Xiaomi fitness trackers, and in general on the market, since it is Xiaomi bracelets that consistently hold the record of popularity and demand. And, I must say, judging by the feedback from users, the novelty did not disappoint the public at all. Buyers emphasize the manufacturer’s achievements in terms of introducing features that were not available anywhere before and improving those points that caused dissatisfaction in previous generations of trackers from Xiaomi and other manufacturers.

From the review of a Yandex.Market user with the status “Level 6 Athlete”: “The screen is really very clear, of an unusual shape, many indicators can be displayed. The bracelet is light, comfortable to wear, does not cling to the sleeves of clothing. There is a calculation of the PAI indicator. You can select a target heart rate zone and the bracelet vibrates when you exit it.


  • one of the most anticipated new products on the market;

  • fast magnetic charging;

  • combination of price, quality, features and functionality.


  • battery life, other things being equal, is significantly less than most of the above models.